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Order 66. Kill the Jedi. Rex and Cody did it. They destroyed the Jedi. Feeling bad for their actions, they end their lives, hoping to find closure. Their closure is...... Canterlot High? Join them as they learn lessons in friendship, and eventual closure.

Current Story Arc: Fall of the Changelings

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 122 )

"I'm CT-7567. But you can all me.... Rex."

Nothing suspicious here. Move along.

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Ashley Woodsworth from Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6, U.K

Well this is something different. I'm liking it!

6357415 Quick question, you do know that Rex is still alive, right?

I saw. He also deserted the republic. I just thought that it would be cool to see Rex in EG. It was ORIGINALLY going to be Cad Bane, but I thought it would be weird.

Nice story dude and good job making it awesome to read

This is cool, and actually the chapters have a nice length to them, but I guess I would say that A little bit bigger portions would be nice; but that's really only a nitpick. The story is also well written. I only spotted a few tiny errors, and that was just every once in a while. Everything else aside, it's actually quite pleasing to read and look forward to more. But I wold say you could leave it as it is. Nobody will hold it against you.

6356249 What are you talking about? Everyone has a CT number! Mine's CT-135130!

This isn't a sarcasm joke at all by the way. Totally not. :pinkiecrazy:

I read only..... Three words of that, so my answer is going to be no....:rainbowderp:

Wow. Not many people talk about 99, much less even write about him. That was really nice of you to bring him up. 99 is one of the most underrated clones ever.

I honestly like 99 a lot. He showed that you should fight to the end, even if the odds are against you.

6358657 Yep. That meme gif (Sounds like some sort of Jiff knockoff) is well placed.

6359142 Yes. Every little part counts, and 99's was no exception. You did, good margopolo, you did good.

Ich benötige weitere Kapitel
German for, "I require more chapters"

Mmmmm... *in deep voice, makes clicking noises* Trench seems... out of character. He was always portrayed as cold, calculating, and serious about himself and his profession. Still love the story, and I don't want to rag you... but that really jumps out and bugs me (forgive the pun). But, you did say this takes place in an alternate universe, so... okay. Still enjoyed it, but there are a few things that irk me a bit. I think the next chapter is going to be better, though. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Admiral Trench likes hot cocoa. What can you say?:ajsmug:

You missed your chance to ues pinkie when she brake the forth wall and give the past up on Rex and cody as clones that killed the jedi


The girls only think of them as twin brothers. They don't know of 'The Republic', or 'Order 66'. They don't even know what Clones are! All will be revealed later in the story.

Terrorists huh... Interesting, yet rather strange. Bug make sure to keep your attention on some backstory for Rex and Cody.

Wait, wait, wait...

A terrorist organization just comes in and abducts students from a public high school every week!?

Where is this set in, exactly?

Sorry, you kinda lost me there. How can terrorists just enter a public school and abduct students every week, withiout the government or the local police doing anything?:applejackconfused:

They're basically in charge and stationed there, in the city of Canterlot. Don't worry though, they won't be for long.

God damn short chapters jdj gfs jwk Kimi fidjchrhejcjjff:raritydespair:

My main goal is 1000 words. Sometimes more, no less. I've never reached 2000, but I intend to one day.

6364919 It's not that hard. You just let it happen and write. I often come close to 2,000 words most times I go at it.

Comment posted by D48 deleted Aug 28th, 2015

6365662 Wow, you are probably one of the most honest dislikers out there. Telling why you dislike a story is a good habit. I have a story called Commander Thorn in Equestria. It's got a few dislikes. But no comments on why they disliked it. So kudos to you!

Well, okay then. Goodbye. Kudos indeed.

Another typical chapter. And, I guess everyone at Canterlot High has heard of a comlink. They must be all the rage!

No, they haven't. But let me tell you their thought process:

"Oh! It's just a phone with a nickname!"

That's pretty much it, as they don't even know what clone troopers are..... Yet.

6365754 Add things like that to your story and people would like it more. I'm serious.

I will take your advice, but I can see that you have joined the hater side. How sad....

This was a stupid idea. I admit it.


Are you suppose to have a link for fives armor cause if there is its not there

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