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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...

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Lovely scene between the two. I really like how you portrayed Rarity's thoughts during the scene, not to mention Rainbow's determination. :heart: And of course I always love when fics like this include a nice aftercare scene when all is said and done. :twilightsmile:

Heya HoD,
I really enjoyed this story. What a delectable portrayal of rough play, made all the better with quality after-care and obvious adoration between Mistress and plaything. For my tastes, that's how this kind of play should happen - and does, when I indulge in it :heart:

Your words have tickled my Muse, and I present to you a sonnet in homage and praise to your story:

Standing still is hard for such as I
Whose will and body lead me to new heights
But your will trumps it all - even the sky
From which you called me down to share your nights
I wait to hear you voice each sweet command
The reason for tonight comes to my mind:
Incautious words! And now I simply stand
In love and service gladly intertwined
I struggle to endure each fiery stroke
Obeisant to my Mistress' desire
My gift to her - myself - I'll not revoke
But lose myself within her loving fire

My heart is like a phoenix burned to ash
Grown stronger still with each touch of the lash

Light and laughter,

You put Eight Mistress! twice... I'm not sure if that is intentional, but I apologise if it was. Apart from that, good writing. Wasn't really my thing, but that can't be changed.

An advantage that written pornography has over the visual kind is that there's time for winding down as well as building up. The best part, imo.

Oh, wow. That's quite flattering, thank you.

It, um. Let's say it was, huh? Rainbow slipped up (or slipped an extra stroke in...?), and neither Rarity nor I noticed.

Glorious from start to finish. I love seeing the playfulness of both these characters in scenes like this. Sometimes people write this sort of thing far too serious. It has the right elements of sexy fun and realism.

I feel this goes romances of all kinds, really. It should default to fun and playful, sex or no, and that should probably be an element anyway if everything's on the up-and-up.

This was probably the best (by my definition of "best") S&M story that I have read so far.

When Rarity was comforting Rainbow after the last whip, I just felt all the love and true passion between them! Rainbow's strong and determined loyalty rewarded by the generous, loving, caring Rarity... Like someone else said, some S&M writers make the situation so serious...sometimes it makes me cringe! It's like, were the two doing this because they actually loved and cared for each other, or was it because Rarity was uncontrollably addicted to being the master and Rainbow uncontrollably addicted to pleasing her? You know what I mean? :fluttershyouch:

Before jumping intot this fic I was scared that Rarity would be depicted as a serious cold-hearted b, as most S&M fics about her are written as, but this made her absolutely sexy, fun, and all the worthwhile to adore! This is exactly the personality aspect of Rarity and Rainbow Dash that I wish I can see in many other fics! I hope you can someday write more about the two! But if not, this is definitely something I wouldn't mind rereading many times over. :raritywink:

Yeah, like... it's fun. That's why people do this, in real life. It's not about the physical implements, the ropes and bruises and being addressed correctly, but all the mental and emotional motivation behind it, and that can come from love and care.

There's something about this that I find quite beautiful. Maybe Rainbow's strength and dedication or Rarity's control. I'm not sure, but I love it.

And Rarity said a bad word, so that's always good. :rainbowwild: :raritywink:

This is great. Really great. I agree with what others have said and have no complaints.

Lovely and beautiful romance.

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