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Bass Canon

Greetings, fellow bronies! My alias for writing is Bass Canon, and she is my own creation. I tend to go from the family friendly slice-of-life stories to very fetishy adult stories.

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Oddly enough, I'm surprisingly fine with it ending here. Lets folks think of a light hearted ending where Luna saves everyone! ... Mostly! Or a dark one, where she and her and her group rejoin the shininess.

6441690 My bad, we have one more chapter to go.

6442576 Blade was able to defeat a lot of vampires, that is all I am going to say :raritywink:

6442576 and... Twilight had a spell that vaporizes all rubber in a two mile radius. ... im... waiting for a response to that. And theres no reason why it couldnt be altered to stun, knock out, or revert ina two mile radius.

6442880 We will see, I do plan on finishing this and Specter soon, since they both have one more chapter each.

6442895 okay but what about other story you post to update with anew chapter?

I would love to see what's next

6442996 Two mile radius, one mile radius... any Twilight got it from the Castle library. Again. LIBRARY. Also, it's a STORY. Sheesh.

6443167 A fetish one at that! But hey, all in good shiny fun :pinkiecrazy:

Oh god so excited for chapter two! Have a like! :pinkiehappy:

“Hmmm, I can’t help her like this. Cadance, you stay with her, I’ll go to the library to try and find a book about this"

God damnit twilight! You just had to didnt you >.<

6450330 Professional deformation, what can you do. At least she got back in time to be a rubberling as well.

I wonder if Luna knows that Twilight herself was overpowered and brainwashed by Chrysalis? Just a thought.

Great chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.

So you have TF, Transformations... but where is the TG, Transgender / Genderbending? Got to have both to fit in TF/TG

6546060 Well some was implied so far, and Shining is about to get his TF in that regard.

I love the idea of a mind control war where both sides are equally self-serving, where the normal folk are little more than pawns.

Looking good so far!

Boy, it will be ackward when Cadence see her husband turn into the littlr mare.

Rubber TF, mind control, and...what's the word for the type of mental shift that happened to Twilight? Whatever it is, I like all three of those :D

Celestia took a break from her chilling tale, and swallowed the rubber orb whole.
The moment Celestia bit down on the orb

Well... this one has me conflicted. I dunno who to root for.

On one hand, Twilight makes everypony mindless, but I really love changelings and Chrysi is my waifu, while Luna is still enslaving them, but letting them keep their identity.

Great writing as always!

6787797 Root for more hot fetish action, that is what I do when I wake up! :rainbowwild:


In an assimilation war, everyone wins. One way or another...

The group itself consisted of seven ponies, all of them Rubberlings and all looking quite the same, except for minor differences in their build, mane, and tail features. The seven Rubberlings were Cadance, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity.

Prior and succeeding paragraphs seem to indicate that Twilight isn't present in this group. Maybe I'm missing something.

Is there any particular reason Luna doesn't like stallions?

It seems that Rubberlings are both functionally immortal and capable of reproducing at the normal pony rate. Population explosion incoming.

He author forgot about spike lol

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