• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Fears - Short Stories

The mane six must face their fears to prove themselves to Nightmare Moon.

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Cheesy Delima

Twilight Sparkle appeared in a lavender room, the exact same shade and color as her fur. She first thought that she should camouflage into it, but instantly declined the though, seeing as there was no predators or around to hunt her down. Plus, Nightmare Moon clearly saw she was a unicorn, and could probably easily camouflage herself against a blank, white space.

She mentally face-hoofed herself, regretting her pattern of thought. She had almost forgotten her five new friends were in this, too. It was strange having friends, but in a good way. She was used to being alone, which is why she thought what she had just thought a moment ago, about the camouflage and only thinking about herself.

She saw a door appear ahead of her, and slowly began walking towards it. Nervous of what would happen, nonetheless. She reached the door, opened it, and immediately regretted her decision.

In the next room, there was tortilla triangles filled with frightening, orange, cheesy cheese. It was her worst fear: quesadillas.

Twilight let out an ear-splitting shriek, then tried to run away. An invisible force prevented her from doing so. Twilight screamed again, louder this time. It was no use. The invisible force kept pushing her towards her cheesy delemia, no matter how much she cried or begged for it to stop. She tried screaming yet again, but o sound came out. It was like her brain face-hoofed itself. This was Nightmare Moon's challenge.

Her worst fear.

I pained Twilight to say this, let alone think it, very much so. Eventually, she forced the words out of her mouth, barley audible over the sound of her heart pumping in her ears.

"Bring it on."