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Louis Roi is a soldier who has fought and sacrificed for his country. When sentient ponies from the magical island of Equestria announce that humanity's end is nigh, he refuses to accept that having his humanity stripped away is the only survival option.

Griffons hold the answer to Louis' problem. Long marginalised by pony society, the griffons see human ideas and technology as a way to regain their long-lost place in the world. Now all they need is a volunteer to take the leap from human to griffon.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 15 )

First! So far so good.

Oh look, a conversion bureau story that actually interests me. :pinkiehappy:

Wow will you write another chapter already?! :twilightangry2:

*cracks whip*

Got around to reading it and it was a pleasure to do so. Found two minor mistakes but ignoring them, excellent chapter.

The Louis’ military precision was ruined further by the burgundy housecoat with wing slits that he insisted upon wearing.

Of course, all of this was secondary to Louis herculean efforts to not skid into trees.

I see the error in the first line you quoted, and will correct it, but I'm missing what I screwed-up in the second. Could you bold or highlight which part you think is in error?


*Louis' herculean

Ah. I see the problem. I forgot the apostrophy.

Corrected, and thank you.

Paging Mr.Mousehead;

I would greatly appreciate the continuation of this story. :<

This is good!^_^

A great fic!^_^

I like this!^_^

I want more!^_^

Update soon please!^_^

Has anyone ever thought of doing one with the diamond dogs, humans would remain bipeds?

This story is probably dead but are there any plans to continue this? If it is dead that would be a shame its quite good one of the Better ones

the griffin in the picture looks so dumm

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