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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


Something strange has been going on around Sweet Apple Acres. Work has ground nearly to a halt and a mysterious mare has been haunting the farm grounds, disappearing as soon as anypony approaches her. The only pony who seems to be concerned is Applejack. Can she convince her friend, Twilight Sparkle, to help her before the farm goes under?
And just what exactly is Big Mac doing instead of his job?
This story is actually the first in the Broken series that deals with how Twilight and her friends don't always fully represent their Element of Harmony and the consequences that rise from this. Specifically this story involves a tragic romance between Big Mac and an anthropomorphic Smarty Pants that causes havoc on Sweet Apple Acres, especially when it is revealed that Applejack may disapprove of her brothers relationship more than she should.

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Mm, a sad little Macinpants. I do love it so for the rarity of it and the real emotions coming from it. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Applecest. And I had loved this story, loved it with a teary passion. But it still had to invoke the lowest common denominator. And end with a tragedy and more Applecest.

I can't even think of how to say this made me sad, but for all the reasons you never intended.

You'd be surprised about my intent then. Broken is as much about putting the fandom under a microscope as the mane six. If you found something repellent in this story, chances are it was meant to be. :pinkiesmile:


But Rarity isn't in this fanfic...

I think this willl be the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship, Mr. Author. ;):yay::heart::twilightsmile:


Ahhh. In that case KUDOS! I refrained from voting before because my mixed feelings prevented objectivity. Now, however I will upthumb immediately! I have done similar with my "Contra the heresies" stories. A hard, unforgiving look at common tropes and repeated themes in the fandom.

Viewed through this lens, it was brilliant. And, as I said, beautiful in parts. Especially the end, when Smarty Pants died. I have never felt sorrier for Big Mac. I'll admit, manly tears were shed. :raritycry:


A most excellent jest... I hope :derpyderp1:

discord? now that is some crafty thinking

Ugh... and there's the applecest. Pointing the accusatory finger at the fandom doesn't have to involve blindsiding those against it with more hillbilly stereotyping.

Mm, I feel it has more impact that way. Besides, if you read the entire series it becomes clear this is something of an alternate reality where everything is wrong anyways. As much as I'm against hillbilly stereotyping (I'd never take AppleXMac shipping seriously) I find the levels of disdain for it mildly perplexing. I'm an author that regularly kills and tortures ponies because I find it amusing and entertaining, for a readership that finds it amusing and entertaining. Yet the most complaints I've received so far is for Broken Applejack's crush on Big Mac. It's not a mutual thing, in fact I go to pains to make it clear that if Big Mac is aware of it, he's not happy about it.

Frankly, those of you with such delicate sexual sensibilities should be happy I wrote this before all this nonsense with the Lyra plushie. Making Big Mac a plushiphile with the none anthropomorphic Smarty Pants would be a thousand times more crass and disturbing.

It's okay to not like my choice in this regard, that's exactly the reaction I was going for, but there are worse things.

Earth ponies can do magic? I didn't know that.

backlog of choirs that were just piling up

Chores. lololol :pinkiehappy:

That was horrifying.
And lots of fun!
I, for one, thought the incestuous part was the disturbing icing on the creepy cake.

It never was fully explained why the farm fell apart so completely while Big Mac was lovesick, though. I mean, even if he was under magical compulsion and spoiling his evil doll girlfriend, he shouldn't have been able to undue ALL the work Applejack did or dodge ALL his chores. It also wasn't mentioned why Granny and Apple Bloom didn't seem to notice or care.
Oh well!

The farm falling apart is as much on Applejack as Big Mac. If she'd kept up her chores rather than worrying about her big brother things wouldn't have gone so bad so quickly. Having said that, it has been shown that Applejack can't run Sweet Apple Acre's on her own, so it would've only been a matter of time unless she reached out to someone for help.

As for Granny and Applebloom, they knew why Big Mac was slacking off, or at least suspected it was about a girl, and that he would eventually get back to work or be moving on to settle down and start his own farm. It's less they didn't, and more they thought the situation would sort itself out (in Granny's case anyways. Applebloom might actually be that oblivious.)

Ah, okay.
AJ's complaining about her chores being "undone" behind her back made me think that Smarty was sabotaging her, but in the context of the story that didn't make much sense.

That eye bit at the end there made it seem like the Candy Mare.

All the pony races have magic, but only unicorns are capable of active magic. Earth ponies and pegasi have a passive magic that allows them to adapt and interact with the environments they acclimate to. Earth ponies have a passive magic that enhances their strength and possibly allows them to manipulate the earth. Pegasi have passive magic that allows them to fly and interact with the weather.
This comes from the Pandemic series, but the information does match what we see in the canon series.

I know this series and the Something Sweet to Bite series are not connected, but I wonder if alchemy and chemistry are also considered magical fields of study...

Mage Meadowbrook primarily worked with potions and remedies not unlike Zecora and apparently made 9 powerfully enchanted items. While the character didn’t exist at the time this story was written, she’s a good example of how even an Earth Pony can be considered a powerful Mage with enough hard work and study.

I think my idea at the time was that anyone could study magic but only unicorns could use it naturally and with ease, so Twilight was startled by the sheer amount of power rolling off of what appeared to be an ordinary earth pony - Of course the explanation was that she wasn’t really a pony at all.

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