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In this followup to Dresses for a Princess, Twilight and her friends discover the one item that survived the library's destruction: the dress Twilight wore for her coronation.

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Meanwhile, Angel Bunny nods slightly at his one good deed, completed.

She did have an angel looking out for her. XD

(That would be MESSED UP)

It's not just Twilight old home you know.

6538128 Nah...we've seen tender moments during Hurricane fluttershy and we have seen these ponies act particularly stupid time and time again...I'm going to say he's one of the few creatures who knows what's bullshit around here and aint have none of that shit.

When is another chapter coming out?:duck:

Any updates coming to this good story?

Just asking.

When can you update this story?

I love where this is going, and I would love to see Twilight wearing her coronation dress again in this story.

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