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Yup option one should never be taken! So how many take the third option? Great story!

If only this was the 69th story instead of the 40th...

So I got curious and looked up the reason why all the pills say go to the doctor for long lasting erections.

I'm now turned off for this story. Sorry.

Good start, sug. Could be longer, but a good start.

~ I liked this it was a good change of pace

....damn! :moustache:
Sequel? :pinkiehappy:

Preread by: ROBCakeran53

Well now I HAVE to read it

That needle option scared the crap out of me

6421696 If it does well enough, there's a pretty high chance that I'd write a bonus chapter to this, much like I did for Sibling Secrets.

Time for another first for me…
I'm asking for a sequal to a clopfic :facehoof:

The link to the picture was better than the picture itself, due to it containing so much more.

Soarin clopfics are the best <3

Nice story, Abyss. I really liked this one. It was interesting to see him do sexy stuff with Nurse Redheart for once. :twilightsmile:

I have two questions:
1. Why is it that nurse ponies have to be some of the sexiest ponies ever?
2. When will we be expecting a sequel if possible?

6422137 1. Cause I guess nurses are sexy? Idk :P
2. I cannot answer, lel

Ah those descriptions~ Better than any video or doujin by far :heart:

I've trudged through the quagmire of shitfics for too long. I really needed some quality to digest. Great stuff as always, Abyss.

Why do I have a feeling she doesn't normally offer that third option? :P I could see this leading to something with them two, but, well, is just a clopfic, so, unlikely for use to see that. Least, from you. :P

6422414 Well, this story is doing pretty well given the amount of time that it's been up so far. I am considering on continuing this, and if it continues to do well, I might even add the romance tag and turn it into a full blown shipfic.

The funny thing is that is what happened with my biggest story. Started off as a cute little 2.4k word sad fic with scoots and dashie, and when people started to demand that I write more/they had to know what happened next, I marked it as incomplete and went with it. ^^

1: Because. :P
2: Still debating on continuing this, though I am leaning more towards it.

“Well, there are a couple ways.” Nurse Redheart glanced away as she thought. “Using a needle, we could drain the blood from your—”

Oh god no. If I ever had to have that happen I would insist I be put under anesthesia.

Oh please please please have him help her with her problem!

Ending is kind of ironic. The moment his erection goes down she starts getting wet.

6422516 I think you missed a line:

It hardened beneath her again, and Soarin bucked forward instinctively.


6422522 whoops. guess I need my eyes checked

after 4 hours? Don't call a Doctor, Call all your friends !

That wasn't very slow. It was pretty quick, in fact.

Abyss please have him help her with her problem, that would be a glorious second chapter :yay:

6421562 It'll happen eventually. :P

Reading the description...

Soarin admits defeat and flies to the closest hospital: Ponyville General.




"Don't look now, but there's a pegasus with a huge erection flying past."

"Wha... whoa, you're right! Look at the size of that thing!"

"Hang on, is that Soarin', of all ponies?"

"I dunno, could be. Honestly, I'm more interested in his cock. How the hell does he even walk with that thing?"

"Oh, I think he's seen us. He's flying away."


"What's he doing now?"

"I think he's crying."

Make a sequel!!

6422463 Well then, if that's the case, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one. I'm not one for shipping much, but, this is a rare one, and, is actually quite adorable too. Even with the naughtyness. :P

Yeah, it didn't seem all that difficult for Redheart to solve this little quandary. I was kind of hoping she'd have to jam a hoof up his butt mid-blowjob to give him extra stimulation or something: more for comedic effect than kinkiness, but still. :derpytongue2:

Oh yeah, we definitely need more of this. Nurse Readheart's been a bad mare.

6423479 You know, it doesn't look like she's saying that's hot, but that's cum. Just watch lol.

We can't leave Nurse Readheart hanging like this.

6422648 You are mistaken. The slow blow is not about the duration of the blowjob, but of the pace of the act.

It would have been quite the twist if Redheart turned out to be a dickgirl at the end there, and Soarin felt compelled to return the favor despite not really wanting to.

I don't know why, but I feel a full on anthro clop would be better, no offense

6424148 That's fine, but I respectfully disagree. To each their own, right?

Now that I've had time to think about this story, I'm interested in seeing who Soarin boned before seeing Redheart. A fellow Wonderbolt maybe? Or perhaps a fan who's not Rainbow Dash?

Nurses are so hot.

I. I don't think that's how it works.

Interesting story. Little fast paced, but interesting.

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