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Carter Slade, the first ever Ghost Rider to turn on Mephistopheles, in his last time on earth fades away. His next moments on this new world he came to is riding to a sort of desert town and getting slammed off of his horse by a pony that calls itself 'Braeburn'.

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This looks very interesting though it did seem to go a bit quick in a few spots. Overall though, I want to see more.

Carter Slade's actor, whoever he is, has the perfect voice as a narrator for this story, really got me into the story. Hope you continue this, have a moustache :moustache:

6575563 I shall continue, but the times will be random because school.

6575692 I'll slow down the chapters in the future.

Please more:fluttershysad:

Love the story and hope to read more.

You don't know who the great Sam Elliott is!? He's one of the greatest actors in western movies of all time!


OH please do go on

what? what made them change there mind? waits for more information.

someones gotta do it.

6583338 so why are they letting him out I though they arrested him for slavery? did they find the horse and realize there been a mistake or something?

6583693 They're not, they are going to take him to Ponyville to sort this stuff out.

Will you ever update again? This is a really great story.

6906595 Yes, but school started for me but I am working on the next chapter. Albeit really slowly, another thing to note is that I dont have an upload schedule so the chapters will be super erratic.

6907021 That's fine, I am just happy to know that there will be an update at some point.

I like this story already.

Please continue


This story must be related to this joke from The Nostalgia Critic

Is this story dead? :fluttercry:

*Sees the canceled icon*

What? No! NO!!!

*Sees the author has fucked off*


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