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The Abyss

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def gon read dis later

You never dissapoint :)

“Oh, fuck me...”

You see, this is the kind of thinking that gets you into these kinds of messes, Twilight.

Ok I'm gonna get the elephant outta the room


So there is a chance for Night to being a dad/uncle at the same time. Wonder how the aunt/mom is doing.
*Peek through the door and quickly close*
Oh shit like mom like daughter, fucking hell.

Anyway it was nice and part of me is laughing twilight's ending alot. I guess 1.2 version will have to be longer.

"Subtlety? Never heard of it."

well.......this just happened...... chrysalis is gonna love this...

You know what? I agree. A dad screwing his daughter is just a completely disgusting idea to think about. Let alone read

6441612 You never know untill you try :raritywink:

6441611 a fair and fairly stupid response

6441612 well at least someone agrees

Clickbait title is clickbait.

6441612 Hey, so long as it's kept strictly to a fantasy medium such as fimfic then I've got nothing against whatever people write about.

6441633 oh so I take you have sico

6441637 Hey, my dick ain't smart bro. It's just horny.

6441645 oh fine fair enough I suppose


Well, you both knew what you were getting into when you clicked the story. Why bother wasting your time commenting on something you don't like?

I see. Very well then.

I just posted a comment explaining what I thought. And, most of all, I don't find things like this sexy, fetish fulling or clean. If other people here do, then fine

6441643 Well I ain't got a daughter but if its incest you're asking about then yes, to be bluntly honest, yes :rainbowdetermined2:

6441662 jeez really I was just being an asshole

Not gonna lie, yes I am fairly new.

6441670 O-oh, well, I guess its too late to deny it now... :rainbowderp:

6441670 ~ sounds like someone "needs an adult "

n don't be an asshole it's not nice

6441680 Then your comment makes sense now. In time my boy, you will understand and adapt to the ways of Fimfiction. Remember, this is fiction which means the author doesn't actually do this with his (if he has one) daughter.

My Reaction Below

6441689 Eeenope. Single and with no children.

6441687 just don't tell sparkler

6441701 ~ you got one strike buddy ..
[ I'm going to get the cat out the bag
Porn is like the rabbit hole from Alice in wounderland
Haha quit laughing seriously
Once ya fall in how far does it go
Rule 34

6441719 I didn't even noticed that... My god you made my day.

I said I'd read it even if I am against this kind of thing. Took me away from TwiDash, but reading is reading. One video is all I have to describe this.

6441758 THAT'S IT!

I'm binge-watching that entire series again. :heart:

Well, time for a little sister.

6441759 Woooooh! Let's do it together! Seen it all like 3 times, but who cares!

The title is what brought me in, and this was great :rainbowkiss: I enjoyed it, so awesome job brosef! :D

*reads below*
Man, people, if you don't like this kind of stuff, don't read it, jeez. It's okay to not like something, but you don't need to leave a comment stating how it's sick and disgusting. read the description before reading, it'll tell ya what it is. If you don't like it, just walk away and focus on something else, you'll just end up starting a shitstorm otherwise, :trollestia:
and I didn't bring my umbrella. :raritydespair: so nasty

Prety tell, does it have any plans for a sequel :moustache:
or another story of equel awesomeness?

Keep it up!

Quick question; Why all the incest stories lately?

I smell sequel bait

*Looks at title*
Nah, that's just some dirty talk.
*Reads premise*

You know, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little tempted.

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