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When a teleportation spell goes wrong Toby is sent to the wonder colt's and Timberwolves pizzeria. Can he survive the wonder colts and the Timberwolves trying to kill the annoying the heck out of him and forcing him to order pizza?

Based on SMG4 Freddy's spaghettiria

I own nothing, they belong to there respected owners.

Credit goes to Crash Bandicoot for editing this. Also, thank him for the "what did you say" video.

Chapters (5)
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"Wow. So much for a hero." Sunset commented.

"Tell me about it." the other two rolled their eyes.

Yep, we all know Toby Morrison is a hero, but he has some bad habits.

6396317 in the third installment, Fluttershy will be with Toby?


Well the Equestria girl's version of good yes she will

6396330 I meant the Fluttershy from Ponyville. The Equetsria version of her is evil from the two previous fanfics.

6398126 yes but she will become human Onex she's in the Equestria girl's universe

6398139 But how we will we know which Human Fluttershy is good while the other is evil?

6398143 one fluttershy has light yellow skin while the other has dark yellow skin with red eye's

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