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I AM UNIT DESIGNATION LIBERTY PRIME, MADE TO DESTROY ANY COMMUNISTS THAT DARE THREATEN THE THREASHOLD OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I SHALL- oh, ok, I can't do this anymore. Its too fun. Ok so, the situation is that one day I woke up as Liberty Prime in a land full of COLORFULLNESS and HAPPINESS! Sorry, I can get eccentric sometimes. Gotta lot of energy here for some reason. Probably 'cause I'm a robot.

Anyways, I'm just exploring this world and seeing what' up. So I hope it'll be fun, and I might just be able to DESTROY COMMUNISTS SCUM while I'm at it.

Hold on, what'd I just say?

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Hopefully this means a rewrite


and we all know fascism is the truth, not communism not democracy, nationalistic fascism:raritywink:

I Honestly find this entertaining, Continue.

I honestly didn't expect a reaction like this. I thought it would kinda be glanced over, but apparently people really like it. Not gonna lie, I think that's really funny because I actually wrote this like a year or so ago and never submitted it. Didn't think it was going to work, but I was wrong. Gladly so.

Sorry about the number of spelling errors by the way. Since I had wrote it when I was a bit younger, and never even touched it after that, I think I may have subconsciously glanced over them. The spelling will be better for the next one, I swear. Might still be a few mistakes, but hey, I try.

Last thing, I really appreciate yall for commenting and the like. Shows me you care. I can take constructive criticism, but if your being, try not to be ok?

P.S: Not saying any of you guys that reviewed ARE rude, just saying that for future reference.

I find this story both amusing and interesting

so far i think there are now 3 different stories with prime including this one i guess this is why it is so popular.

Any idea when you will update this?

Idk really. I have a tenplate for the second chapter, just got to continue writing it.

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