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6459769 Thank you! I'm going to do my best to keep it. The attack on Canterlot is two, three chapters away at most.

6459927 With your level of skill, I doubt it will be hard. :twilightsmile:

Interesting story, I'm looking forward to reading more of this in the near future. It the first time that I see the transsexual theme with change into changeling them. I think it as a lot of potential. I like how you reflect Valiant's thoughts in his internal monologuing, and how he expresses his desires to become more feminine, it shows how he is so uncomfortable in his gender role and own skin. I can see the appeal for him to become a Changeling and being able to change shape and gender at will. I am curious to know, if I understand it that you are a transsexual, and please tel me if I am overstepping my bounds here, but what is the apple for you to in assuming the role of a woman? Is it a just a form of sexual fantasy, or is there more to it? If a transsexual are they automatically homosexual or can it also intrasectoral, or bisexual?
I am asking that mainly out of curiosity.

6461434 Thanks for the questions and comments first off!

Without giving anything away, I do want to say that the story will avoid the "passive main character" issue. Ryler, at the start, is very much a pony that is having terrible things happen to him, but he will not spend the whole story in victim mode. One of the things that compelled me to write the story was that I have run into a lot of fics where changelings are made far too sympathetic for my liking. I wanted an evil Chrysalis, an evil hive, and plenty of villainy out of the 'lings. Ryler Valiant's transgender issues came well after I had started plotting out the story, but once they popped into my head, it made a lot of sense as a good solid motivational hook.

Your personal questions are in no way offensive! I consider myself a transgender person, and it's more than a fantasy. It's a personal and often painful thing. I think I'll make a blog post about that which goes out the same time Chapter 3 goes out, because this could run long.

To your last question: People who undergo a gender change do not often change their sexual preferences. A bisexual woman who transitions to a man would still remain open to both genders as partners. Nothing is set in stone, of course, but one can be transgender, and fall anywhere on the sexuality spectrum in terms of who they want as a partner.

6461778 thank you for taking the time the reply and answering my questions, this was very infighting for me. As for keeping the Changeling as the bad guys, I am happy to hear that, I love stories where the protagonist is making his descent to evil; it sounds more fun to me.

To sum up; a stallion with unheathy desires with an opportunity to (let's put it into nice words) ..."assend into changelinghood". (Sentence of the day XD)

I'll say it's a lovely concept. Awaiting more chapters.

6480200 It's not his desires that are unhealthy, it's their repression that is the unhealthy thing. That, and the extent to which Ryler lets it all eat at him without doing anything about it. "Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways." - Sigmund Freud

6486375 It's more of a unhealthy situation than a desire; a disconnetion of mind and body.

This is a bucked up chapter.

I love it! The devil's contract is written, the execusion comes...

6504569 Heh, yes it was. But part of the intent of it was to establish that Ryler is not just some victim. Ryler has some flaws. As I wrote this, I was thinking about the "Affluenza" defense that some lawyers have recently been using. The gist of it is that someone could unable to understand the consequences of their actions because of their financial privilege. Ryler is absolutely a victim of a repressive upbringing and a life of privilege that has allowed him not to have to think about the plights of others. Is Ryler's lack of empathy for others his fault, or the fault of his upbringing? I'll leave that to the reader to decide.

6507804 Finally a good answear! As in long.

I think the question of whose fault is this is a good answer for me. He could be both as well as a victim of the situation itself. It's a bit like a hungry beggar stealing food. One of those cases without a real answer - only opinions.
I think changelings overall are those too...

Great chapter I am looking forward to the next chapter. Just by curiosity, are we going to see these breeding chamber?

6591123 It's my plan to show life in the hive as I see it, and that would include that. I'm going to try to do something that falls within the common vision most changeling writers have of procreation that involves host ponies, while adding my own little twists here and there. On that note, I'll also directly show how changelings feed off emotional energy, something which has only really been alluded to in the story so far.

6591232 Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

6591279 It varies. Hehehehe....

Wohohoho, some sweet wincest! What now - back to the estate for a round two? I deerly hope so...

6594209 Heh, probably not. If Ryler's past is any prologue, the next time he see's Camber, he's going to go, "I cannot believe I did that with him..." And then face-hoof a few dozen times. That's the place he's in right now; do something wicked, regret it. Do something else wicked, regret that. Just as his body is in flux now, so is his mind (and mood).

I'm trying to very much walk the line that has sex as a story component without going over the line into clop. Maybe some day I'll get bold and write a much less serious fic that has more explicit scenes in it, but there's a lot of story I want to tell, and going full detail on some scenes would both change the rating, and consume a lot of word count. Also... I'll probably stink on ice at it, so it's best if we wait a while before I start writing "I Was a Teenage Changeling Sex Fiend".

6595857 I can tell from what already is in the story. Nice idea with the usage of sex as a story tool. And the semi-gay scene before was very nice too. XD Anyway - when's next chapter?

'Spitfire' is an odd way of spelling 'Focke-Wulf', I don't think I've see it before

6595874 Very soon now. Holidays and work have just swamped me, but each day I don't write, guilt presses down on me. Ryler is demanding his big moment to come, Applejack has a zinger to get out, and a massive combat needs to be written out.

Author's Note:

I've had serious reservations about publishing this story, because it's been years since I have written anything, and even longer since I have written anything WELL. And even stronger reservations since this story takes place within the authorial universe of a close friend. That being said, I'm not going to get any better keeping my words to myself!

That is a real shame because you had my attention with this story but maybe in the future it will come back which is why I will be making a comment on it anyways!

The guard shook his head again. "No, my queen, not a one. And not a whisper across the Commonality. Your other Infiltrators remain well hidden from the population at large, and from each other so far as I can tell."

Heh, Guards~ They are all so obidiant too their Queens, Princesses, and Princes! Keep up the good work guard but I trust you, don't break that trust man.

She didn't need to finish her statement, Rasp knew where this ended. If he were to become a princess of the hive, he would breed, and his offspring would be as he was, and they would all die because of it.

That right there would give me enough reason to abandon this all, I could not follow under a rule that is so harsh, really is death worth anything?

Shame and humiliation lead to anger,

Words to live by! Great first chapter and wish this story was still going because it would be something I would read too the end. So I will read the remaining chapters and go from there. Very well done!

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