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And thou camith down Krass who holdth the commandments, he pointed out thou sinners who had broketh thy rule and he broughth down his ban hammer to bare. and all was good. -ArchangelDoom


This story was here long ago and got deleted when FimFic got hacked.

A TCB event fic collab.

A man with multiple personality disorder goes into a conversion bureau...

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This seem to familiar.

That is why I don't read many of Krass' fics. Because they undoubtedly all end with that same line.
NOTE: I have never read any of Krass' other fics, so I'm just guessing.

I was looking for this exact fic a while ago, and I am glad I found it. Faving, so I don't lose track of it again.

Definitely my favourite one-shot in TCB universe. Krass's writing is still great :heart:

That was a lot of fun. Especially the last line.

Was the line "No! He's trying to kill us! Stop him!" a reference to TheLivingTombstones song "September"?

658376 Hey, Krass stuck that on there without consulting any of the rest of us. I think. All I know is I found it in the doc when the story was done, and didn't object because I didn't feel it mattered.

Anyway, I was wondering when this would get back up. Wonder where I can plug this...

672475 "I can't remember
The lyrics to September.
703345 I assumed as much.

Very interesting to say the least. Still I'm very divided when in regards to conversion bureau stories.

, 734416

Then to you I reccomend: Erac's work and Anonsi's work.

Some other stories are TCB: Madman which follows an assassin turned pony (spoiler, that dosent get in the way of his job.), TCB: Option Gamma for if you want some gryphony goodness. If you still need more, Just ask. Because there IS more. A LOT more

I think that you are trying to promote your friends work am, I right? Oh well it doeasen't matter I don't mind. Unfortunatly I'm laying off the conversion bureau stories for while. So if that was your plan I fear you have wasted your time.

Wether they are my friends or not, they are still some notable alternatives to a pro-pony interpretation of TCB. If you are going to take a break thats fine, but if you ever get a bug up your ass and wanna read somethin' that where you should start.:pinkiecrazy:

Well I'll keep them in mind if I ever decide to read these again. You should feel honored this one is the last one I'm going to read for a long time. These TCB stories are really putting a bad taste in my mouth. Mostly do to the fact that in my opinion its a lose-lose for both Humanity and Ponykind since we're being depicted as and I quote Killer Apes who will destroy themselves, and it makes the ponies come off as being selfrightous holier-than thou creatures who somehow feel that there existence and there society is somehow better than ours to the point they feel justified in destroying ours. I remember another group that did the exact same thing namly european settlers to the native americans. All in all I think this entire senario is aweful absolutly aweful. Also I'm sorry if I sounded a bit suspicious earlier.


Erac and Anonsi work inside the wonderful Yellowstone TCB setting, which has NONE of that. Infact all that really happened is mankind gained equestria as neighbors. And crazy ass magic leaks:pinkiecrazy:

If thats the case I'll make an exception with those. The other ones though are so cynical its sickening, and it makes both societies look bad as I previously stated.

Hmmmm, a plural fic that isn't Pinkie or Luna? Worth a read. I'd like to see if you portray plurality accurately. :twilightsmile:

Well, I read it, and I loved it. I'm really pleased to see that you guys found an alternative to integration, it's not the miracle cure it's made out to be, it's a last resort. I don't think there are any systems in existence outside of an institution who are quite so flaky and dysfunctional, and it's beyond me how they got out of the institution in the first place.

I'm a multiple myself, and I love finding plural fics (even though most of them are Luna or Pinkie, which gets old) and seeing if they're any good. You've managed to make one that, while it isn't really that accurate, will be recommended to our friends. :)

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