• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Fears - Short Stories

The mane six must face their fears to prove themselves to Nightmare Moon.

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5.1) I've Got No Magic in Me~

"Where is Rarity?!" Sweetie demanded for the fifth time since Chrysi abducted her and took to the woods. "I want my sister! I want her friends! I want your flank-ugly hag face to be GONE FROM MY LIFE!"

"Such a needy and feisty child." Chrysalis commented, "good think you'll be in a sound-proof cocoon soon. My changeling army is already analyzing your form as we speak. They'll soon be out there, causing havoc and such, doing damage to your good name."

"What about Apple Bloom? Or Scootaloo?" Sweetie asked, ignoring the villain, "Where are they? Did you take them? Are they here? Did you....k-k-kill them.....?" The last two words left her mouth as a whisper.

Chrysalis cackled at Sweetie's fear. "No." She said, her voice dripping with sarcastic sweetness. "not yet."

Sweetie's eyes widened at the buggy queen's words and she felt her body stiffen. If Chrysalis was just messing around with her--and Sweetie prayed to Celestia she was--she was doing a pretty gosh darn good job at it. The changeling queen cackled again at Sweetie's reaction then nodded at a nearby changeling solider. He nodded back, waiting for his queen to place the filly on the ground. The second she did, he changed into a mirrored version of Sweetie Belle, leaving the original trapped in a gooey, green cocoon that quickly hardened around her.

The young filly swung her head from left to right, trying to see if she'd recognized any familiar, friendly faces behind all the cocoons that surrounded her.

She saw Rarity ahead of her, but the grown unicorn hadn't seen her sister just yet and instead was intent on trying to use her horn to break free. By her side, she saw that lavender unicorn that had taken her sister and a couple other ponies into the Everfree. Sweetie felt her anger heat up and decided to look away before her anger got the better of her.

It helps to have a clear mind when your trying to escape.

It was to dark on her right and behind her to see anything and on her left stood a tall elm tree, some of it's lower branches bending from the force of the green, bubble like shell.

She looked up at her horn, wondering if she'd miraculously be able to make it work. And, if she could--wait, no--when she would, as Rarity always told her it's best to have confidence when first trying out magic, would it be enough to get her out of makeshift prison cell?

She closed her eyes tightly, hoping against hope that it would actually work this time. A simple teleportation spell was all she needed. She could hear the magic sparks popping and sizzling as the spell came to life. Her excitement swelled, causing her concentration to go off course ever so slightly. The spell backfired and she wound up charring her horn, the top part of her head, and most of the bubble.

She groaned in frustration and wiped at the soot that now covered the interior of her bubble and looked at her now sooty hoof with disappointment. Turning in a small circle, she sat facing away from Rarity. All the excitement and hope had washed away, and it was at that point that she realized she didn't even know any teleportation spells--or any, for that matter.

She didn't know what else to do.

I suppose I could scream to get Rarity's attention, she thought, but Chrysalis said these pods were sound proof. She stood up and turned back to face her sis and took in a nice, long, deep breath. Doesn't hurt to try... "RARITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!" She screamed, the sound echoing throughout her cocoon and threatening to shatter her eardrums. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... she thought as she lowered her head to cover her folded ears with her hooves, though it wasn't much help.

The sound suddenly stopped.

She opened one eye hesitantly and looked around as best she could. Then the other, then stood up slowly, her ears still folded back. The sound wasn't there anymore. Through the small space where she wiped the soot away, she saw Rarity in her bubble, looking up and around, as if looking for something.

Or more--wondering where a sound was coming from.

Sweetie quickly wiped away as much grime as she could, then waved frantically, trying to get Rarity's attention. The fashionista saw something out of the corner of her eye and faced Sweetie. Sweetie beamed, inwardly high-hoofing herself.

Now I'm getting somewhere...

Author's Note:

T&E = Trial and Error. :raritywink: