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Sealed away until they are once again needed, a group of friends are sent to Equestria as a squad of Galactic Rangers from Ratchet and Clank 3.

One of them knows what the future holds for the ponies and stops the rest of them from interfering with critical events, causing friction between the group.

Nearly a thousand years after Nightmare Moons banishment a young Twilight Sparkle finds them, befriending one of the robots.

Can they mend the bond that was destroyed centuries ago? Will they be able to stop a group of psychopaths from destroying Equestria? Will one of the rangers find the siren he fell in love with before her banishment? Well read and find out.

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"Ah, so the little element has been born. Don't be afraid Twilight Sparkle, I will not hard you."

I think that should be hurt.

that was awesome. I know nothing about Ratchet and Clank but I really like this. I look forward to what comes next.

I really like how this is progressing. not to fast but not dragging on either. look forward to the next installment.

great chapter, I think I felt my heart break, and that's hard to make happen.

6389566 what part made it break

Also, I might know someone who can put your heart back together.

6389569 the ending where zane is talking with author
more specifally:

Zane may be a young boy, but he was mature enough to know the consequences of entering this world. The day that the merchant sent them to Equestria was the last day they ever saw their loved ones.

6389578 and it's not so much broken as it's cracked/fractured

6389583 ah, gotcha

By the way, other than c.a.t.r and this story, have you read any of my other stories?

6389597 I recommend Second Universe, it ties into the displaced stories and the main character is Authors son

6389630 thanks, it's my favourite story to work on.

In the name of Microsoft, I send one of my Jack's Orbs into your Galactic Ranger's universe.
That said, I honestly favour Sony.
Microsoft may have Rare and Lion Head, but Sony has most of Insomniac(Sunset Overdrive being the exception) and Naughty Dog
I am extending an invitation for a crossover with my fic to you via one of the Orbs Jack sent across the multiverse.

6391819 ok, I am currently working on a crossover with one of my other stories and I need to get things rolling here, when I'm ready I will message you

Nicely done... Would they be up for a future crossover?

6411554 maybe, I have to work a few things out first then I'll be able to crossover

6411558 Alright. Gives me some time to figure out stuff on my end. I got a good idea of who to do it with, but I have some details I need to straighten out first

6411567 ok, I'll let you know when I'm ready

*simply stares at the ending wondering WHO said that.* Thou may have missed something at the cliff hanger finish line?

6377191 Where did you get the icon for your avatar?


Their basically the military in the Ratchet and Clank Universe, too bad their almost completely useless. Their like every other sci-fi military group. They die in droves.

As im reading this fic i somehow found this music to somewhat fit into some parts of it... atleast for me...

do they hate each other or something like that?

6436408 in a way...yes and no. It will be explained in later chapters in a flashback.

I look forward to how everyone reacts when the find out why they were sent to equestrian, also when Nathan start going out with sonata!? or is walking around hand-in-hand a thing friends do now too...:rainbowkiss:

6475223 last chapter, they are going out now, as there is going to be a little plot twist involving their relationship in the next few chapters

6475229 ahh, I look forward to seeing what the others think to Nathan dating their former enemy, even though he knew she always had some good in her.

6475277 a siren and a giant warbot dating, nothing out of the ordinary for Equestrian standards

Jack of Blades."

Nathan's expression became furious. "I am not having that insane bastard near my friends again."

"You may not have a choice in the matter, just be glad you found a way to drive him back last time

My Jack does not attack his summoner without the summoner attacking first! Jack has ALWAYS had impeccable manners, even in Fable canon.
Unless you intend for something like what happened with Silent Hill, where he just wound up there without actually being summoned.
... It would make for a good, past-set crossover, I suppose.

Wanna do it?
Your universe though, so you'll have to send the Gdoc, or whatever you want to use.

6493921 I do accept your crossover, I just thought it would make things more interesting

Comment posted by Radioactive Dragon deleted Oct 10th, 2015

as usual great chapter, also I see what you did with beginning, cameos, cameos everywhere

Walking up to the stage he signalled the DJ, who was Vinyl Scratch's brother who had electric red hair instead of blue.

This and the fact that he sang a FNaF song.

xD Nice job. No shame on the Flux Pavillion part. I mostly listen to Monstercat though

That whole... I'm going to call it a 'plot', of the villains, is about as much of a decent tactic as going to a highschool chess club and handing out guns and crystal meth.
Which is also an excellent means of preparing someone for the internet!

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