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Although things had, at first, been difficult between them, the Rainbooms eventually managed to become friends with their once-bitter rivals, the Dazzlings. Now, there are many days when they're actually happy to spend time with them.

These are the stories of what goes on at such times.

Cover art by Siansaar

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 348 )

Light-hearted slice-of-life with the Dazzlings that doesn't completely brush off their loss or rub salt in the wounds? A chance of comedic hijinx juxtaposed with feels?

I must now reserve a seat. :moustache:

Good work. I enjoy the lightheartedness.

Alright, I'm interested.

This is the fic I've been waiting for you to write. I am so excited for this.

Now watch them whip....watch them nae nae..
Now I will be watching this!!


* raises eye brow in interest* "You have my attention sir"

Well sometimes the best way to get through to a lazy previously evil siren is to fight them, and become better friends afterward.

Applejack and Aria? Very rare pairing for a story. :pinkiesmile:

Though piece of advice: only use "y'all" when you're referring to a number of people instead of one. For referring to one person, replace "you" with "ya". You got "yer" right for "you're" and "your" so that's okay though.

The fight scene was unexpected, but effective :ajsmug:

I wonder who will be with Adagio. Sunset or Rarity? Or maybe Fluttershy?

...I think I ship it. Maybe. Will need further study.

Personally, I don't see how it could work. The problem is, Aria and Applejack are not opposites (Like Applejack and Rarity or Aria and Futtershy), nor they are simular (Like Pinkie and Sonata or Adagio and Sunset\Rarity). They are just diferent.

First rule of shipping: ANY pairing works if it's well-written. :raritystarry:
Doubly so for crack ships!

Not that I'm volunteering, a little too much on my plate already. :eeyup:

They may as well be factories, churning out the same dress over and over.

+1 Rarityness!

but I am a lady. And ladies of refinement do not resort to such...such base means of achieving their ends!

The minute she said this, I was hoping Adagio would point out the thing with the Diamond Dog boys. And she did! :pinkiehappy:

These two have even better chemistry than the last pair, but I'm not sure if it's just a little fun at Rarity's expense. Once more, will just have to stick around. :coolphoto:

Rarity seducing Rarity... trippy.

In all fairness, the Dazzlings don't do subtle. Rarity does look very good, but she does so in a tasteful, subtle manner.

Adagio has that sexy It Factor.

Ah sonata, so innocent.

prompting Cheerilee to slowly and creepily retreat back behind the bookcase again, while keeping her eyes on her the whole time.


"On second thoughts...let's just stick to how he used to cut his wives' heads off. Much less controversial."


Ah, only Sonata can make history fun...

Now I can't stop thinking about Henry Viii hanging out with the Sirens :rainbowlaugh:

Aww c'mon the fight needed a winner lol. Round two after the cider.
On a more serious note i am loving the story so far

There's a story by MythrilMoth called Sweet and Sour and it's all about these two. You should check it out.

Aria should tussle with sunset or rainbow next lol

Couple or no couple, these two are adorable together. :rainbowkiss:

This may turned into a Friendship forged in fire.

I thought of Abridged Cell near the end :rainbowlaugh:

"Stop it!"

But, one look at the sweet smile on Sonata's face, and the way she tilted her head, and Sunset now found she just couldn't go through with it, and instead let out a long sigh before putting on her own smile.

Sonata's just too adorable like that :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

I wouldn't be surprised if Aria ended up volunteering later :derpytongue2:

6443752 Agreed, it's pretty awesome.

Adagio really doesn't let up does she. Kinda feel sorry for rarity.

*slow clap* Leave it to Adagio Dazzle to get the edge on Rainbow Dash.

I like how well Adagio is pointing out flaws and hypocrisies that more or less go ignored most of the time, even throwing in nods that she knows she's not so different. I guess that's how she makes friends. :twilightsheepish:

I just noticed how the chapters involving Aria involved opening old wounds. :rainbowderp:

This was sweet. :twilightsmile:

Nice to see Pinkie practicing restraint where it's needed, some other stories probably just would have painted Aria as being entirely in the wrong for feeling anything other than joy at all times and dedicated a lengthy slapstick session to pounding that lesson into her.

6437501 so innocent, yet she survived CENTURIES throughout our world's bloody history doing what they needed to survive.

This is a great chapter and easily my favorite so far.

Loving this take on Adagio and her eye for these things. :raritystarry:

I think we know which Siren sister is the kinkiest.

Can't wait to see what happens when Adagio gets to talk Sunset and Fluttershy

God, I love you. Adagio...

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