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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


01.01 Just as Princess Celestia had foreseen, Twilight ascended to become the Alicorn we now know her to be. Then she was crowned as a Princess, to the envy of her friend Rarity.

If this had been the end of the story, we would all have been bored out of our skulls. As an added blessing, or curse, there is something yet untold.

Later, a Unicorn is found wondering the castle, even if she for some reason can’t recall how she got there, or where the old library had gone. This is where the interesting and shocking details are starting to slip out of the bag, or in their case, saddle bag.

In this adventure; each and every facet of Twilight Sparkle are sepatrate and independent characters. While still remaining Twilight Sparkle.

Ps: Note that I will have to make a few changes to the tags and a few chapters, once the changes are in effect!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 20 )

Is it weird for me to like a fic with multiple copies of one character?

6477804 Weird, for you?
It was promised in both title and Summary.
Since you like it, I take it the characterization and story is still working well together,
Are you commonly choosing and liking stories where there is more than one of the same character?
If so, I have more of them.

Ps: Unlike in "Too Many Pinkie Pie", they are not exactly copies, but Canon versions of the Twilight we have grown to love throughout the years of the show, from the very first episode to the last or latest to date.

Nice chapter, but you misspelled every instance of Tree Hugger. It has two g's. not one.

6499541 Thanks, I have put some work into this.
Typical, yet another character with no Icon to their names.
Do they Miss spell names on Purpose?

Yeah, this is getting very strange now. Even above what goes on in my OWN mind, which is already chaotic as it is.

I wish there was a discord emoticon...

In principle, this could be a very interesting story.
Unfortunately, pretty much everyone seems OOC, and in the same voice.
The multiple introductory chapters should IMO either all be scrapped, and they all come in together, or they need to be expanded significantly.
As it is, regrettably, it's barely readable.

6499605 If you could eleborate just a little bit, it would be easier for me to correct the problems.

6499625 Considering the chapter, I take it you refer to the girl named Twilight. She is canon in the films and thus eligable to enter the castle.

I have the impression you have all the fans of Discord with you on this part.

6499663 Thanks, I thought so too as I started writing the story. I have been considering the idea to investigate a character or the other in this way or something not too different for a good while.

I would appreciate all the help I could get, towards correcting this problem and any other you have with the story.

I like to give each version of Twilight a bit more space to explore them, then just throwing more in at once. This is the beginning of the introduction. I will have to go deeper into their respective characteristics as the story deepens and progress.

Would you like to see them outside of the castle and group of Ponies to see them closer on their own?

Of course, I can't keep introducing one after another like this in the same manner, aside from running out of Twilights to introduce here. There are only so many versions of her up for grabs, after all.

Ps: The chapters refers to specific instances in the Show as well as Films, hopefully without giving any Spoilers to the events in either.

the universe just keeps belching out Twilights

they seem to be take this with easy,,,,that or pinkie pie see only rainbow and sunshine and positive views on everything

7259195 As long as Hasbro keeps inventing another one, I will have to see them all safely into this world. Even if I guess I haven't cared too much in cronological acuracy in who comes first.
7657389 It isn't the first time we have seen multiple Twilights on the show.
We had multiple Pinkie Pies and even Starlight Glimmers on their respective episodes.
Never know how Pinkie Pie takes things.
So long as the room isn't too crowded and for too long, they should be doing fine.

Ps: there is yet another Twilight, ready to enter the scene. (A Royal Problem)

Okjay, here goes.

I have several ideals lined up; I just can't promise when the next chapter will be published.

Thank you, for mentioning. I hope I got everything,
Weired, how and why?
I do have a few more chapters planed.
Based on the current status, I haveno idea just how much longe I will have to make this story, before I can conclude the adventure.

The number of Twilights..... please think of a name system we can read to tell them apart.

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