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Bad Touch

But only one of them is a mammal...

Not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

I'm still here for you... :raritywink:

The return of the Darf age begins.

I've really missed your wanton disregard for concepts like "morality" and "sentences that are far too long to befit the quality of the work otherwise yet still somehow work."

I think I like you, darf. You make clop that isn't just sex. Life can't be that easy all the time, huh? You make stuff the makes me think and admire and hate and be somewhat aroused yet also feel completely disgusted by that feeling.

You make me think when I read sex stories. That's more than just about every clop author on this site.

Note: Contains totally not-rly-consensual sex w/ a fictional minor. Don't read if you don't like that kind of stuff.

Bring it on m8
Five minutes later*
Well that was interesting.

I feel like a recovered alcoholic having his first drink in nearly two years, and it makes me immensely happy.

The emotion in this story is delicious, and something I've failed to grasp in my own writing. I don't know how to drown myself in feelings like this and get them written down, but I miss reading inspirations like this. And now I'm curious - you swore off horse fics for better writing. I really want to know what inspired you to do these fics.

My word... Okay, where to start?

Far too often do I read clopfiction that provides fap material, or a good laugh, or both, etc. This is normal and is not a bad thing.

But then I come across stories like this that make me ponder. Not just think, but truly consider life and choices that we make.

Rape stories are commonly disregarded as disgusting, vile material that should never be kindled from the spark from which they began. This is not the case; these have a message and cause you to consider your own morals on the subject.

This story can be disturbing to some. Mostly because it depicts a character who is deemed sweet and innocent in the official story as a vile and selfish creature who would take the innocence of her surrogate brother/son without a second thought.
Some would probably like stories like this taken down, as they cannot find it in themselves to call these stories "beautiful".

I disagree. Stories like these are art. Art isn't supposed to be beautiful, it's supposed to make you feel something. And that is something that this story does very well.

Although I find it slightly disturbing, favorited and liked. Well done, good sir.

Alright, this is the boner God sends me to hell for, I've had many terrible boners, but this one is pretty unforgivable. Thanks for sealing my fate, I guess.

This is so 'FUCKED UP!:flutterrage:
Take my 'up vote' for writing, and TwiSpike. But not my fav because, Spike, didn't enjoy any of this.

I do ask for a sequel. Aged up, Spike. Hits dragon puberty. Reverse roles. Cum stuffed holes and drenched fur, mane, tail, etc.. But maybe dark loving feels at the end. No death thou.:pinkiecrazy:

Open minds, are dangerous minds!:moustache::facehoof:

I like how the vocabulary of the narration changes as it switches between Twilight's and Spike's perspectives. It helps to empathize Spike's innocence and Twilight's depravity.

Damn, it's good to see you back, Darf! and with TwiSpike, no less!

Aw, poor Spikey :fluttercry: :fluttershyouch:

I wish I could cuddle him.

Beautiful. Never before have I seen a fic that shows how men can be raped as well. I love how authors can change a character's personality with a flick of the wrist. It makes the fic better for me, re-learning and becoming attached to the characters as I did with the Demonata series.

wait darf? DARF? DARFFF!!!

So, as someone who was in a situation akin to a quite toned-down version of this ages ago (I was around 9, my babysitter was 16, she asked to see and touch my genitals, I was dumb and said yes) -- good on you for taking it seriously and representing the emotions that both sides experience accurately. I felt very guilty for years - the first time I said anything to anyone was around 5 years later.

It's actually quite nice, in a weird way, to see a story address this topic. Maybe it'll help a few people realize how much sexual abuse hurts. It didn't hurt me that much, but mine wasn't as serious as that of others. Everyone seems to like it - or at least appreciate the nuance of it - too, and I liked the story.

Thanks darf!

Wanderer D

I hate this story for all the reasons you want me to.

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel...

I actually want a happy end for both of them :3

it was a good read and I have to say this is deserving of a song so here's one that I think fits rather nicely.

6417906 do it again now.
i see i'm not the only one to remember that song.

I'm glad this ended when it did. Have an upvote.

Does that other story involve Spike's friends saving him and beating Twilight half to death? I sure hope it does.

Twilight seems a quite a bit morbid splotched with an inkling of remorse. Maybe that can lead to an exquisite ending for her that indulges all the senses beyond their limitations. She orgasms, simultaneously savouring the cutting of her own thread—actually, nevermind. What I'm thinking would traumatize Spike more. Probably most of the readers, too.

Wait. This might count as a happy ending for Spike. A bitter, happy ending. A reprieve from abusive torment, yet not from the mental trauma and anguish. Uhh... I guess this kinda works(?)

I guess this begs to question why Twilight went all molest-happy in the first place. I dunno... I'm going with Slaanesh made it so. Good enough a reason, I guess.

6423519 maybe twilight likes making him squirm? A lot of people are actually into that, that's why we laugh at cartoon violence.
And some people enjoy being the one hurt. I just love happy endings forever one. Besideds she seemed to care about him more then rarity does. So...hell with it, I ship it.

6416726 that's what twilight is doing XD

Sequel? That's another story? I must know! :raritydespair:

I'm confused as to why it is described as painful for spike. I get he is underage in the story and is suffering emotional/mental trauma from this, but the story seems to be describing actual physical pain even though Twilight is never shown to hit him or do anything else painful (from the descriptions you would think she had teeth in her vagina). I'm pretty sure nothing that happens in this story would cause the kind of agony the descriptions imply, underage or not...maybe some discomfort from her weight on top of him at worst?

.... All I can say is I shall look forward to the sequel.:unsuresweetie:

I'll be honest the 'or is it' and the description threw me off and I thought this was gonna be some roleplay thing. Does it reveal me as a big sicko if I say I'm glad it was non-con? :rainbowhuh:

It is mentioned once I think that Twilight /is/ hurting him when she does this - she's an adult pony and he's a little dragon, after all:

Twilight ground into his stomach until it was dripping wet and sore and raw and his belly ached for days after that

Some physical aspects of this are painful. But honestly? I get the impression that 'pain/hurt' is the way Spike understands the strong feelings he doesn't understand and knows are 'wrong':

as he twisted and turned on the bed, clearly agonized in some way at the behest of Twilight’s tongue and mouth

the uncomfortable pain that throbbed up and down his tiny dick

These things don't hurt (although you might describe having an 'ache' in your penis) - but what other word can Spike use for something that feels all wrong the way this does?

6576367 you would think she had teeth in her vagina

Okay, what in the actual FUCK did I just read?!
Seriously, no joke, I need some help. WHAT THE FUCK JUST FUCKING HAPPENED?!
WAT DA....
DA FUQ?!?!

You're probably not going to grace this with a response.

You succeeded. You made me feel awful. Your task is done. I feel empty.

I just want to know why.

7250687 because there was that ugly darkness inside me, and this is what it came out as. in feeling the way you do now, you feel the way i did when i wrote it. in that way, i've created successful art--but if you're not someone who likes feeling bad for their art, i apologize. i hope this answer helps.


I'm glad you got that out of you, as those things aren't good to keep in.

You have created successful art.l, and I commend you for that.

I just feel like filth after reading it, which is understandable, since that's the point.

7260777 your words aren't wrong. i'm glad i don't feel like filth anymore.


Me too. Happy feelings make for happy stories.

Let me know if you need an editor though :twilightsmile:

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