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I get too many ideas. Mostly Femslash. Lots and lots of femslash.

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you know its sad when you admit how clichéd your story is as the short description

6405883 But it's a good example of why cliches aren't necessarily bad.

Amazing as always. :heart:
I was doing math homework and I got frustrated so I checked fimfic and this was like a reward. Better than sweets. :twilightsheepish:

Cloud Kicker had scored a great goal. Rainbow had made sure to tell her friend so. Her whole team was tight and they were going to bring home the cup. Though she had her head in the game, Rainbow just knew Twilight was watching.

Is there ever such a thing as scoring a bad goal?



Written in 2.5 hours after trawling my old favourite MLP fanarts. I am trying to get around a little block on Days so thought I would write some fluffy Twidash to keep my hand in.

Fluff is always fun.

That was a lovely piece. Warm, fuzzy and romantic. I perfect pic me up. Have an upvote, and a good day :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Cheers all! I might do a follow-up or two if the fancy strikes me. I enjoy it when I can turn out a couple of pages of short story, makes me feel like I can achieve something when drudging through other works. Your comments are kind and helpful. I'll fix what errors there are and others I have noticed, that will be sometime in the next few hours.

I just wish people would comment why they downvote. It is pretty frustrating to not know why. I know that the ratio means there isn't any real harm, but maybe it would make people think twice before instant down for whatever reason. (Ew humans? Ew TwiDash? Ew AU? Who knows, it isn't like I tagged it wrong) .

Ho hum.

I don't really see how this is cliched - this quite creative in my opinion, then again I have. Been able to find much good high school TwiDash so...

Also underneath the story was an advertisement for a Daring Do plushie with 'free shipping' XD

Well, it was certainly cute:raritywink:
Good luck with further writting, gonna go check your TwiDash stuff out:twilightsmile:


I take it from the 13 notifications that you're looking through the lot!

I like to write :twilightsmile: I like it when people enjoy my scribblings.


>>Cirrus Sky
Yeah, althought not only TwiDash drew my gaze at itself:twilightsheepish:

A very fine addition, I loved it! Hope to see more of Game Day? :raritystarry:
I really like the setting.

Man, I freaking love sky captain.

Yep, very pleased with how this went. Believable and heartwarming. Good job.

When I saw the tag for this chapter I was expecting well a dirty thing but not such a heartwarming chapter.. Honestly just reading this chapter made me remember my first time and it was very similar, just enjoying and exploring the one you love. The warm feeling you get, screw the pervy side of it, just the connection you have feels amazing to have them on your arms and reading this made me remember those feelings all over again <3

Very good.

Very, very good.

Although I'm sad we never got to see Twilight meeting Rainbow Dash's parents. Dash's friendship with the cute nerd must have been a surprise, and seeing the shy Twi saying hi would be adorable.


I think I might populate this with any oneshot that arrives. It has been fun and refreshing to write short stories for cute teen TwiDash. So mutual parent meeting sounds like a good plan. Especially if writing Days carries on being such a slog through writers block.

This, very beautiful.

You write the most AAAMMMAAAZZINNGG Human/TwiDash fics! =D

I can see "Stealth" being a movie the pair of them would enjoy: Dash engrossed in the action-packed dogfighting and combat sequences while Twi points out all of the points (pro and con) of artificial intelligence and how it was portrayed in said movie.

Soon she ventured downward and couldn't help but laugh. “So the carpet matches the curtains does it?” That got a rude noise in reply. Truly, Twilight had not expected to find stripes down there too.

Um...? O_o


Loved it. Skill like this is indeed a :raritystarry:

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