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Forget not that I am a derp.


No two-bit seamstress is going to get one over on Picky Pepper. She wanted the Princess Dress, not some weird knockoff. After all, the customer is always right.

Of course, Picky isn’t the only customer in the world…

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I loved it!

It's just like Canterlot ponies to quickly get tired of the Last Big Thing. I always think of Trenderhoof as Canterlot's restaurant critic, or at least, that he started that way, but then he is probably recovering from his nervous breakdown.

Oh, God, you just know that they're into molecular food, too.

"Namepending Castle." :rainbowlaugh:

Namepending Castle. I like it.

A very nice story indeed. :3

HA turned that damn like bar green!

"Have a nice day!"

"Memento mori."


It's good to see the return of the Reign in Stain.

Namepending Castle

I really, really like this bit. :pinkiehappy:

And I like this story. :twilightsmile:

Isn't her name Cayenne? Or is that her nickname?

I see Trenderhoof as a sort of first-world anthropologist. (Well, hippologist in Equestria, but you know what I mean.) He investigates and illuminates little-known bits of Equestrian society with all the wide-eyed investigative sincerity of a National Geographic correspondent in the depths of the Amazon. He probably did get his start as a Canterlot restaurant critic, but at this point, I think his star has risen to the point where he can get away with freelancing. You know, up until the nervous breakdown. It remains to be seen how much cultural cachet he'll have after that.

Plus, Canterlot seems like the sort of place that would have more than one newspaper.

Those two were quite fun to work with. I'm not sure if I could manage a whole story around their dynamic, but it's great for single scenes.

Good job, FanOfMostEverything :twilightsmile: I adored the way you messed with Picky Pepper and karma :D Keep up the good work!

Yikes. Missed you in the earlier reply. In any case, the pony in question still seems to have two or three different possible names floating around her. Heck, in the episode's credits, she's just listed as "Fashionable Pony." So, with the matter still somewhat unsettled, I decided to go with my personal preference when fleshing her out.

Ok! If worst comes to worst, you can just imply that 'Cayenne' is her middle name.

In any case, it's a good story.:twilightsmile:

Sadly, no pickled peppers were picked. Maybe next time!

This shoulda totally been part of the episode, it's THAT good :raritystarry: I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who likes the name Picky Pepper :3

"Dear Princess Celestia,
Today, I learned that karma is a thing.
Yours truly, Picky Pepper"

"waves" Hey Moondancer! :)

6441456 A peck of them!

6441456 6441732
There was an appetizer at the molecular gastronomancy place that consisted of brine crystals in an emulsified glaze of capsaicin and other pepper-derived flavor compounds. Picky described it as "enjoyably novel, but more of a salt cocktail than an appetizer."

"See, Luna? I told you that that open submission policy on friendship letters would be a good idea."
"The Bearers have grown past them, Celestia. You need to as well."
"I don't get to see their dreams. Let me have this."

6441773 Wow. I predicted that joke before you even wrote the story, and you still managed to slide it under my nose by obscuring it in enough sciency words.

See, the thing about "eh" is that doesn't give me anything to build on. Hence the term "constructive criticism." If you could tell me why it made you go "eh," what didn't work for you, that would be much more helpful.

6441970 That's the thing, it didn't do anything for me, but it didn't do anything against me. It's not that it wasn't fine...just not my kind 'o cuppa.

It's ...not as expansive as you usually are? I could see a full story in this, maybe. It may have been a bit short...Characters? No, they'd actually have to be expanded on in the show to be more than blank slates. See, actual criticism for this is hard.

Fair enough. Thanks for giving it a try. :twilightsmile:

6441999 mmhm. I try to try things. It was...an interesting diversion, I'd have to say.

Namepending Castle


And I'm not sorry about that chapter title.

I just got it, and you should be.

The Princess Dress was conspicuous only its absence.

I feel like we're missing something here. Maybe "only in its absence."

After a moment, she realized that it wasn't just a bit different.

Shouldn't it be was? That makes more sense to me.

Picky Pepper sure got herself into a persnickety pickle, eh?

I like how she slowly realized her mistake, and tried (horrendously) to keep up appearances. If any, I would comment on the ending, and the quick resolution that her mental conflict had. It seemed a little fast for something that affected Pepper so much to suddenly be turned about, I felt like she really didn't get to fully resolve her guilt over her treatment of Rarity, and likewise, Rarity's lack of recompense for her hard work. She does insist that she sees the moment a mare finds her dress and discovers her beauty quite often.

Of course, I was laughing too hard at the castle to really be bothered :B

A good look into the value of looking past the price tag and name. Some might even compare it to Rarity's Cutie story, (that someone being moi) and the emphasis on finding the diamond among the zirconium pile.

In the zirconium pile of fics, this one's a real gem! :V

Can someone please explain "Reign in Stain"?


It shouldn't be surprising that Picky Pepper prefers to partake from a particular palate.

I like to think that mini-Celestia and Mini-Luna are not actually Celestia and Luna in disguise but are instead children of a relation and the genetic lottery finally kicked in an resulted in siblings that looked like their older relations.

this is really, really, really, really good! :pinkiehappy:

This, I think, is what would probably happen in the show because while the populace are aware of the Bearers, they don't really know what their names are or what they look like. I'm taken back to Ponyville Confidential and why Rarity touched off the apocalypse; as we saw, it delighted her that there was at least one news feed that wasn't boring facts and figures about issues that matter but was entertaining and lovely gossip and conjecture about the Idle Famous. I don't know about you but that tells me that we're dealing with a place that's officially gossip-hostile because the Big Boss doesn't much care for the end result.

Thanks for the fixes. I was in a bit of rush to get the story out while the character was still a bit relevant. :twilightsheepish:

Sometimes, our own actions mean things don't work out the way we want them to. Plus, Picky is kind of shallow. Knowing that her apology will be passed along and having a new, hotter dress are a sufficient poultice for her soul.

The "Reign in Stain" is called such because, to quote Rarity and Fashion Plate, it's "inspired by the stained-glass window of a reigning princess." The name itself is a My Fair Lady reference. My apologies if you were trying to make a joke.

I didn't even go that far; I just figured they were very different ponies who just happened to be sisters. Except that one joke post I made on Derpibooru claiming that they fell into a time rift a week after Canterlot Carousel opened, grew wings, and emerged more than a thousand years in the past. If we never see them again, it's canon! :derpytongue2:

I don't know about that. Rarity only said that the Foal Free Press was better than the Ponyville Express. There's no telling what papers with better access to famous ponies might do, hence Twinkleshine's occupation in this story. Plus, there were masses of ponyrazzi in "Green Isn't Your Color" and, ugh, "The Mysterious Mare Do Well." (And unless Featherweight is a stealth operative on par with Solid Snake, the Big Boss probably allowed him to take the cake shot.)

But, yeah, it's clear that the Bearers aren't famous for being the Bearers. If there's one area where Celestia insists on a media blackout, it's rainbow friendship laser duties. Given all of the stained glass windows and Star Wars medal ceremonies, it's clear that's she's doing something to stymie their fame.

6443022 I think of it as being akin to how Booster Gold pretends to be a fame-seeking imbecile so that time travelers don't kill him as a child and thus stop him from saving people without their knowledge. Simply put, they're the greatest heroes history will never know.

I had a feeling it was a pop culture reference :V I knew the window part, but it had to have been something more by the way it keeps being referenced. No jokes intended, save the alliteration.

Shallow does indeed sum it up, and I was silly to not see it last night. I suppose I just wanted it to keep going, it ended before I knew it! :V

I was going to be itty but Scoots beat me too it. This is hilarious. I adore the pepper smell too.

"This story remind me of the time I brought ice cream while I had a toothache."
-Johnny Bravo

I suspect Twilight will make sure history remembers them, assuming they don't do it themselves for other accomplishments.

Thanks! I thought that would be a nice extra detail.

6448854 I can see Rarity and Rainbow Dash achieving fame but the other three seem destined for obscurity unless she does. We have an animal control officer, a baker's apprentice and a farmer. Stack them up against somepony who got to design for the Princess and the mare who did the Sonic Rainboom and we're looking at Footnote City.

Took two lungfuls of coffee while reading this.
First at

Namepending Castle

And then at

Memento mori

Thanks for that.

I call her Cayenne snaps

Namepending Castle is hilarious, and I will totally use it myself.

That moment where you realize that you've turned down your chance at an exclusive, one-of-a-kind dress (hoof-stitched by the owner herself, at that) in favor of an off-the-rack mass-produced number. I am glad to say I'm not stupid enough to know what that feels like.

And it's interesting to see the little touch where Sassy Saddles acts like Rarity is the employee, and she the employer. I am once again left to wonder how her resume does not burst into flames from being such a Liar McLiarpants.

Author Interviewer

Okay, but Picky Pepper is the worst name for a pony I think I've ever seen. D: And next you'll tell me that's her real name.

The community seems to have settled on "Cayenne," with an allowance made for "Pepper Step." Whether that's a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion.

Author Interviewer

Neither is good, fricking pun on Azula. :(

Huh. Was this fic the origin of Namepending Castle? If so, I feel like I'm reading a piece of history here.

Nice companion piece to the episode, from what I remember of it. Been a long time since I last rewatched it, but it works as an expansion of its themes and an alternative perspective.

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