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Looks interesting, can't wait to start reading!

so what about this story suggests MLP

I got to say, this is really good for a first story on Fimfiction. Nice job.
Also nice doing it the way that the readers decide the story.

I think that Tabby should think things over in her mind, maybe even have a recollection of a previous memory locked in her mind, second, she should go with the transport because honestly she really has no other choice, if she goes back, she will most likely die and the only real chance of safety would be to go out of the city.

I think right now there's not much for Tabby to do besides checking on the transport, so she should do that.


To clarify: SER-Y and ZEN are listed as assets, and picking them up will not by any means take a full chapter in and of itself. After picking them up, what other avenues should Tabby explore? Should she stay in the transport and head to Prance, stay in the city, lay traps for Dìzhèn or whatever minions he has, investigate the city for clues as to Dìzhèn or Raz's past, try and experiment with photographs... outside of the obvious aftermath like leaving the building and collecting her droids, what's her next play?

Oh, okay. I think she should go to Prance, she doesn't seem to have the training necessary to spring a trap on someone like Dìzhèn, exploring the city might be dangerous. Best try to check what's waiting for her in Prance.

But what's in Prance? Should she really just run away and leave her clients? Who would take care of all her droids? Sure, the situation is a little out of her league right now, but would she really be safer in a strange country she doesn't understand?

I think she should go into hiding. You know, go underground. Literally if she has to. She could set up and perform house visits to those in the know. Of course, she'd need a disguise. Or a go between she could trust.

Alternatively, she should go to the princess because this is way out of her league and 7 times illegal and she's a moral upstanding citizen. Or something.

But then again, Prance might be fun. Who is the princess there anyways?

The photo thing is a hell of a liability. My first goal would be to experiment with that, and find out just what the rules are--you can't protect yourself from what you don't understand. And, used carefully, she could make that an asset in and of itself...

Most intriguing. I can't think of any good plans though; something tells me that joining the throngs of petitioners hoping for royal intervention isn't going to be a productive route, but I can't think of anything else this early in the game. Still, going to keep an eye on this.

Her shop was destroyed, her clients probably think she's dead, getting people to know she's alive is just asking for Dìzhèn to pay her a visit.

Before any of that, she needs to find a way around the Analogue photo situation.

I guess she should begin with a base of operations, maybe get some allies and begin gathering info.

The photo problem should be easy enough to deal, just switch to termal vision and you are good.

Guys! I've got it! She's cybertech savvy, why not make some sweet digital goggles that she can wear all the time? And they have cool abilities like thermal or magnetic vision. Cool things to have on goggles depending on tech levels:
Instant pictures of things she sees
Facial/cutiemark database
Magnetic/thermal/magic/Tune-able spectral vision (Radio waves, visual/x-ray/ the whole E-M spectrum, just on a dial)
Instant pixelation of pictures of herself before she can see them.
Predictive physics (needs lots of processing power and potentially a specific AI)
Any other neat ideas?
Also, this needs more views.

6394203 you've got the majority of those.
Maybe a secure connection to the net, and a 3D projected interface that can only be interacted with by the wearer.

6394219 Wait.. why only pixelize pictures of her? Just pixelize ALL pictures! Since, you know a picture of the Hacker = her death...
Maybe we can construct a few smaller androids/robots to help us out..
Also, can we use the Warehouse as a base of operations? If not I say we take the chance of re-locating to Prance, at least long enough to gut the safe house for supplies then go somewhere else out of the Hacker's control!


When is the next part coming out ?

I think she should:

1) get her robot next to her

2) test the photo with one of her Loling

4) get the robot to look for thinks at stell work in the old place

5) make a bed, and other things

6) Know more about the other pony

7) ...

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