• Published 23rd Sep 2015
  • 326 Views, 16 Comments

MLP: Return to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria - Luigifan7013

After a argument gone wrong, Toby is sent back to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria.

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3 AM, 3:30 AM, and a huge mistake

3 AM

"Dashing through the vents, this story makes no sense." sang Sweetie Belle as she and the other crusaders crawled through the air vents. Toby, who was irritated by them, went through the desk looking for something until he found a bomb and threw it where the crusaders. They screamed as the bomb exploded in the left air vent but they managed to get out in time before it hit them.

The phone rang again and Toby answered it, only to be hit by a lot of "Hellos" in the message. Toby finally lost it and began banging on the floor with his hands.

"This day can not get any worse." he commented.

"Oh, it can my friend." said a voice.

Toby turned and saw Cortex with a hypnotizing device. Cortex then pointed it at Toby, which was hit by it and passed out on the floor.
Toby then got up to find himself inside a video game of some sort. He then proceed to go through the level while smashing crates, jumping, and he was almost to the end until...

"SUP, IDIOT." shouted a voice.

Toby turned only to be hit by a barrel which cause him to black out. He then woke up who then realized it was a bad dream.

In another room, a young girl stood on stage. She wore purple boots with yellow on them as well with a purple short sleeve jacket, with a light and dark purple stripes tank top. She also wore a purple skirt, her hair was a mixed of light and dark purple that had a few curls in it, as for her skin shares the same color. Her name was Purple Sweetie Belle. She then began laughing evilly but was interrupted by Cortex, who was making weird sounds.

"Stupid bald yellow idiot! You made me look bad." said Purple Sweetie as she pulled a Lord Tirek mask out of nowhere and scared the evil scientist, who them ran away.

3:30 AM

"Well, hi everybody." said Donkey Kong while he was fooling around like an idiot.

"Cookies! Get your cookies here!" shouted Scootaloo where she and the crusaders were selling cookies.

Captain Underpants ran with a money bag in hands and said "Quick, I need your best cookies, girls." and he then took all the cookies and ran off with them.

Starlight then saw a poster of Princess Twilight and it confused her for the real thing as she said "Twilight, is that you?"

Purple Sweetie Belle then put her plan into action as she went over to the crusaders as they were counting their money. Apple Bloom noticed her and said "Sorry y'all, we're sold out and--" before she was cut off as the crusaders were being mind controlled by Purple Sweetie Belle, who then laughed and went off to mind control her next victim. She then noticed Starlight who was still looking at the poster of Princess Twilight and decided to get her next.

Starlight began to get angry as she said "NO! YOU COME BACK HERE!"

She then noticed Purple Sweetie Belle as she was walking towards her, but Starlight grabbed the young girl and threw her.

"BEAT IT, YOU PURPLE FREAK!" she shouted.

Purple Sweetie Belle screamed as she was hurdled towards the Donkey Kong statue which she hit causing it to fall over, and the alarm for the music box went off again.

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