• Published 31st May 2012
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Shy in the City - Llamashy

It's been 10 years since fluttershy saw her friends. She goes to the city to find them.

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Pink Party Service

Twilight and I left the hospital heading for Fluttershy's apartment. The walk, or hover for me, was rather dull, but luckily Twilight sparked a conversation, "So, Rainbow Dash, how long have you been in Ponyopolis?"
"Well... I've been here for two years now, you know living the city life." I respond while doing backstrokes in the air. All the sudden we see a pony dressed as a dinoosaur come out from a house, and sit, looking fairly depressed. The sad pony takes it's dino helmet to reveal a, hravily tinted gray, flat, pink haired mare. As soon as my eyes saw her, I knew it was Pinkie Pie. The van she was in sitting up against was labeled 'Pinky's Party Service!'' The van looked in despirateneeed of repair, paint scratched, body damage, tires that look like pillows strapped to the wheels will work better, I coould tell she was not iin good shape.. Her gaze drifted and she saw us. Her hair instaly poofed out to its normal looks and returned pinker than I had ever seen it. Faster than a blink she was to us and gaint pink hug quickly traped us.
"EEEEEEE!!!! ITS YOU GUYS!!!!" Piinkie screamed in excitment, "I'M SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE HERE!!!"
"Pinkie!" I strggle to say, "Please let go, its getting hard to breath!"
"OH!" A shocked Pinkie Pie exclaimed, "Heh, sorry, but have you guyss seen Rarity, Applejack, or Flutter..." Her voice softens as she sees the sad expressions imerge on our faces at the mention of Flutttershy's name.

"Pinkie... well tell you when we get home,follow us.

TThanks for all the support.. I never expected this.... I thaught I would get maybe 10 view in a month. Any way Sorry for the short chapter, hit a writers block. Suggest some ideas in the comments! And if you tthink you have a really good idea, contact me! I'll share a bit for what I have planned. I'm not sure how to gget there though. Constructive Critism is very useful, leave some if you have any!!!

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Comments ( 3 )

bloody groosome a some:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::coolphoto:

After reading these other chapters i could say that these need more words. Try and work abit more on the detail and words. This has ALOT of potential though. Though some people say that you have to give the readers what they want. Not what you want. But i do like this so i will track :twilightsmile:.

683832 Thanks!!! This is my first attempt at writing a thing besides school projects. I hit a writers block so I am trying to figure out were to take the story next.

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