• Published 11th Oct 2015
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Starlight Sorrow - Sky Blue CMC

Sky Blue, orphan pegasus raised by her older sister Midnight, has nothing good going for her... except her grace with flying. So when a lightning bolt strikes her left wing, she believes she has nothing left to live for... she couldn't be more wrong.

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Chapter I: Pegasus With A Broken Wing

Sky slept that whole night, even if she didn't exactly enjoy the advice she got from Lucilia, she accepted it anyway. She felt a tingle in her wings, as though they were telling her to fly at that very instant. Lucilia told me that just because fear is negative doesn't mean I have to ignore it. Sky thought to herself. It's OK to be afraid, so long as I still get done what it is that I need to do despite my fear. And that she has faith in my sister and me. I believe I'll be safe if I just go for a quick fly. So it was that Sky flew out the window, simply disregarding her fear of the Cyberponies, which she now knew were not the main problem.

Once Sky was out the window, she started to do her flight routine, a series of simple tricks that she used to hone her skills and still fly stylishly and gracefully. Sky spent a lot of her time flying ever since she learned how, so she was one of the best fliers in all of Cloudsdale... but not the best. Flaming Thunder was a dream within a dream within the heart of Sky Blue's wings, as well as on the wings of her heart. Just barely out of reach, she believed... What I wouldn't give to show you my true feelings, my Flamie. But she knew that as powerful as her crush was, it was just that: a crush. The only way it could become anything more was if he felt the same way. No matter how hard I try, I know you're not into me... But I'M the one who loves you, NOT her. Can't you see that she's just USING you for your feathers? I guess it's true what they say: Love is blind, and even WITH the clarity it provides, nothing can let you see through it.

While Sky was caught between daydreaming and convincing herself to stop daydreaming, she lost sight of her own flight pattern. While she was still following the routine: Triple loop, figure eight, shaping a random cloud into a lyre, (her favorite musical instrument... for some reason) and ending off with making it snow from the cloud, no matter what season it was... the place she was in while doing this routine was somewhere she would only be if she was distracted from her flight: A cumulonimbus cloud-covered patch of sky known as the Electric Field, directly below the Rainbow Factory. She saw one of the grey menaces emitting snow, meaning her routine was successful, but... at what cost? She couldn't even feel the pain in her left wing until she realized that it was inside a cumulonimbus cloud and thusly being shocked repeatedly by lightning. All of this pain made Sky lose consciousness, and as she fell physically from the sky, so to did she fall into a deep slumber. In this sleep she began to dream. It was a dream that could only be triggered by such intense pain as that which lightning causes.

This time, Sky was in a place she had never seen before: a lovely meadow with a patch of daisies, into which she fell and strangely felt no pain. Right... this is just a dream. Sky thought to herself. I only feel what I want to feel, so long as I have control over it... which should be as long as I remember that this is a dream. Stay lucid, and stay fly. That was one of the first things Lucilia told me, in my first lucid dream. Strangely enough, though this dream was indeed lucid, Sky didn't have complete control over it. Her wing still hurt from the lightning, and there was nopony there to help her... until she imagined that there was someone. I may not have complete control over it, but I do have some control over this dream. That's a relief... but who is that strange pony coming towards me?

"You must be Sky Blue." The strange pony spoke, his voice sounding old and gruff despite his colt-like figure. "I was told that we would share a lucid dream... this must be it. I'm not surprised."

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" Sky asked the strangely-garbed, strangely-voiced young pony.

"I am Shaded Ash, agent of the Emergency Vitality Agency, or EVA for short." Shaded Ash replied. "Our agency's mission is to make anyone who dreams of immortality become immortal and fulfill their dream. We use natural magic to accomplish this mission. I am not at liberty to discuss this further until I learn more about you. What I know already is vague and unsatisfying knowledge."

"What do you know about me, Shady?" Sky asked. "Other than my name, I mean?"

"Well... a spirit told me something about you." Shaded Ash answered, not seeming to acknowledge the nickname that Sky called him. "She said you were willing to learn, but lacked the patience. Her name was..."

"Lucilia?" Sky asked. "That's the name of the spirit who guides my dreams."

"Well, then..." Shaded Ash replied, a little bit skeptical as to why two young ponies would have the same spiritual guide. "So I guess we're not the only ones. Neither of us. I guess we weren't really meant to meet until now. Dreams are funny like that. You think you know what your imagination's doing, but the more you think about it, the less it affects you. Other things have a different kind of influence: They affect you more when you think about them more."

"Well, anyway, Shady... why do you think you came to me?" Sky asked, hoping he came to help her with all this LORD fighting business. "Did Lia warn you about the LORD?"

"The Lord of what?" Shaded Ash asked.

"I'll take that as a no." Sky Blue's face drooped in sadness as her last shred of hope was struggling to survive. "Have you heard of any strange evil forces around where you're from? I completely forgot to ask you until just now, but... where are you from?"

"Evil forces?" Shaded Ash asked. "Like... the Darklings? They're a race of darkly colored earth ponies who wear midnight blue cloaks with occult symbols stitched on them. It's why I'm dressed like this:" Shaded Ash lifted his cloak up to his hoof and showed it to Sky. It was indeed midnight blue, the same colour that her sister was named after, and the "occult symbols" were just a few pentagrams and crescent moons, hardly occult. "To disguise myself as one of them. Why did you mention evil anyway? Did we get different warnings from the same spirit?"

"I guess we did." Sky agreed. "Anyway, you still haven't answered where you're from, Shady."

"I'm from a land you've probably never heard of. It's called Feria." Shaded Ash replied. "I've traveled far from my old home in search of a new one, for the Ferians, my own kind, have turned against me."

"That's awful!" Sky exclaimed in rage. "Why would they turn against you? What did you do that made them think of you as evil?"

"It's a long story." Shaded Ash answered. "I hope you don't ask me that again... it's better kept secret. Do you feel that? The warmth of the sun at dawn? I think it's high time we woke up."

Sky was beginning to forget that she was dreaming. Part of her wanted to wake up, to meet Shaded Ash in real life, maybe, but part of her just wanted to stay in the Dreamscape, dreaming endlessly and taking a permanent hiatus from reality. She decided to listen to the dream Shaded Ash, and so she thought to herself: Reality is an illusion, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was a flash of golden light, as a heart-shaped, gold-coloured, extra-shiny crystal appeared before them. Sky felt an instinctive response telling her to touch the heart, so she did... and at the same time, Shaded Ash touched it. Then the two of them woke up.

After waking up, Sky was next to the real Shaded Ash, who was no longer wearing his cloak. He was a dark grey earth pony with sky blue eyes like hers, and a midnight-blue-and-black striped mane. The two ponies were still touching the miniature crystal heart, but it was citrine and dull rather than golden and shiny. Sky's wing was no longer broken, as if the crystal had used its magic to heal her in her sleep. The crystal's magic might have also done something about Shaded Ash's getup, either that or he merely dreamed it on and it came off when he woke up.

After a few minutes of silence, Shaded Ash broke the silence with an inquisitive remark. His voice had changed, and he now sounded a bit more gentle than the gruff voice Sky was used to. "Is that... an Aurora Heart?"

"A what?" Sky asked, never having heard of the Aurora Hearts and wondering just what they were.

"An Aurora Heart." Shaded Ash repeated. "A heart made of Starlight Crystal. It has magical properties in the Dreamscape, and these magical gems affect reality in different ways, depending on who touches them. I thought they were only existent in a Ferian legend, but I guess they do exist outside of Feria... and the legend about them is true. Legend has it that if the six hearts are united and borne together, the bearers shall become invincible for the next twelve days and eleven nights."

"Invincible, you say?" Sky asked, a hint of hope and enthusiasm in her voice. "If we, and perhaps some new friends we met along the way, could be invincible... we'd be able to defeat all the enemies Lucilia warned us about. Though something tells me that the other five won't be as easy to track down as stumbling upon them by accident, like this one. We should hurry the search, lest the Darklings or the LORD find them."

"You're probably right, Sky." Shaded Ash agreed. "Let's start looking... but they're a lot easier to find in the Dreamscape, so let's look instead for something we can find... while we're awake. We should hold onto this one, and take it to the local clarist."

"The local what?" Sky asked.

"Clarist." Shaded Ash repeated. "Clarists are Ferian seers that can see the future, present, and past using crystals. If this is indeed an Aurora Heart, a clarist would be able to know."

"This isn't Feria!" Sky exclaimed. "It's Equestria! We don't have any clarists in this kingdom. Maybe one of the princesses can tell us what the deal with this heart crystal is... but where are we?" Sky had just begun to take in her surroundings, and they were completely different from what she had been used to in the sky. Even though Sky had visited Ponyville before, she hadn't seen any ground-based territory that had so much plant life. She surmised that she must be in the Everfree Forest. "Nevermind, don't answer. I know where we are... but you've probably never heard of it."

"Try me, Sky-B." Shaded Ash said. "I've heard of a lot of places I'd never been to, having researched Equestria extensively before coming here."

"Then maybe I don't have to tell you..." Sky said, teasing Shaded Ash ever so slightly. "But I'm going to anyway, just to make sure that you know: It's the Everfree Forest."

"Ah, yes." Shaded Ash replied, completely unsurprised by Sky's remark, as though he really did already know. "This forest is the home of the Castle of the Two Sisters, the Tree of Harmony, and a haven for naturally chaotic magic and plants and beasts who thrive on it. It's also the gathering spot for a wide assortment of magical items, such as that heart that we recovered. Speaking of which, have you any idea what we should do with it?"

"Actually... I do." Sky answered. "There's a zebra named Zecora... she's something of a witch doctor, which is a term I hope you know the meaning of, because there's no time to explain it."

"I don't, but I think I'll know what you mean when I see her." Shaded Ash replied. "Lead on, my friend."

Sky, not knowing what part of the forest she was in, didn't know which way to go in order to find Zecora. She took off, her wing feeling better thanks to that crystal, and she saw, from the sky above the forest, a clearing, which had a familiar hut and decorations around it. "It's this way," she said, pointing her hoof in the general direction. "Follow me." And the two of them went onward to Zecora's place, which didn't take them very long.

Author's Note:

Four Star Points for each reference you're the first one to find. You get one if you're not the first, but you can only earn Star Points for each reference once. Have fun, and I'll give you the Star Points in a PM, so as not to ruin the surprise. I really appreciate you reading my stories, that's why I give you the points.

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