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If yer a pony and ya know it, stomp yer hooves!


Rainbow Dash ends up in the hospital after taking a header into the ground. While she undergoes medical care, her co-worker Thunderlane and Nurse Redheart discover they are a pair of very pent-up and very smarmy ponies.

A very bad, non-clop, flirty fic as an exercise in completing a story with less than 3,000 words while being full of bad innuendo and jokes. The author regrets nothing.

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Comments ( 5 )

That's two for two for me. have a fallow!

Good lord this was brilliant, have a favourite thumb and follow

Okay, I'll just say this; you succeeded. This was full of terrible jokes and innuendos, but was quite delightful and entertaining to read, and had me smiling and even chuckling throughout.

HiddenMaster out

This one goes in my "Read It Again" library folder! and now I'm officially caught all two of your stories!

so much innuendo and banter. my stomach hurts!

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