• Published 23rd Sep 2015
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MLP: Return to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria - Luigifan7013

After a argument gone wrong, Toby is sent back to the Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria.

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Prologue and 12 AM

It was a normal day in Equestria and inside the Friendship Rainbow Castle, Toby Morrison was on the sofa watching the past events that happened after 2 weeks on TV.

"Pfft. I wish the pizzeria I was in was way more scary than that." said Toby when he heard screaming upstairs.

When he got up there, he saw Twilight working on her spell while Spike watched.

"Hey, what's going on?" the boy asked.

"Oh. Hey, Toby. Could you keep it down? Twilight's trying to focus." Spike called.

"Let me guess, another teleportation spell." said Toby.

"How would you know?" asked the baby dragon.

"Because I was almost killed at that pizzeria, you idiot!" insulted Toby.

"Really? Then think you can do it again?" Spike mocked.

"No way I'm going back there," Toby answered.

"Really? Then you're a scaredy cat then." Spike said.

"Am not!"

"Is too!"

"Am not!"

"Is too, like a loser, like a loser, like a loser!" Spike said.

Toby then began to sputter and while Twilight and Spike worriedly saw what's he doing, they feared of him saying that thing that is next.

"You know what?!? I wish I can go back and kick the Wondercolts and Timberwolves sorry butts again!!!" shouted Toby.

Twilight then lost her focus and summoned a portal and sucked both Toby and Spike in. Toby was now in a familiar area only with a different change.

"I was joking Spike! Let's go back!" cried Toby.

"I can't! I'm stuck!" said Spike.

Toby sighed and walked into a office when phone rang as he answered it.

"What's up? Welcome to your summer job at the new improved Wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria." said the phone guy.

Then Toby yelled and sobbed a bit on the floor.

12 AM

After a few minutes Toby then decided to explore the new pizzeria.

"Uhh, somebody?" said Toby when suddenly the stage lights turned on to show three figures. One of the figures began singing a song.

"Ugh!!! Not this song! I hate it! But at least they're friendly." said Toby.

Ed then remembered his face on a wanted poster he saw before he grabbed a Lord Tirek suit and yelled "Get in my belly!"

Toby then ran back to the office while Ed threw the suit and missed Toby. When he got to the office, he yelled "Where's the door button?!?" he then noticed a button to the front entrance.

"This has to be it!" said Toby as he pushed on it and it revealed Ed dancing and began singing a song.

"Haters going hate!" until he turned it off and started putting stuff up on the entrance.

"OK, they can't get in now." said Toby.

"Traa-Laa-Laaa!" said Captain Underpants who was flying out of nowhere.

Toby then began yelling and passed out on the floor.

Author's Note:

Well, looks like our hero has ended up in the pizzeria again! Also, I would like to thank EDPLUS777 for the use of the character Ed. Plus, since Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks A-Lot, came out, I feel he needs to be used more after he was gone. So keep reading, and here's something Crash Bandicoot Fan 1 might prepare for the final battle between Toby and Anti-Toby.

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