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"Figs you're just peak irony." --Caligari87


Life is great. Beautiful skies, lush greenery, an oppressive otherworldly government. It sure is a beautiful world.

Imprisonment and slavery would be a godsend. On the run from hordes of aliens in an enslaved world full of despair and sorrow, Free must save the pony population of the world while saving himself. The stakes keep rising, the opposition keeps growing, and Free has to face it all on his own, even when the odds are infinity to one.

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One Question: How long will it be until you release chapter 3 of this fic? :trollestia:



When 1+2=3, because by Valve's logic it's 2.5.

Hmm..... Let's just hope I didn't start another story fab where everyone writes the same exact thing.... Other than that, Good luck on the Hl2 story, it's got a tough background.

are you going to change how this ends at all? because if it's just a rehash of half life 2 it'll be enjoyable, but not very exciting.


I'm adding a bit more to the story for dramatic effect, so there will be both minor and big changes, but not enough to detract from the greatness of HL2

I surely hope not, this series is a gem, and i hope you do a good job with it :)


I must admit, seeing as how there is a little amount of Half-Life 2 crossovers, I decided to give it a go. I actually saw your fic a while back and that's what gave me the idea.

This is good so far.... is Luna Dr. Breen...?

667395 That's what I thought :twilightsmile: not to be bash or anything. Just keep it dramatic and dark. I added lighthearted(ness) because I had way too much gore and dark stuff like that.


I don't do gore. I do violence and slight blood, but never gore. I like to provide some form of comedic relief in my fics, but those moments are few and far in between, and are rarely anything other than dry wit. I'll keep it at that contrast, considering what I'm aiming for.

Need I say that I approve of this?
But needs moar "Pick up that can".


I couldn't agree with you more. :rainbowlaugh:

667621 Lmfao when I write Hl2 style, I think of, "-and the sharp crowbar slashed through the zombine's arm, splattering blood all over despite the thick; heavy suit." <--- I got a bit in to it there :twilightblush:


Words do not describe the WANT.
Yeah, seriously, this was good. Please see this story through to the end, or I will be forced to transfer you to one of our off-world labor camps.
It was very well written; Good dialogue and nice use of imagery. I greatly look forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Now for some questions/concerns:
-Was the voice at the beginning the G-man/G-Pony/some sort of G-man-esque figure? I was just kind of getting that vibe with the whole "No pity, no remorse, I'm watching you, there is no god here" thing. :rainbowlaugh:
-Will we find out exactly why Luna yielded so easily to the Combine (I mean agreed to act as a figurehead for them. Obviously the Combine were able to take over due to their advanced technology)? Where's Celestia?
-Is the main character a mute, like Gordon Freeman himself? His lack of speaking in this chapter doesn't necessitate him being mute, but it will be interesting to see how you handle it if that is indeed the case.
-Will Free ever "pick up that can"?
-Also, just a comment. Please make the next chapters longer :twilightsmile: This is by no means a complaint aimed towards you or your writing, but simply at the amount of writing (Very good, highly intriguing writing) available in this one chapter. Reaching the end of that roughly 1400 words so quickly was a sadface moment indeed.
-If any of these questions will be addressed in the coming chapters, feel free to respond with the obligatory, vague "Wait and see".

So yes, if you didn't get the impression already, I like it, and I want more of it. Preferably soon. I kid, take your time. But not too long :trixieshiftright:

TL;DR Very promising, keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

We- I mean I, shall be watching you...



You asked for it, so:

Wait and see.



It was worth a try :trixieshiftleft:

Any estimate on the arrival of chapter 2, though?

Not to sound impatient, of course :twilightsmile:


Funny thing, this part was originally going to be much longer. I mean, MUCH longer. About 6000 words. However, due to my lack of time and focus, I decided against it.

Back to the point: I have just begun writing Part II

So don't worry. It'll be on its way.

Haha, good to know. As I said before, looking forward to it.

so no machines...no striders and gunships? Why can't this be the real Half Life? Them things be annoying...

but then again Luna seems to be hypocrisy central here, selling out her sister for the second time probably and claiming she's excising sins...


Don't worry, those are still going to be in the story. Especially the gunships. And the Striders. And basically every single one of the Combine's vehicular arsenal.


cool, is free a unicorns then cu'z it'd hard as balls using an RPG with hooves and or mouths...


You'll see soon enough. Next part describes him a bit more.

This is an incredible adaptation.

I believe you meant
'…they have exorcised our demons'


Thanks for the compliment and for pointing out that typo. *rapidly scribbles out that nasty little bug you found*

A tall, orange, Earth Pony stallion stood up from the position he was in to read the story. He wore a bright orange and black suit, with a Lambda symbol painted on the front, a communication device wrapped around his ear. His eyes stared accusingly at the ghostly, pale-blue pony in front of him. His eyes portrayed what he was thinking... How could you, They seemed to say, Not only have you stolen from Inception in your first chapter, but you have taken what began as a good, solid, likable story into blasphemous rants. You have removed an integral part of the Half-Life story, and warped it into This. The orange stallion raised a hoof, a crowbar held in place by the magnetic property of the suit. Once again his eyes sought out those of the ghostly pony, another message evident within them. I should end your existence now, before you ruin all of pony kind, but I am generous. Why waste a talented writer, even if one work may have been warped out of the recognizable and into the monstrous? Turn your failure around now, while there is still time for hope As this new message was understood, the stallion brought down the heavy metal implement, changing its course at the very end, to where it pointed across the nose of the ghost, toward the distance. The pony turned, noticing on the horizon a tall, pale figure in a dark blue suit on the horizon, a briefcase in his hand and a disjointing stare. The pale man shook his head ever so slightly as the ghost's eyes met with his, and then he simply moved behind a tree, vanishing.
In an explosion of green energy, so too did the mute stallion vanish, leaving the ghost pony with only only its thoughts, ruminating over what its mistakes might have been, almost missing the scrap of paper that fluttered to the ground where the Stallion had once been standing. On this paper were written the words:
I might help edit you, if you would do the same for me. This story need not end in disaster, nor does mine. Mutual assistance may be what is best needed in this enterprise.
The ghost turned away, crushing the note beneath its forehooves, a decision springing to mind.

667933 I don't think Gordon is mute. I see it as "his vocal cords sieze up when he's experiencing stress on the level of the stress that a guy would experience as a result of living through the events of the series". If you are confused, it's basically similar to how Rajesh Ramayan "Raj" Koothrapali from The Big Bang Theory is unable to talk to females unless he's drunk.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of description in this story. This deserves a Pinkie face! :pinkiehappy: (and a like)

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