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PrinceUniversa here, just your normal average brony writing stories for fun, listening to music, seeing adorable pictures and whatnot :D


In the darkest of histories, where the last shred of hope seemingly has disappeared. There is always that one beacon of light that shines through the darkness giving everybody newfound hope. Now that beacon has awoken bringing hope for the future. Time will tell if the beacon will forever shine bright or fall into the shadows... And I will be there to see it pave its way to a new. bright beginning...
Zodiac, Angel of Darkness

In the darkness of post-apocalyptic Equestria, many had lost all hope of seeing the light and paved their way into the darkness never to be seen ever again. The Princesses from an alternate universe came upon this world in hopes of searching for Luna's memories. To see the broken world in front of their eyes, it broke their hearts to see this as a possible outcome. To see the hope in this world restored, they called upon their parent's guardian.

The three went on their own journeys to set the world back in its true path. As the Princesses search for the Night Princess's lost memories, their guardian and friend, Zodiac, bid farewell to the princesses. To see if it was possible to return this world back to the light, he would have to traverse the barren lands and learn. Journey as we view the world from Zodiac's perspective as he enters into the unknown. Many unanswered question will linger throughout history, sacrifices will be made, and a war that once started will reach its conclusion. In a blasted, poisoned land... The light will shine into the hearts of many ponies freeing them from the darkness of post-apocalyptic Equestria.

Special thanks to Kkat for Fallout: Equestria
Somber for Project Horizons
mimezinga for Pink Eyes
and all of you amazing Fo:E authors! May we all shine through the darkness!

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Whoa, quite the prologue you've got here PU, its interesting.
Hmm... I don't have a solid opinion as of yet, but I am interested in this.

Nicely written, wonderfully done, and I shall check out the next chapter.
Good work, and keep it up.

2 outta 5 for now.

Kay, I think I'm going into minor Critique mode for this. But, don't take this in a bad way.

I looked at the bot again wondering if this was getting to my head, “Hey, you okay?” That time I heard the bot say it, I breathed again. At least I’m not crazy yet, “Yeah I’m fine, asides from that, hello and who are you?”

This happens quite a bit in the chapter, some of the dialogue is mixed with some of the other characters' ones.

I turn around to see that I was handcuffed

I'm sorry... what are these hands you speak of? :moustache: never heard of such things.

And some of the paragraphs seemed really big to me, I feel like you could split them in half and make the chapter appear longer. It just feels a bit cluttered to me. And the main character, hmm... I'm not entriely sure how I feel about him... he's not good, but he's not bad.
I don't know enough about him to give you a decent opinion. But, for now he seems kind of bland about the situation at hoof.

But, its a good chapter, not the best I've seen, but, I like it. You've earned a fave and a thumbs up, and I shall continue to track this and see how it turns out in the end.

Keep it up brosef, keep it up!


Hands! *starts being grsbby :pinkiecrazy:* Ehehe, wow I can't believe I miss that detail... Nice catch I'll see to it edited

6420860 HAAAAAAAAAAANDS! *Lyra emote*
You're welcome dude, no problem.
Keep it up.

The ammo I collected was made for the gun at hand


There's this strange appendage once more, pretell, what is a hand? :rainbowhuh:

Hmm... not sure how I feel about this Harmony character... she seems too trusting of our main character, and the dialogue is a bit... friendly for my tastes. It is the wasteland after all, I don't think she should be so... trusting f him, unless she's tricking him.

Awesome chapter, and good job.

6430577Again with the hand thing :twilightsheepish: Too trusting eh? :moustache:

6431101 These hands are strange things :P
Yep, she is a bit too trusting of this complete stranger who just up and rescued her, and he is as well too trusting of her.
Its... strange :trollestia:

Annnnd... now I just feel kind of lost... this was, a bit of a letdown to me. Don't get me wrong, the story is good... but, now I feel kinda... eh. This chapter felt like a bit punch to the teeth for me. She was tricking him, and these Righteous Crusader weapons, combine into a greater weapon that is even more powerful then the Balefire Bombs that destroyed both Canterlot and Manehatten?

I'm... not sure how I feel about this, it's just off. The Balefire are, what... some of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in all of Fo:E, I mean, last I heard anyway. And Zodiac, somehow by sheer luck finds information pertaining to the three weapons, and has one in his possession. And then the mare completely does a one-eighty on him, went from a cheery mare to a cackling... what, slaver? I mean, I expected it, she was too trusting after all, and it was pretty much Zodiac's fault for trusting her too much D'x

"He's... no longer with me... as the war intensified, he joined the army leaving me behind." I was distraught hearing that. She was not finished with her statement though, "He promised to reunite with me when after the war ended, but... they sent me a letter telling me that he was considered M.I.A."

And this is confusing, I'm not sure what time period it is in this fiction... but... this doesn't seem right to me.

I smiled hearing that we are in agreement with the weapon at hand

hands :pinkiecrazy: what are they? again.

But... don't take this as a punch to the gut, I'm just being me. The fic is good, and you update on a good time basis, it just needs a little work... hands...

Anywho, good job, and nice work.


Yeesh I am messing up with the time zone right now. I won't lie and say that I'm fairly lost on where to actually begin the story. I mean I have the plot in my head but on how to actually tackle it? That's very difficult even for me... So it's somewhat understandable with the current thing. Oh and the M.I.A. thing I'm going to have to edit considering I just remembered that this world is set 200 years in the future :facehoof:

Beginnings aren't always easy there is certainty, but once you get them down, then everything goes into play. :twilightsmile:

6434483 Trust me, I've had that problem a lot, but nowadays they're pretty easy to do.
And I can understand the plot thing as well.

Time Zones can be easily fixed up and forgotten. So I can overlook it.
I'm mostly concerned about this supposed weapon of mass destruction one can carry on their person D'x
I mean, i've seen some in the actual fallout game like the Mini Nuke and that godforsaken Satellite nuke thing (which I haven't used ever actually.) But this seems even worse somehow.
No hate, no hate... just concerned... is all.

6434608 You should be man! In my headcanon even, the old alicorns (not the Unity alicorns) fear this weapon to the point of banning its creation! It is less flashy and more to "run for your freaking life" when you see it...

6434747 I can tell, if what I read is true, then its more powerful than a balefire bomb.
It just seems like a really powerful weapon for him to be getting one piece of it right off of the bat.
Maybe I'm reading too much into this particular part, IDK :P

6434752 Its not going to be easy finding the rest considering how vast the wasteland is. Its like finding a needle in a huge haystack... Or maybe the inversion of finding the hay in a huge needle stack, considering how much pain one goes through when within the Wasteland.

6434820 True true, just, I hope that's spaced out a lot.

6434844 Well since one of them is with Sweetie Belle who is confirmed to be alive in Stable 2, that will be very fun for me to write up :pinkiehappy:

6435040 Interesting, but if this is set after 200 years, then she's likely dead, and the weapon hidden.

6435130 I might have to reread the original just in case to confirm whether she is alive or not... I know Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are dead, but Sweetie I need to check upon

6435295 Oh she's dead, she died within Stable 2.
You can check the Fo:E wiki for stuff like that :P

6435436 Damn it I was just on the wiki! :twilightangry2: Well thanks anyway, I also happen to look upon the cities and stables/vaults used. I see five cities not used in the original that I could use to my opportunity and especially one vault that I've been wanting to do! Including a little bit of some of the quests in the Fallout 3 game that peaked my interest! :pinkiehappy:

6435451 You're welcome dude, no problem.
I'm still working on my own Fo:E D'x oi oi oi oi... it'll take a lifetime before it'll be posted, balls.
But eh, I'd rather it be planned out and ready then uploaded and there's nothing left to update cause I got stuck like a dumbass. :P

How am I the only commenter on here? D'x

God fucking damn it



God? Hell? Hand? So many strange things in this story.
Prey tell, what is God?
But, good chapter, a bit long, but I'm one to talk 8'D hehehe.
17K. Anywho, nice chapter, annnnd, let's see.

These slaves seem a bit... trusting of Zodiac, too trusting. I mean, he's a new guy, and he helped out Bloodedge.
Shouldn't that be cause for some alarm?

Good job anyway, keep it up.

6444135 I really should start writing it out with the too trusting thing! Ugh I hate myself for that! Also the god thing can actually be said true for male alicorns if some only knew they existed! Also again with the hands!:facehoof: I am obsessed with hands! :pinkiecrazy:

Eh, don't hate yaself boyo, we all do that sometimes.
Hmmm... maybe...

What about Hell? The Equestrian equalivent is Tartarus...
unless they crossed over D:

6444427 In this universe I would not be surprised if Tartarus lived to its named being called hell so yeah there's that also For you dude commenting, special quote!

I felt relief. The dagger in my brain melted away.

“I’ve even checked you over myself, quite thoroughly, and you are definitely still my Littlepip.”

My ears shot up as she whispered, “Orb number eight.”

*Switching perspectives*

I was at the door. Should I really enter now? I could probably ask Littlepip later but this question was gnawing at me! Ugh, what do I do!?

I knocked on the door hoping that I was not disturbing her... No sounds? Calamity and Velvet Remedy mentioned that Littlepip would be here with Homage doing 'something'...

I opened the door about to ask the question when the sight of the scene stopped me dead on my tracks. Whatever that 'something' both of them said. I found that out the hard way.

They were together... On the bed... To the sides... Uh....

Both saw me standing at the door watching their playthrough. Littlepip blushed that somepony was watching them specifically me, "Uh Zodiac. Is it a good time to...?"

"Nope!" was all I said as I closed the door on them leaving them to their intimacy. They looked at each other baffled as to what just happened...

6444497 No problem dude! :D
And lol xD nice.

6444523 I've had that scene stuck in my head ever since I read that chapter, I just couldn't help myself but put my OC Zodiac in an embarrassing situation with Littlepip! Also, both of them do know each other and their list of friends when they first meet, just not in chapter 32. That's a bit far...

6444561 That's an interesting little tidbit.
Hehehee, Littlepip is so awesome :yay:

Hope you can make it that far.

Comment posted by PrinceUniversa deleted Sep 23rd, 2015

You’re all thinking that I peeked into the magazine aren’t you!? Well too bad for you stallions and mares but I did not take a gander at it!

Don't lie Zodiac... don't lie. You looked 8'D

Hehehe, well, good chapter dude. But him taking on a whole army by himself... wow... that is quite the feat.
but, I liked it, good for him!

A living pony in a pod? Oh my.
Keep it up

6460087 At least on the whole army thing I made it believable with some of injuries that handicapped him like that bullet that got lodged in his right hoof, him having to pull it out and scream in agonizing pain. Seriously that will hurt having to something like that out... And of course he walked out of it with a lot of injuries


Don't lie Zodiac... don't lie. You looked 8'D

Yeah, that quote I had an absolute blast writing! It was just so funny that I had to stop writing for a sec just to breath :rainbowlaugh:

this whole pod thing is actually some foreshadowing on my part, you read the original so you should know what I mean right? :pinkiehappy:

I suppose so... then again BJ and LP took on harder I think.
So it shall slide.

I bet it was! XD hahahaha.

Oh I know whatchu talkin' bout... don't ya worry bout that.

Hmm... I feel like this chapter could be fixed up, seems like everything went by faster, and the flow felt off to me.
Not sure what I can say to help fix that, I would suggest a neditor/pre-reader... not me though, I suck at that xD

Good ol Zodiac has his own faction now, the PLA... hmm... okay, I like this. Too bad you ca't get your own faction in the Fallout games xD that'd be awesome.

So Epsilon is back, and has cyber legs. I can look past that, lotta cyber parts and shiz. Suicide attempt? Understandable, I suppose. His reasoning is kinda cliche, but I like cliches sometimes when written right.
Cars... not sure how I feel about that... but they did have tanks, but I don't think they had cars... hmm...

Well, good chapter, and nice job.
Keep it up!

6473312 Critiques although small are always welcome! Huh, the flow eh...

Honestly, suicide attempts aren't my bread and butter considering well, I've never been in one's shoes for wanting a reason to commit suicide. I can only go so far and make an guess as to the reasoning. Also, this was also a first at sad attempts and I'm a little rusty at that since I tend to get happy thoughts down well, but hey, the more for me to improve and lengthen my skills!

I wonder if I might get more people to read this? Regardless, quote of the day from the next chapter that I'm currently writing up!

A filly by the name of Puppysmiles managed to save a town called Salt Cube City… Sweet merciful Celestia, now we got a filly doing the rescuing? First Stable Dweller, then Security, then myself being the Angel of Darkness, and now we got a filly who happens to be called the Ghost of 52 helping people out, what next a caped superhero or something?

6473700 Yeah the flow, it feels... weird, like it reads weird, anyway.

Suicide isn't easy to write for some, for me its uncomfortable, but I'll do it :P
And I'm really good at writing dark shites. Hehehe eue its my bread and butter.
Hell yeah!

I would hope ou do, it seems I'm the only commenter... dang it people, I'm all alone up in here! Dx
Puppysmiles~ :yay: needs ta read it!

Nice job... nice job.
Assuming I ever get my FoE fic up, I may mention ya boy Zodiac... hehe eue
Who knows, I'ma do it with a lot of them.

Keep it up dude!

6473769 Thanks, I'm happy to at least have someone commenting! Also you're technically my pre-reader for my fic :rainbowlaugh:

6473799 Welcome dude, hehehe, glad to be here.
I am eh? Hmm... alrighty, I approve :yay:
Keep it up foo :rainbowkiss:

Hmm... nice chapter, but I spotted a lotta typos.

Puppy got shoot right?”

That's one of them, a quick read through will show them.

Zoooodiiiiiiaaaaac, stahp being a baby, this is the wasteland. Suck it up! :pinkiecrazy:
You can't let yo emotions get the betta of ya. I know its sad, but you gotta be strong boyo :yay:

Puppysmiles, I need to read that story, jeebus. Her story sounds tragic D'x

Special Perk: Hope For The Future – Fate has allowed to meet one of many beacons of light, you now have a chance to be able to bring ponies into your side if certain requirements are achieved.

Tah needs to be fixed, at the start. And bringing ponies into their side... could that have something to do with the PLA? :yay:

Nice job again dude, Zodiac is... feels like he's moving into some territory i'm not comfortable treading into myself...
But good job again, keep it up/

6477047 You're gonna have top show me the typos, cause I can't seem to find them oddly? I'll get them fixed alongside the perk

Also, what direction are you worried about?

Typos and stuff in Bold Italics

taking the French by surprise

Prench... Prench... methinks.

[She was very much sad top miss out on] the gore-fest

Sad top miss out?

Puppy was again, not happy about her being left out.

Mmm... what?

I saw her spew com pink cloud.

Not sure... what thou means.

The screen showed me the condition of her from the inside. I was met with shocking results as I see her body. Lack of a skeleton, a hear made from the Pink Cloud itself, just how was she able to survive with nothing but a heart and a few bits of bones?

Somewhat confusing.

“I want to meet my mom! Mister Voice says that she is at that direction. “She pointed south from Canterlot

Messed up quotation mark.

Hope this helps!

6480233 Well you are me temporary pre-reader! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks, I'll get to it

6480438 Oh right xD hehehe.
Welcome dude, no problem.

so hear is the speech he recorded!

Hear, needs to be changed to here

Also, the bit with the radio message from the PLA, seems kind of... odd. I mean, why would you tell the entire wasteland you're low on numbers? :facehoof:

And to anyone who has any funny ideas about me thinking of going through an intercourse with them

That makes me cringe >:| I think.

And to anyone who has any funny ideas about me thinking of having sex with them

Just... eh.

I looked around to see Epsilon fired a rocket nearby hoping that the sound would pull me out of it.

First person right? From Zodia's perspective, if so then Zodiac shouldn't know what Epsi's doing :P

I’ve never ever seen some pony

Somepony is one word.

You welcome,

Needs an R.

I’m beginning to see why he don’t trust us yet.

Should be Doesn't trust us yet

“Fuck me with Celestia’s flaring-orgasms! This is getting ridiculous!”
Okay that last part he said I did not want to hear ever again.

If that was the case, then he wouldn't want to hear

This is getting ridiculous!

again. :|

He bore a smile as he saw me, “You’re the pony that Mayor Monarch sent to help me right?”

He got word fast, jeez.

facing a horde

I think the Hellhounds would be considered a Pack, dogs and what have ya know what I'm saying?

you’re my only family I have!

"The only family I have"

but I want o speak with this Guillotine first before I do.

I want to.

Monarch’s eyes widened hearing that, “you’re joking… You’re joking right?” Isn’t that the second time he said that? Regardless, I shook my head in denial. He hugged me again tighter this time. I felt like I was being squeezed by Pinkie Pie considering how tight her hugs are…! I was beginning to struggle to get out of the bear hug, “M-Monarch, n-not so… TIGHT!”

Need to fix this, its two in one Dx

Sorry for the long thing, but... eh, you said it, I'ma prereader :P
... sort of? Not really.

Anywho, nice chapter well done and awesome job.

Jesus, people here need to toughen up :rainbowlaugh: so much crying and feels being thrown around.
I feel like there could be more done to make this better, but i lack the help to give ya.

Also, Zodiac is really looking like a sue to me.
NO HATE. I'm just saying, he's kinda crossing the threshhold.

Awesome job, and keep it up.

6508729 I love when I'm that close to crossing the threshold! :pinkiecrazy: In all seriousness, Zodiac in character for me personally because most of the time, this is how I would go out. Yeah, I am that kind of person.

Also, the bit with the radio message from the PLA, seems kind of ... odd. I mean, why would you tell the entire wasteland you're low on numbers? :facehoof:

I have no idea what you are talking about :pinkiecrazy: Because I'd kind of spoil why he said that out loud for the whole Wasteland to hear

6508867 I'd probably be killing anybody who looks at me funny 8'D
I'm your worst enemy or your best ally... or worst ally, depending on whether or not you can handle me talking 24/7
Ahhh, alighty then~

6509875 Hehe, well for now, I'm taking a break from writing this and onto my other fanfic that's interconnected with this. I got the link right here. It's called Neo Fantasia: Lost Memories...

6509887 I may read that one at some point :P
To my Read it later folder!

6509974 I'm not that far but in retrospect, both Celestia and Luna visit nine worlds and three alternative universe one of them being Fallout: Equestria

6509982 Well aren't they just a pair of busy bodies...
Makes me wonder who's running Equestria in their stead 8'D

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