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Just when you thought things couldn't be any worse, you find out I exist. And then that's when crap hits the fan.


This story is a sequel to How I Kissed My Waifu

Now "reviewed" on ReadingSins!

Taking place half a month after "How I Kissed My Waifu", follow Godson as he attempts to adjust to living in Equestria. Meeting new friends along the way, or just making himself look like an idiot, maybe both.

At least he has Rainbow Dash to back him up if anything goes wrong. But only if he hasn't screwed up too much, otherwise he's really screwed.

If only his friends back home knew what he's gotten himself into.

But, then again... They probably wouldn't have even cared, anyway...


New chapters released d̛ͫͨ͒̐̈̿̅ͭ̈̅͢͡a̴̸̡ͫ͋̍̋͊ͥ͒ͪ̈ͨ͑̒̔̂̈ͧ̿̍́̚͢i̸̧̛ͮ̇͋̔̌̇̆̓̅͆̎̐̂͂͟͞l̅ͤ͆͐͏͢҉̀͝y̶̓̔̍ͪͦ̊͊̎̃̿̇̄ͫ̀...?

Reading the first two stories, "How I Took Over Equestria In 7 Steps", and "How I Kissed My Waifu" is recommended to understand and further enjoy this story.

Co-Written by ShadowClaw (Yes, the same "Shadow" who cameo'd in both stories, he's got his own fimfic account! Go follow him and stuff, tell him Godson sent ya! :raritywink:) And Ishtaba (Who also appeared as a cameo in "How I Kissed My Waifu", but doesn't have a fimfic account.)

Fabulous Bullsh*t by Quigzerz (Who's also a good friend of mine.)

Do not expect the best writing ever on this fic. This was written for pure sh*ts and giggles. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

Sex tag for innuendos, some steaminess, and the many jokes this story carries. :3

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First chapter approved within an hour.:yay:

Finished reading. Now I just gotta figure out how to type up the sin review for this on my phone without screwing up...

Twilight should get a bill for missed wages. Of course the crown would end up paying it...

Well. He could always visit Applejack… But after the whole “f—buck a tree” incident, he’d rather not.

gg m8. Ya still screwin it up.

Now this was a funny chapter.

6947106 Yeah, everyone who helped me write this agreed the first half of Arc 1 wasn't the greatest.


Nah, you'll see it when it happens...

“I’m also going to need a banana.”
“A banana.” Godson deadpanned. “Do you not have those in this world?”
“We do…” Celestia nodded. “But… what difference will that ma—”
“I neeeed. A banaaaaana.”

“Shhhhhh…” Godson interrupted. “Let me finish my banana.” He held a finger up with his right hand, signaling her to wait, while he took another bite of the banana on his other hand.
“H-How is this possib—”
“LET ME FINISH MY BANANA!” Godson shouted, completely careless over the fact that he was yelling at a princess.

gr8 b8 m8

“Well. Basically, he’s capable of doing stupid things.”
“On a scale of one to ten, how stupid are these stupid things?”
“Uh… They range from 7 to 12.”

Life story

"Living with Dash has it’s pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons by a ton, but, let’s just say one of the cons is basically needing to have a constant supply of bleach…”

*Wink Wink

This was a hell of a lot more readable than I thought it'd be.


My dignified side disagrees. My penis does not.

7005124 That's nothing compared to how hard I cringed when WRITING this.

Seriously, I couldn't even write in it's true ending due to how much trouble I went through trying not to cringe so impossibly hard while trying to figure out where this chapter was even going, or how it would truely end.

It doesn't help that the real Ish himself "helped" me write most of this, including 70% of the narration.

In fact, if you haven't already figured it out, he sat through all the chapters and edited all the original dialogues that I had written for the story's version of him.



Wow, that's well...something...just um, wow

7005217 Oh boy....we're on 2-8...

Also, this week you're doing ET stuff so we can do the secret stuff. I have wednesday, thursday and friday off

7005124 Writing this took many many hours. And a tonne and a half worth of cringes.

I bet you they were watching the Hunger Games

You make it sound so sexual.” Godson scoffed. “Don’t you have a wife for that kind of stuff?” Ohhhh Burn :rainbowlaugh:

I feel almost sorry about Ish.....NAH NIGGA!

The light slowly dimmed, and everyone gawked in awe at Ish’s new form. The light slowly dimmed, and everyone gawked in awe at Ish’s new form

Seems you did the same sentence twice

7014351 ...Huh.

Thanks for pointing that out xD

Arc 3 is coming soon.

I'm ready.

I'm not ready don't do this plz

Well then, I guess this is the end? Good show mate!

Honestly, i'm disliking the ponies for just wanting jorge to go pony here, acting like he's on some timer.

I get dash's wanting to have kids deal, but is adopting so bad?

7025648 I honestly don't see any problem with adopting, though I will admit that while I was writing this chapter, I never actually thought about that. It completely slipped my mind. Otherwise, I would've made some kind of remark from one of the characters.

But, if there's already an option of having your own kids right in front of you, would you ignore it?

It's a very sensitive topic, really. And I'd rather not touch on it too much.

The main problem is Jorge isn't really prepared for kids, so going pony would only bring him one step closer to that point. (Without the exception of adoping, but to be honest I don't see a pony agency allowing a human as infamous as Jorge to adopt, but that's just my opinion...)

Maybe one day, Jorge will be ready to settle down. Dash will be waiting...impatiently.

The cringe nearly killed me, m8

Is Ish this cringe worthy in real life?

7028421 Let's put it this way: the story's version of ish is 75% accurate to the real one.

So yeah.

First story funny, and kind of odd. Wasn't sure if it was my type of thing or not, and almost stopped reading after first couple of paragraphs. Glad that I did indeed keep reading as I have come to love this series. Second story seamed kinda short and rushed leaving many questions, but this new one seams fantastic! Pls keep up the great work!

Very cute, liked this as always. Just feel as though Lyras reaction to everything was a little subdues.

Subdeud, sorry auto correct. Total pain.

Kinda gotta ask.....are each one of these stories written by a different person? Just seams that there is a huge difference in writing style. I know u mentioned some friends as cameos in the stories, just wondering if this is more of a callab?

7049844 Most of the chapters were written by me, but like the description says, three of my friends (mostly two of them since the other one kept going MIA when we needed him) had helped me edit/co-write most of the chapters, if not all of them. Their names and profiles are up there, I'm just too lazy to link them on a mobile keyboard...

But yeah, most of the story may have one writing style, and then you'll probably find a few chapters sprinkled with others' writing styles. Most of them I'm too lazy to go through and fix...

is Ish really such a d'bag in real life? if so I recommend better friends ........ and fire FIRE, and lots of it!

Someone get the phone! Cause I called it! Fire and lots of it would fix the whole Ish prob real fast. ????

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