• Published 28th May 2012
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Tribes Ascend into Equestia - Manticore328

A Blood Eagle finds himself in equestria.

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Tribes Ascend into Equestria

Jenkins was lost deep in thought. What if they thought he was dead? What if they didn’t try to come looking for him? His mind was filled with “What ifs?” He was jarred from his stupor at the rumbling in his stomach. The fact that he may have met another sentient being had made him temporarily forget his hunger.

The pony’s eyes widen as it heard his stomach growl and fluttered to the other side of the room then returned with a bowl and a box. She poured the contents from the box into the bowl. Jenkins looked at bowland then looked at the pony.
Did it expect him to eat food pellets? He was no animal and those things probably wouldn’t taste all that great. He shook his head and to his surprise it seemed to understand. It seemed maybe nodding and shaking of one’s head may be more universal than he thought. It trotted into another room this time then came back with what looked like an apple in its wing.

It dropped it on the floor in front of him and looked at him expectantly. He picked it up with his left hand then made a sharp needle produce from the armor above his right hand. He stabbed the apple with it taking a sample then took it out and looked at what it had in it to see if it was edible.

It not only looked like an apple, it was an apple! Did they have other human foods he thought to himself but quickly forgot it as all he wanted was to eat. Then he remembered he would have to take off his helmet to do so. This pony thing seemed friendly enough but still he should be cautious.

He continued weighing his options but eventually hunger won out. He looked to the pony then slowly removed his helmet. The pony’s eyes grew so wide at this you could no longer see any white, just a sea of cerulean.

He bit into the apple and to say it was good would be an understatement. It was the best apple he had ever tasted as far as he could remember. He quickly devoured it but unsurprisingly was still hungry. He looked to the pony then pointed to the apple core then to his open mouth hoping it would understand. It nodded and moved towards the front door.
He started to get up but it came back and patted the floor obviously wanting him to stay. He decided it would probably be best as if there were more of these ponies a fully armored Blood Eagle soldier may startle them. Seemingly satisfied the pony fluttered to the door and left.

Jenkins just sat there watching the multitude of animals scurry about the house for who knows how long. One animal really caught his eye. It was a snow white rabbit and from the way it was watching him, it seemed it may be more intelligent than these other animals. However whenever he took direct notice of it, it would scurry away.

He continued to ponder how he was going to get home until he heard a knocking at the door and the sound of whatever language it was these pony’s spoke. From the pitch of the voice it obviously wasn’t the Pink haired yellow furred one that was taking care of him. The one outside also seemed to be saying the same thing over and over getting increasingly louder with its voice and its knocks.

The sounds stop and Jenkins saw a cyan pony with a rainbow mane and stunning rose colored eyes look through the window. Its eyes went wide as it disappeared from the window and crashed through the door and sped straight at Jenkins.
He didn’t even have time to react as it hit him to the floor from his sitting position and put its face to his and started shouting. He thrust his arms upward throwing the pony off him and rolled and scrambled to get to his helmet. He grabbed it but got hit from behind to the ground.

It jumped off and jumped forward but he grabbed its tail and threw it backwards into a table. The table broke under its weight but it recovered almost instantly. But those few seconds were enough for Jenkins to get out the door. He didn’t want to destroy the house of the creature that was trying to help him.

However this was a bad idea. It had wings just like the yellow one and was incredible fast. He was hit constantly from different angles. Just as he was about to get his baring’s and try to retaliate it would hit him again. This only went on for a short while until then he heard shouting.

Now on the ground in a sitting position he saw is assailant surrounded in a purple aura. The yellow pony was on top of him just like that looking over his body for any injuries. Once it backed away he now saw a lavender pony with a horn on its forehead talking to the cyan one. There was also an orange pony that was pulling a small wooden cart full of apples.
He was flabbergasted. He was just some strange creature that the yellow one found in a forest. Yet it patched him up, fed him, seemed worried after the cyan one had beaten up on him (something he would never tell his brothers in arms he noted), and then gone and brought a whole cart full of apples for him.

He had grown up only knowing war and strife. He had to move to six different planets during his childhood due to his houses being destroyed. In that life you take what you can get. Yet here these ponies were doing what they could for a strange being they couldn’t even understand.

The cyan one was now standing off to the side looking at the ground seemingly sad and the orange one had pulled the cart near him then unhitched itself from the harness and just eyed him. The purple one however circled him studying the suit. It even knocked on the armor a few times with its hoof. It came uncomfortable close to his lower regions while it tapped the armor causing him to visibly flinch and it backed away.

The yellow one walked up to him with an apple in its mouth and dropped it to the ground.
“Well that’s appetizing.” He thought. Instead of taking the one it had had in its mouth he walked up to the cart. He looked to each pony cautiously then removed him helmet and began to gorge himself on apples.

When he finished with half the cart he sat down now nice and full. The orange one just stared at him its mouth slightly open. Once he sat down the purple one approached cautiously. It was standing right next to him and slowly moved its hoof to his face.

He tensed but watched as the hoof touched his cheek. It had an odd fury and spongy feel to it. Sort of an odd sensation he thought. It then put its other hoof on his other cheek and then startled molding his face into different look. A frown, scowl, and when she made his face smile he lifted his eyes brows and opened his eyes wide which caused it to step away and giggle.

He heard shouting again in there strange language and looked down the path leading to the yellow ones cottage. What was running to them seemed to be some purple lizard that ran on two legs and seemed to have small scaly fingers. Clutched in one of its hands seemed to be a rolled up piece of paper.

However upon seeing him it dropped the paper then charged him, claws readied.

Authors note:
Thank you to the people who favorited my story. I only have I think 12 but I didn’t even expect to get that many on my first story. Like I said in chapter one I would really like to hear some feedback. I have so many ideas for stories but a lot of them I don’t want to write until I am better at writing because I know what I have now is probably mediocre at best. I can only get better with the help of people telling me what I can and need to improve on. I chose tribes because I have not seen a fic about it yet. Unfortunately the mods passed it like at 1 in the morning so not a lot of people saw it I don’t think. So if you could pass this onto your friends that would be great. The more critics I can get the better.

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