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The Drunken Sailor

God, I need a drink.


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    I always go to the lake, it's just so quiet there. Away from everyone who could bother me but now there are things coming out of the water, grabbing Ponies, following me when is walk along the bank. It's up to me to stop them.
    The Drunken Sailor · 10k words  ·  12  2 · 235 views

This story is a sequel to Child of the Sky

The Drunken Sailor: Check out the sequel: Aornos
I'm just a simple farmer, been married twelve years with a daughter to show for it.

Never wanted anything, been just happy to manage my farm. It's mighty better then being some lawbringer, safer too.

It's seems though, something doesn't agree.

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I honestly don't know how this is connected to CotS, besides the fact that both of them were uniquely born by the Goddesses of the Sky and Earth. :rainbowlaugh:

Sweet!!!!! You got my interest now! XD

Now comes water and fire XD

This is good, and I don't usually read dominantly-pony fics!

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