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You're quite welcome for the assistance! It was my pleasure! :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward to reading more of this!

Awesome to see this out! Can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

I am quite enjoying this. Rat certainly is interesting. I wonder whether Death Drop knows Rat or of Rat. what do you think?

Enjoyed the two chapters and can't wait to see where this goes.

6426111 That would depend on how old Death Drop is (as of PtH) and how long ago he was a Shadowbolt. At this point in Rat's story, he's ten years old, and this is sixteen years before PtH begins (which would be 15 years before the earliest of Calm Wind's stories). It *is* entirely possible they do know each other, but probably not yet, as Rat has only *JUST* arrived at the Cirrus. :rainbowlaugh:

6426961 Thanks. :pinkiehappy: I assume that you've read Calm Wind's stories as well?

6427367 Yep. ^_^ Fully caught up (until chapter 102 comes out).

Also, I want to ask. How did you get mine and The Great Animak's name when you replied to us as opposed to the string of numbers?

6427464 Thank goodness. :rainbowlaugh: I posted the story without realizing that there was a major spoiler for PtH right in the first section and I didn't warn anyone about it. :facehoof:

And to answer your question, it always starts out as a string of numbers. From my understanding of it, those numbers are the Comment ID for each comment, and then the site will automatically replace it with the name of the user you replied to *IF* it can find the comment in the comment section. I'm sure you've noticed that in PtH's comments section a few times. :rainbowlaugh:

6427363 ok presently he is 25 in ToDD, and reviewing data, he would have been 9 in your story and he is discovered by descent at 14, lived and trained with them 2 years then at 16 full member shadowbolts and additional 5 years, retiring after his encounters with nightshade and her pink crystals, then after a brief detox gained wonderbolt status and has been there 4 years till PTH story present.

another way to say this is he's a year younger then Rat and was recruited at 14

6428903 14? ...Oh, that's a fun coincidence... :rainbowlaugh:

6429378 hmmm soon enough.... ok theory time
14 years earlier important in story
age when something big happens to/for Rat, first thoughts are First kill
you plan to go to 14 chapters
something in amount of 14 that's significant.

that was fun pondering. doubt you'll talk before ready though :B

6429823 You're right that I won't share it right away. :twilightsheepish: I *will* say two things right now: In your musings, you did manage to guess one thing correctly. However, it was *not* the coincidence that I was thinking of... :pinkiecrazy:

6432015 Don't worry. When it gets closer, I'll let you know what's going on. :twilightsheepish: It should make sense in about two or three chapters.

Continues to look good Jim! I like the similarities and the differences between the Cirrus and the Wonderbolts' compound! :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to more!!!

pretty sweet chapter, goo details and character building

6452358 Thanks! :twilightsmile: Next chapter will dig deeper into the other differences between the Wonderbolt and Shadowbolt compounds, as well as formally state the Code and finally explain some critical questions on how the Shadowbolts can even operate in the first place. :scootangel:

6452571 Thanks, man. :scootangel: Next chapter will have a *LOT* more of that, and then we'll hit a time jump... :pinkiecrazy:

6452638 ^^
if not apparent before , I wouldn't mind if you decided to use Death drop in your story

6452989 Awesome. :pinkiehappy: Best part is that our timelines match up almost perfectly.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this!

sweet, I am wondering on whether I should edit my story a bit, change when Death drop uses Sir to mentor. thoughts?

6510576 If you want to change it, that's up to you. However, Death Drop and Descent could be an entirely different interaction than Rat and Descent. After five years and enough "slip-ups", Descent could have stopped caring about honorifics as much.

Already working on the next story arc, writing for what I have outlined and outlining what I don't. Honestly, it's thanks to you two that I actually started posting this as early as I did, so thanks for that. :twilightsheepish:


I'm sure I speak for Syl when I say it's been a pleasure to assist! :twilightsmile:

Besides... it was getting rather awkward to just have the two of us filling up the Wonderverse Fanworks section... :pinkiecrazy:

6511007 true true, I'm just wondering as presently Death drops story is over and yours is still going. Presently haven't been inspired to add more


You are most welcome! And like Witch said, we needed another author filling up the Wonderverse story section besides us :pinkiecrazy:

6599305 Yep, the first kill is always the hardest. :ajsleepy:

Very tough day for Rat. He has my sympathies, that first kill... it's never easy. He'll remember that face, for the rest of his life, no matter how hard he tries to forget it. :ajsleepy:

6599556 makes me wonder if that will be one of among a number of sources of tension between Rat and Death Drop

A certain crazy colander wearing stallion is looking up towards the sky and thinking...

"Where did I leave my keys..."

I mean, he is thinking he misses his friend xD

LOL!!! While simultaneously also hoping that the evil alicorn doesn't eat him? :raritywink:

Always a pleasure to see a new chapter from you, Jim!

good chapter, the bit with the cleaner idea had me think on how our stories could mesh, but figured out how, the "mission" from nightshade would have been a personal request and thus not subject to the official treatment :B

yay, Daring got to steal the shirt off of Rat's back!

I mean, you're welcome! It was fun to help provide some dialogue!

pleasant chapter, in equestria that shit with the diamond could be real ^^

I also wonder again how our various characters would interact :B

dialogue between Tank and Bom Bom would be interesting

I started reading this, and had to pause asking myself why it felt so familiar. :facehoof: I felt like a foal myself when the answer came to me. Still, great to read as it was the first time.

6912489 I did warn you all about spoilers! :rainbowlaugh:

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it just as much as the first time through. :twilightsheepish:

It was way too much fun to write Daring and Distant in the past xD

Also, I wonder who that field agent could be.... hmmmmm :pinkiecrazy:

makes me a bit giddy seeing my characters used ^^
did he fill a character space or were a few things juggled around to add him?

aside from that another good chapter

7228429 Adding Death Drop was a bit of a surprise, but it does help with Rat's character development. Honestly, it was pretty seamless to integrate him in.

7229757 yeah the way you wove him in he's a good counter point to rat, what kind of relationship do you seem them having?

She started small, I swear!!! :twilightsheepish: But I'm glad she proved so useful to you. :twistnerd:

Oh if only Pitch were so easy to get rid of... **wistful sigh**

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