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Entangled Pathways - Storm butt

It's been a long year since Soarin and Braeburn went their separate ways, and somehow every opportunity for the two to meet up was canned in one way or another. While they keep in touch through their letters, until one day Braeburn's stop arriving.

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Apple Pie Blown Through The Sky

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“I feel really stupid right about now.”

Entangled Pathways
Chapter 3: Apple Pie Blown Through The Sky

Soarin found himself gulping loudly, attempting to rid himself of the lump that had lodged itself deep into the caverns of his throat. His entire body both stiffened and trembled at once as he forced himself to keep his body from shutting down. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, he had seen plenty of the past coltfriends of his become hurt, mostly the earth pony ones, but he had never been this shaken up before in his entire life. Was it because Braeburn was one of the only ones to make him come back at the slightest worry?

The pegasus blinked his eyes a few times as he tried to rid himself of the tears that attempted to pool up. He had never been beaten down to this point of misery in his entire life either, he didn’t feel like talking, or sleeping, or staying awake either. Braeburn’s picture kept popping into his mind, his beaten down body was all that stuck out in his mind, he couldn’t think up the shy earth pony he had thought was sexy as buck, only the recent one from the past hour.

He was supposed to be the stronger one in this entire relationship, Braeburn needed him to be strong so he would have something to cling onto when he woke up again, if you took away this incident, all of the comments and bullying he received since the pegasus left could have shattered him alone. The earth pony needed him to be strong, it wasn’t a matter of how Soarin felt, it was a matter of how he needed to act. The pegasus sniffled once, and swore under his breath.

“Mister, Soarin was it?” The sound of the doctor’s voice hit his ears, snapping the light blue pegasus back into whatever he liked to call reality at this moment. His head shot up before nodding silently, running a hoof down one of his aching wings.

His eyes glanced around the office of the doctor. It was simple, nothing more than a desk and a few papers on the wall about the unicorn’s line of work. His eyes shifted down to the nameplate. Doctor Sabot it simply read, nothing else. Soarin glanced back up into the eyes of the other.

"Would you like to discuss the damage to your friend?" The unicorn asked, cocking up a brow in question. The pale blue pegasus was silent for several moments before giving another half-nod, wrapping an arm over his chest in an attempt to bring some form of comfort to him. He wanted Braeburn to sit in his lap, he wanted to feel the other's warm body snuggle up near him and warm his own chest with joy.

Doctor Sabot nodded back to show he was indeed listening, and that he did indeed understand the pain the other was going through at the moment. "Damn, a wonderbolt shows up in the hospital I work at, and his entire world comes crashing down..." The unicorn mumbled gently, obviously talking to himself and not the pegasus in front of him.

Soarin glanced up "How bad is he?" He mumbled gently, his eyes still puffy from crying. He kept telling himself to keep it together, that everything would be ruined if he so much as cracked.

"Well, mister Apple checked in several weeks ago, around a month if my old head isn't messing with me." Sabot mumbled, fiddling around with several papers he had scattered around on his desk. "He had both of his back legs snapped, he recently went through surgery for both of them, and should be able to walk within the next year... although sadly he will always have a limp at best." The unicorn paused, seeing the dreadful look Soarin was attempting so hard to hold back. "Should I continue?"

Soarin nodded glumly.

"There are bruises on his upper legs as well, as if he were held down and refused to stop struggling, hence why one of the upper ones got sprained." Sabot stated "Under the bandages on his chest and back are several deep stab wounds, seemingly from a sharp knife or even a piece of broken glass. The scars may never leave his body."

"You mean..." Soarin began "That even if he gets up... and is able to live happily... every time he sees those damn scars, all he'll think about is... when he got hurt?" The pegasus said, a hint of a whimper in his voice. He should have never abandoned Braeburn.

The unicorn nodded "I am sorry, but we had to preform urgent surgery on him, we couldn't worry about the little things if we intended to save his life... although there is the problem of money... when we tried to contact his family, they refused to reply, we aren't sure just how much money he has to pay for all of this."

"I'll pay." Soarin mumbled "I'll pay for everything, just keep going."

"Well... there really isn't anything else too serious, just a few cuts and bruises everywhere which are almost healed at this point. He sometimes does open his wounds however in his sleep, some are in very fragile positions." The unicorn mumbled, glancing up at the other "Although... there is the issue of his mental state."

Soarin sat up straight at the mention of that. "M-Mental... state?" He asked, worry clear in his voice "Is he alright with that, what's wrong with him?"

"It isn't as bad as it sounds." The unicorn assured "The few times he has woken up he is still able to identify himself and everything about himself that we needed to know, such as how he felt." Doctor Sabot paused a moment "Although... he seems very frightened to go back to sleep when he does awaken... we believe the attack happened when he was asleep, and he also has been rather jumpy, even when a nurse tries to inject him with painkillers, he cringes and becomes very nervous of his surroundings. His mind right now seems very fragile, when he does awaken again, I suggest you be careful."

Soarin gulped, loudly. he could feel a drop of sweat run down his spine and become soaked in his feathers. This was going to be longer than a week's stay... a lot longer. He found himself not caring who hurt Braeburn at the moment, all he wanted to know was when the earth pony would wake up and see Soarin so he would finally feel safe once more. Soarin gnawed on his lip for quite a long time as he pondered this. Not even Braeburn's parents were willing to see their half-dead only child, if he did have any relatives who cared about him, they must not have heard the news. Soarin was all he had.

"Soarin... he may wake up soon, he has developed an abnormal sleep schedule." The unicorn said "He tries to stay awake and deprives himself for so long that he can sleep for days, we've had to force him to sleep quite a few times. Who knows when he'll finally wake up."

Soarin nodded. "Is it... is it alright... I mean... if I stay here... I can sleep in the lobby in a chair or something, I don't care, but I want to be there for him when he wakes up." The pale blue pegasus shifted in his seat a few times as he breathed in and out slowly, trying to control his breathing without making any sort of scene. It was harder than it sounded, he wanted Braeburn to cuddle up in his arms once more.

The doctor smiled. It seemed both warm and understanding of his situation. "Of Course."


Maybe it was a stroke of luck just how easily Soarin fell asleep. With everything that had happened this morning, you would think this certain pegasus wouldn't be able to sleep at all. But no, he passed out almost instantly. The day straight of flying along with everything else had taken a toll on his worked body, and all of the stress only added to that. He passed out in an instant as his body fell in the chair, despite each and every worry he had about Braeburn.

He had no way to tell just how long he was asleep. Nor did he honestly care as a hoof stabbed his rib cage, making the pegasus jump straight out of his sleep as he fell out of the uncomfortable chair. He groaned loudly as his eyes darted around the large lobby. The light that was coming in through the windows was not the bright warm light that welcomed a new day, it was a cold and unloving darkness that only the night time received. His head felt as if it were spinning as he lifted a hoof to rub his skull, feeling great pain.

Soarin felt more sore than he had in a long time, each and every movement of his wings felt as if he were slowly dying, the pain was almost unbearable as he gasped for a sudden need of air.

"My sincerest apologies." Doctor Sabot quickly said, his horn glowing as Soarin felt himself be lifted off the ground. His weary eyes felt blurry as he gave the doctor a thankful smile.

"D-Did something happen?" Soarin asked, his voice raspy as if it hadn't been used in quite a long time. He felt like he had slept for a full three seconds by the way he was acting, which at the moment was like an old drunken fool. Anypony would call him one if he were anywhere else. He gave his wings a painful flap of frustration "What happened to Brae?"

The unicorn smiled, and for some strange reason Soarin's heart began to leap, for he knew what it meant.

"He woke up."

Soarin was silent and unmoving for a full three seconds before he began galloping down the hall, ignoring the burning sensations in his legs. He could hear the doctor call something after him, but he ignored it.

"Thirty... Thirty one..." He counted up each number as he charged up the hallway, each and every second was a second where Braeburn would be awake. He finally reached the room he was looking for and all but slammed his head to the glass, gasping for any air before he went charging in.

He saw Braeburn... the earth pony's eyes were staring at the ceiling. He didn't have an emotion on his face, only staring straight up... but his eyes were open, that was at least a good thing.

"Brae..." Soarin mumbled to himself before his hoof slammed onto the doorknob and he threw the door open. He ceased being so forceful when he heard a small squeak of terror from the other and saw him wince, covering his head with his good leg. Soarin growled to himself, remembering just how fragile Braeburn's mind was right now.

Soarin walked up to the other slowly, afraid to reach out a hoof. It was as if Braeburn was a wild animal, and would run and never come back at the very first signs of any potential danger. "Hey... buddy?" Soarin asked. Buddy seemed like the right name to call Braeburn at this very moment, for at the very least, he deserved a "buddy" more than anything right now.

The pale blue pegasi's heart skipped a beat as the eyes he fell in love with slowly began to show themselves through the trembling upper legs as they lowered. "S-Soarin?" He mumbled, his accent breaking through as Soarin let the first word Braeburn has spoken to him in over a year seep in. "Are ya... are ya really here dis time... Ah ain't... Ah ain't dreamin' am I?"

Soarin's vision began to go blurry. He found himself sniffling up his runny nose along with all of his mushy-gushy feelings that wanted to break out as he simply nodded "I'm here, Brae, everything's gonna be alright now, you're safe." He reached out a hoof, and felt his heart crack in half as the yellow earth pony shrunk away and whimpered gently.

Anger flooded his body, not for Braeburn, but for whoever made him act like this, whoever made it so that the earth pony was afraid of his own bucking shadow. He knew Braeburn, and Braeburn wasn't weak, just sensitive and liked to be cuddled and told he was loved often. He wasn't weak. What Soarin was seeing right now was the most pathetic and frail earth pony in all of existence, hiding under the covers because he thought it might give him protection. He bit down on his tongue to avoid screaming in pure anger at nopony. He felt like he was going snap.

"Ah'm sorry..." The voice hit his ears as his eyes snapped open to the earth pony, who was slowly inching his way back, it looked rather painful. Braeburn still seemed scared. "Ah mean... Ah just... Ah can't..."

His anger cooled. Braeburn was the only pony in the world who could easily put out his kindled anger without even realizing it. Soarin found his anger being replaced with tears as he reached out two hooves, ignoring the wincing from the other as he grabbed his head and planted his lips on the forehead of the other, his tears soaking Braeburn's mane. He was silent, not making a single noise as he gently nuzzled the other's head. "I know buddy... I know." He mumbled.

When he backed away, he could see the light blush on the other's cheeks. It brought back delightfully fond memories of the first days when he knew Braeburn, he had an evilly fun time teasing and flirting with him back then. He missed those days, more than anything he wanted them back.

"Does that mean... ya still love me?" Braeburn asked hopefully, his eyes avoiding the other and watering with slight pain as his hoof went over his chest and he gritted his teeth. "Damn... contractions..." He growled out.

Soarin nodded slowly "Dummy. Of course I do" He grumbled, ruffling the other's mane as he pecked the others lips. He wouldn't let himself have anything else, the passion building up in his chest might burst if anything more than that peck happened. He was afraid he might hurt Braeburn. He wouldn't forgive himself if he hurt the other, no matter how much it hurt him to pull away so quickly. He quickly wrapped his upper leg around the other's back to hold him up from slipping. He was close enough for Soarin's comfort, he could feel his breathing and felt happy about it, for he knew that Braeburn was... as safe as could be expected. He cursed himself for wanting so badly to be with Braeburn in private, but could you blame a pegasus who stayed loyal for a full year?

Braeburn looked up at him with watering eyes. He looked as if he were cursing himself the same was the pegasus was about how weak he was being. Soarin closed his eyes a moment, only to open them as he felt a slight tugging around his neck. He blinked as he looked down and saw Braeburn was fiddling with the pair of broken goggles.

"They broke... didn't they... when..." Braeburn suddenly squeezed his eyes shut, as if forcing out a horrible memory with all of his might, whimpering gently as his body began to tremble.

Soarin stroked the other's upper leg before pulling it away "I don't give a buck." He mumbled "If it was for something stupid... yeah I would care..."

Braeburn glanced up, his eyes weary as he fought to stay awake. Soarin could tell just how exhausted he was, for he still felt the pain of staying awake. "Ah'm sorry... Ah lied so much... in the letters." Braeburn mumbled "Ah... Ah thought ah could hold out... until ya came... but when ya said it would be longer... Ah couldn't handle it no more, and if ah told ya how bad it was gettin'... ya might 'ave thought ah was just upset you weren't comin' back."

Soarin let out a breath of pure exhaustion as he kissed the other's forehead yet again. "Stupid sexy Braeburn... what am I gonna do with you." He growled, letting a hint of playful enjoyment in his voice. Braeburn's voice gave him new energy, his accent, his body, everything about him was filling the exhausted pegasus with new hope. The dead body from before only filled him with dread and despair. He felt happy right now. It was strange to say, Braeburn was beyond a wreck... but everything was going to be alright now, Soarin could make everything right again. The pieces may not fit perfectly, but everything would go back to normal for the two... wouldn't it?

"Soarin..." Braeburn mumbled, catching the pegasi's attention. "Ah'm sorry... but ah'm... puckered out... can ah go back to sleep?"

"Sure buddy." Soarin answered quickly as he gently set the other down, wincing as the other whimpered in pain. He was about to pull away until his arm became trapped in a gentle pair of hooves.

"Can you... stay with me until I fall asleep?" Braeburn asked "P-Please?"

Soarin suddenly remembered just how scared the earth pony was of sleeping alone. He sniffled gently to calm down his sappy emotions and nodded gently, reaching out his hoof as he circled it around the earth pony's bandaged chest. His other hoof gently pet the other's mane. He watched Braeburn for a long time, feeling the hoof around his leg tighten in slight fear at times, and at others it would cling with ease. This went on for about ten minutes until sleep finally gave in to the yellow pony.

The sound of a door opening hit his ears. Soarin didn't move at all, just gently kept stroking his lover's mane.

"I guess you were more than just buddies." Sabot mumbled.

"How'd you guess?" Soarin grumbled, the sarcastic tone clear in his voice. He was silent for several moments, watching his lovers sleeping face. "I'm... I'm going to take him out of this damn part of the world." He grumbled, receiving no response. "I'm taking him from here the moment he can leave, I don't care if I have to drag him myself, but I'm never leaving him alone again..."

Soarin gently wrapped his hoof around the others. "I'm giving you and your bucking nurses two weeks to get him well enough to get away by train, I'll take care of him myself after that, and I don't give a shit what you say... he's my coltfriend, and I should be the one to make sure he's safe from now on..."

The doctor chuckled "Whatever you say, mister wonderbolt."


I feel... bad for giving you people three short chapters in a row... but since this fic will likely be twice as long as Winding Roads if not longer, you can't bitch :P