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Twilight plans to run a game of O&O for her friends. Join them as they find out what O&O even is and get to grips with the world of fantasy adventure.

Well, adventure slightly more fantastical than their regular lives, anyway. Together they'll face an ancient vampire, discover a mystical castle and try to cope with the fact that they let Pinkie of all people play a Druid.

As of Dungeons and Discord, this fic is now some kind of AU. It's an incredibly minor change, though, so I won't be tagging it.

If Fimfiction allowed it, I would tag this story both Adventure and Slice of Life. As it is, I can't.

Chapters (4)
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As a D&D player you have gained my follow. I found Fourth Edition to be the best in my personal playing as a munchkin ruined 3.5 for me and 5th edition nerfed the cleric back to uselessness again so nobody in my group wants to play it.


Useless? Cleric of Light is widely considered one of the best classes in the game.

Thanks for the follow, in any case.


I meant that either the cleric can only heal or hit someone in a turn. It has severely limited our group at times, especially when we have several characters down and not within touch range.

This is an interesting start, and I'll be keeping an eye on it to see where it goes. That said, there are a couple of things I felt I should mention:

At this point, they all rolled up their stats. Your author does not wish to bore you with a detailed description of 6 people rolling 4D6 and discarding the lowest, so you can simply assume that they all got a pretty decent result. And now, back to your regularly scheduled entertainment.

Breaking the fourth wall like that curb stomps the audience's sense of immersion. Not showing the dice being rolled is obviously the right choice, but if something isn't worth more than an aside, it's best to skip it altogether or mention it in passing. Calling this much attention to it achieves the opposite of its (apparently) intended result.

Also, this chapter's ending feels arbitrary, as though you thought, "Eh, that's enough to post," and called it a day, despite the natural ending point for the chapter being the start of the game.

Regardless of those relatively minor issues, I was still entertained and look forward to more.


I'm of the opinion that prose fiction can directly address the reader in ways that wouldn't work in most other media. I understand that not everyone enjoys that, but I think it can be neat.

Immersion isn't everything.

I wouldn't dare dispute that, but I think it's important to have a sense of internal consistency. That paragraph comes out of nowhere, doesn't affect anything, and stands as the only fourth wall break in the chapter. That makes it jarring, and it doesn't contribute anything to offset it. If it had something to offer, such as a strong joke, it could have worked fine.


Fair enough. I'll probably break the fourth wall again in future, but as you say it probably could have been done better, and I'll bear that in mind next time.

It will NOT let me like this for some reason :(

Good call making it O&O instead of D&D or Pathfinder. Now when the nerds hassle you about the rules you can just say, "Well, it's different in O&O."

At this point, they all rolled up their stats. Your author does not wish to bore you with a detailed description of 6 people rolling 4D6 and discarding the lowest, so you can simply assume that they all got a pretty decent result. And now, back to your regularly scheduled entertainment.

I agree with Prak that this paragraph was jarring, but I think you could fix it by removing the bolded sentence. The "Your author does not wish to bore you" is just part of your writing style, but the "regularly scheduled entertainment" feels out of place outside of television or radio.


Thank you for the attempt, anyway.


Good call. I'll do that as soon as I'm off my phone and back on my desktop.

6447055 Wait... I could like it, it just wasn't showing up.

So the story begins! Nice to see the girls personalities coming through as they play their characters.

Just to know who's who.


Dikembe = Spike

Thunder = Rainbow Dash

Wandering Eye = Applejack

Buzzer = Pinkie

Ragna = Rarity

The Knight = Fluttershy (She hasn't thought of a name yet)

Nicely done, quite entertaining
I'd like to see where this goes.

This is the work of Rojobraza herself! This is glorious!

ā€œClothe your enemies! See their dresses before you! And hear the lamentations of the critics!ā€

Dat Conan reference, :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow Dash raised a hoof. "OK, two questions. Firstly, how can you have half an edition?"

"It's complicated."

Ain't that the god damn truth, :eeyup:

6683715 Simple, by having some changes... but not enough to where it qualifies to be a brand new edition. normally it would get labeled as .2 before .3, .4 and then .5

3.5 was just there to help streamline 3rd edition... 4th edition was just WoW-meets-D&D.

Honestly, the more I looked into the 4th edition core rulebooks the more I started to realize that it was made for people who were more familiar with video games instead of the pen and paper versions, which made sense. It was there to help newbies with some fluff n' crunch instead of 3.5's absolutely amazing crunch.

(incoming 'old fart' rant)
When I started playing D&D, there were no numbers. It as literally just 'Dungeons & Dragons' (or if you really, really wanted to nerd out, there was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons).

I played that for a good, oh, nine years or so before rumors started to circulate that they were going to release AD&D 2.0. Everyone started losing their shit, and from my perspective they've practically never stopped, :derpytongue2:
(/end old fart rant)

6688083 I can understand the feeling... I feel the same way when I see people rage over the new pokemon games.

They're all raging about the kinds of pokemon that are coming out and how 1st gen was the only gen worth playing... I'm just sitting off to the side enjoying a nice journey with cool new pokemon while rolling my eyes at all the people shouting.

I liked playing the original gold and silver... but Soulsilver was definitely a large improvement, I loved Ruby but I'd never give up my Alpha Sapphire game

Just for the record, I personally am not anti-4e. I don't like it, but neither do I dislike it. I just think people being scandalised and offended by nothing is funny.

The party introduction scene reads like it was run by an inexperienced GM. Which is what Twilight is, so I'd call that a success.

D&D up to 3.5 (plus Pathfinder) are largely simulationist games. They try to simulate a world more than anything else. They aren't the most simulationist games on the market, but they're further on the simulationist end of the scale than gamist.

4e is much more of a gamist edition. It tries to be a game first and foremost, over a simulation. I prefer that, personally, because when I sit down to pay a game, I want to pay a game.

5e drifts back towards its simulationist roots, but it keeps some design elements from 4e, most notably the skills system which were practically nonfunctional in earlier editions. (Skills in 3.5 and Pathfinder are really stupid from a game design point of view.) 5e also innovates in a good way, such as its advantage/disadvantage system.

I have no proof but suspect that a large part of why 5e drifted back towards simulationist was due to backlash from fans over 4e. However, from my perspective a large portion of that backlash appeared to be from a vocal minority who were upset that the new edition couldn't be broken in half with the likes of Pun-Pun the level 1 Kobold god with infinite ability scores, or the Locate City Bomb. Those people's complaints aren't really about the design differences between editions, and their issues are not addressed by 5e.

Yeah, part of it is just a question of different design philosophies. It's hard to criticise a game that achieves its goals, even if I disagree with those goals. However, I do think 4e fell flat in feeling too mechanical. Obviously every RPG has set party roles, and is at least partially a numbers game, but for the most part they at least dress that up a little. 4e was very in your face about "You can have this, this or that role and none other". It broke kayfabe.

While each class does have a specific role they were designed to fill, and the game tells you what that role is outright, they also have secondary (and sometimes even tertiary) roles that aren't so explicit, and often depend heavily on your build. I've got a Ruthless Ruffian Rogue, for example, that sometimes plays more like a Leader than a Striker. I've also got a Sorcerer-king Pact Warlock that can fill the holes of any role in the party.

Cross-class Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies can help a lot in that regard, too. For example, my Warlock's PP (Praetor Legate) requires being a Sorcerer-king Pact Warlock or having the Templar character theme (which is available to any class), and it gives access to a combination of controller and leader powers and features, some of which actually work better if the character is a striker. Or in melee (with Warlocks being pushed closer to melee by their Prime Shot feature, and Sorcerer-king Warlocks being able to be CON-primary).

Epic Destinies are even looser if the campaign gets that far, many merely requiring level 21, or level 21 and a class of some power source (eg, "any arcane class", which matches Artificers, Bards, Sorcerers, Swordmages, Warlocks, and Wizards, which covers every role at least once).


Good eye. Fixed now.

How is the next chapter progressing for you?


It's coming along very well, actually. It's inspired by one of the dungeons in Curse of Strahd.

"OK, sure. Second, how come you skipped over 4th Edition. Is it, like, really hard to find or something?"
Spike placed one claw over Rainbow Dash's mouth. "Rainbow, I know you mean well, but we run a good Faustian house here and I will not have you using that kind of language." Twilight nodded primly.

Yeah we don't speak of that edition around here

Great to see this story back! Looking forward to future updates!

ā€œOh, so it's more like if Rainbow Dash was Princess Celestia's student,ā€ pondered Pinkie Pie.

(fixed version)

Should I get Trinary to read this?

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