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Long ago their society collapsed inward and their leaders left them for a new land. Those that stayed behind continued the feuding of their forebearers. Poisoned by hatred, the three pony tribes fought endlessly with each other and the brutal winter they caused only grew worse. The fields that once grew food became trapped in ice as the land froze over, and the nation was plunged into a new Dark Age.

That was 1800 years ago, and the tribes of that once great nation have limped along ever since. No one remembers this nation as it once was, no one even remembers its name. Only what is told in the Hearth's Warming Eve play has been passed on. It seemed all but forgotten until a theft from the Royal Canterlot Archives brings Twilight Sparkle and her friends to that forgotten realm on a journey that will breathe new life into a frozen wasteland and change the world forever.

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Just in case anypony's wondering:

Songs that inspired this chapter:
-Ba'ku Village (Star Trek Insurrection OST - Jerry Goldsmith)
-Meant To Be (Dreams and Imaginations - Two Steps from Hell)

Well-written story with a very interesting premise. I look forward to more. :moustache:


Thanks. Updates may be a bit slow, perhaps a chapter every couple of weeks. Hopefully I can live up to your expectations!

Watching. Do not fail me.:pinkiehappy:


Somepony else read the chapter?!:pinkiegasp: ...I think I need some vodka...

Thank you though. I'll do what I can.

Confound these cliffhangars. They drive me to read!

Lol, great job, I'm going to watch.:pinkiehappy:

You got me to come back for more, or at least when you update. Now lets see where this goes. Who knows you might even get my thumb.

Long chapter. Way longer than I expected. Don't expect this to be the norm. They'll be shorter (I hope...or not if you ponies like longer chapters).

In the meantime, with the new chapter up I'd like some feedback on what you thought of it. Please see my recent blog entry for details. Leave feedback if you wish (it would be greatly appreciated).

Must sleep now. So tired:ajsleepy:

Oh, an update! And a rather nice cliffhanger, too. :moustache:

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