• Published 23rd Sep 2015
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MLP: Return to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria - Luigifan7013

After a argument gone wrong, Toby is sent back to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria.

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1 AM, The Confrontation, and 2 AM

1 AM

"Uhh, that place should be safe on Earth and is safe." said the phone guy.

"Spike? Any luck getting out?" Toby asked.

"No. I'm still stuck." Spike replied.

"And whine up that music box from time to time." said the phone guy.

Suddenly an alarm went off and music started playing as Toby checked the camera and saw it was coming from the prize corner. Then he turned to another camera with Apple Bloom looking at his derection of the camera.

"Well it was nice knowing y'all." she said.

Toby then gasped and pushed the rewind button.

"Hey, guys." said Captain Underpants as he came for the left blocked vent.

"What is it this time?" said Dr. Neo Cortex as he came from the right side of the right blocked area.

"I want to play a game." said Captain Underpants.

"No. I don't time for any games." said Cortex.

Donkey Kong then climbed the pile of stuff blocking way to the office and somehow managed to get through and landed on the floor of the office Toby was in.

"Already guess what I'm thinking: losers." said Captain Underpants.

"Losers?!? That's it?!? That's all?!?" shouted Cortex.

Toby was fed up with these guys until he heard the alarm go off again which made him go crazy. He then ran to the prize corner while destroying the junk pile that stood in the way. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon where about to make an exit out the box until they were pushed back on the lid and they were held down. Toby, who managed to keep them from escaping had put a Donkey Kong statue on it.

"Hey, you're cheating." Ed reminded while walking towards him.

"I DON'T CARE! STAY OUT OF IT!" yelled Toby which caused Ed to back away from him.

Back with Twilight and Spike...

Twilight is still trying to pull Spike out of the portal. But even with her magic, it's not strong enough and she had to give up. She had no choice but to call her friends and help.

"Hey, Twilight!" shouted a voice which made her jump. It was Pinkie Pie, which she approached Twilight along with the other girls.

"Oh, hey guys. There has been a problem that had been caused again." she said.

"You mean..." Rainbow replied before realizing what Twilight meant.

"Afraid so." Twilight said.

"We need to get Toby out of there!" Rainbow cried.

"But Spike's blocking the portal. How can we get him out of this mess?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"How about we push him on the inside?" Rarity suggested.

"No! That'll get Spike gone with Toby! How about we pull him instead?" Applejack said.

"Good idea." everyone agreed.

2 AM

"Hey you're doing great as a natural. Uhh, just keep doing what you're doing, OK." said the phone guy.

However, Toby didn't who was now pressing the light switch over.

"Ugh, useless flashlight." said Toby who still kept doing it .

In one of the rooms, Captain Underpants was dancing because of Toby who kept turning the flashlight on and off with a disco ball over him. Suddenly the phone rang and Toby answered it.

"Hey, guess who?" said a familiar voice.

"No! You're supposed to be dead!" cried Toby who was now shocked.

In the parts and services room we see the return of the wondercolts, Timberwolves, Anti-Toby, and Derpy who said "Muffins."

"Great! Now I have to deal with new and old evil." said Toby sarcastically.

Gilda was very angered came into the office as well as Sweetie Belle approached her.

"Can I come in your room?" she asked.

Gilda punched Sweetie Belle who fell to the floor as Gilda yelled "Mary had a little lamb!"

"Hey, you must be--" Ed said before he was punched to by Gilda.

"Back off. I'm doing my job." said Gilda

"Well, at least she saved me." said Toby.

"I'm coming for you!" said Rainbow Dash who then saw Dr. Neo Cortex laying on his side and said "Why, hello there."

Rainbow Dash blushed hard then tomatoes were thrown at her and she passed out.

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." said Starlight Glimmer who looked at Toby.

"Uhh, no." said Toby.

"Do it or I will!" Starlight commanded then pulled out a pistol and got Toby's attention.

"Alright!!!" said Toby as he clapped his hands while being scared.

"Toby!" said Ant-Toby.

"Not him again!" said Toby.

"YOU MUST DIE!!!" yelled Anti-Toby.

Toby then notice a Tirek mask and put it on.

"Hello, sir." he said.

"What the heck? Tirek, is that you?" said Anti-Toby confused.

"Of course it's me, you runt." said Toby who pulled the mask off but quickly put it back on.

"Oh, I'm not falling for that again." said Anti-Toby.

Derpy was messing and looking for something while humming herself. Anti-Toby kept chasing Toby until he managed to get away from his doppelganger.

"Fine, run. I don't care anyway!" yelled Anti-Toby.

Toby was now the supply closet catching his breath until he realize something is missing.

"Wait, where's my wallet?" he asked himself.

Derpy who had stolen Toby's wallet was ordering one million pizzas and fifty thousand muffins.

"You're order for one million pizza and fifty thousand muffins comes down to one million bits." said the guy in the phone.

Unfortunately, she only had 23 bits but she stilled yelled "Muffins."

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