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Rainbow Dash just joined Best Buddies and is loving her new best friend Twilight. This is a story about growing up and learning to embrace who you are, including the parts that make you different.

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This was really well-written. I like to imagine this Rainbow Dash like the one from the Mentally Advanced Series


And this is how the script for the Equestria Girls universe was created, by a mentally handicapped teenager.


I wish I could give this comment more than one thumbs up.

6350147 [youtube=s7CZz1TuIfI]

Have my like!
(chose this is writing gold):scootangel:

"You said it youwsewf! Peopwe don't faww in wove just because someone is pwetty! Why would any boy want to mawwy someone who can't even talk wight? Nobody wiww evew wove me!"

After Rainbow said that, I wanted to hug her.

It's me or this Rainbow is very cute. :rainbowkiss: I love it!

You wanna crush someone's goals because you have none of your own?


and it's called Rainbow Rocks!

I see what you did there.

This was a really touching story. No doubt, in our modern unparalleled society, those with mental difficulties are becoming more and more accepted into mainstream life. As someone who has high-functioning autism, I can vouch for Rainbow Dash's behavior here.

Headcanons accepted that the entire FiM universe is RD's story

When I saw the title I was really worried that this was going to be some almighty trollfic. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was sweet, creative, and worth reading. :twilightsmile:

6351027 This too.


*Takes you away to Quarantine*

Anyone else feeling good? :pinkiecrazy:

I can only assume that the seven dislikes came from people who looked at the title/picture and assumed it was a troll-fic 'cause this is seriously, seriously sweet. I ping-ponged through all the emotions reading this.

Not too bad of a story, but I hate the title.

I agree. The title qlmost Made me not interested in reading it. The story was very sweet though, and well written. Have a like.

Why is there a comedy tag on this story?

Y'know, I honestly don't know what I expected when I saw the title. I mean, I didn't know what to expect at all.
But wow, this was amazing. This was amazing and really sweet. :pinkiesmile:

This is seriously going into my personal "favorites of the favorites" folder.

Because the plights of innocent disabled children is funny to me.

This was not at all what I expected.

The 'w's are certainly over the top, but they do their job effectively, too, and I don't know how easy it would be to establish the mentally handicapped characterization angle without it. I mean, I'm sure you could, and overall it would make the story better, but it'd be so much more work that I can't really bring myself to recommend the change unless you were shooting for a higher literary bar than you seem to be. I also feel like there are a couple missteps in the more general characterization on Rainbow—the one that leaped out at me being that I don't think I can buy her coming up with the rock sale plan in a vacuum. It's too detailed and well thought out, even if it's unworkable. The haggling element really shows more foresight than I'm prepared to buy into, without having had some foreshadowing to see how it would be on her mind.

Other than that, though, I was very pleasantly surprised by the positivity and accuracy of your portrayal here. Again, this isn't high literature, but having spent a few years as a part-time special education instructor at the high school level, I feel like you're capturing much more here than I'd ever have expected going into this story.

The real highlights here, though, are Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. While I can see a bit of my own experience in Rainbow, I can see a lot of it in both of them, and their portrayal is the core reason I'm adding this to my favorites list. Seeing the way they care for Rainbow and stand up for her is just flat-out uplifting. Despite your comedy comment below, it's hard for me to imagine you weren't shooting for that, because you're hitting that target square on.

Good job, author.

Meh I dislike mentally or physically disabled people, it makes me uncomfortable.

6359144 blah blah blah too much words, I politely (and comedically) demand you summarize and apologize!

tl;dr Came expecting a trollfic, wound up with a (mostly) sensitive treatment of mental disabilities.


I think this was a trollfic. Just... in the opposite direction we expected. We expected some shitty fic laughing at the handicapped meant to invoke some cheap and shameful chuckles. We got something else entirely.

6359921 yeah it was nice and heart warming, however as ive already mention people with disabilities make me uncomfortable. Before everyone who reads this comment dislikes it, I dont hate them I just feel really bad for them wishing they were better, I wish them an easier life. I'm really shy when meeting new people in person and them being different makes harder.

Nothing to feel bad about. I used to feel much like you describe until I got a chance to work with a bunch of them for a few years. I didn't know I'd be getting that job (or more technically job duty) until I had it thrust on me, and my first reaction was profound uneasiness. I grew up thinking about mental disabilities through the lens of "Flowers for Algernon", which is just plain soul-crushing.

But that's nothing like what my experiences were like—and the reason I enjoyed this story so much more than I expected was because it did a good job conveying those sorts of experiences. People with mental disabilities weren't people who were broken and incomplete in some way I didn't know how to deal with. They were just people, with hopes and dreams and fears just like anybody else. They didn't have the same capabilities I did in a lot of areas, but (humility aside for a second) neither do most people, really. Thinking that they were qualitatively different was my own issue, and not one that my experience seemed to bear out.

Rainbow Dash here doesn't look like she's got the capability to be world-class in soccer or writing, even if those are her dreams. But most people don't have the capability to live up to their fondest dreams like that, and it's a thing we all have to learn to deal with at some point. She seems happy with what she does, though, and she has friends and family to stick with her and help her keep that happiness.

To me, the thing that always made me uncomfortable around people with mental disabilities was the idea that their lives were somehow wasted, that their "condition" made it impossible for them to find fulfillment. I think that had less to do with them, in the end, and more to do with my own sense of insecurity about my own place in the world.

6366596 agreed, apso almos tldr

It's a nice story, but y'now RD is some people's favourite pony, and I guess, yours is Princess Cadence, right? What if I write fic with her like a retarded human? I am sure you just wanned to make us laugh and all, but to me it was a bit cruel :twilightsheepish: No offense! I now she is good at the end, just I don't like the comedy tag on the story."Different" people are not funny.

This is a very cute fic. But I suggest to change the tittle. It sounds... cruel.

That was my initial reaction as well. But changing the title to use a more politically correct term such as "mentally challenged" would not change the meaning. Plus, readers will probably just mentally translate it to the original non-politically-correct term anyway.

I read this story last night after midnight and did not notice the comedy tag. It would probably be better to leave most of the story as it is but remove that particular tag.

I agree. But I'm not entirely sure what the title should be instead.

Dunno, maybe instead " all in her head."

You would (probably) not find it funny if you knew what it was like from the other point of view. When I was younger (up to about age twelve or thirteen) people thought that I was (pretty much) like Rainbow Dash is in this story. I was in special classes until that age (when my parents noticed how unpleasant those classes were for me and insisted that I be transferred to regular classes).

When I was in High School (and even college) I pronounced words in the same way that Rainbow Dash does in this story. As a result, some students in High School and College told me that I sounded like Junior Gorg on Fraggle Rock. It's a little better (in theory) then being called "the r-word" (as I sometimes was until about age 12 or 13) but it is still bad enough...

Until about fifth grade my speech was worse than Rainbow Dash's because I also had difficulty with the "TH" sound. (It sounded like "F" when I said it.) Fortunately, a speech therapist at the school was able to help me with the "th" sound at least.

Today (more than twenty years after I graduated from high school), I only sound like Rainbow Dash does in this story if I am fatigued, or under a lot of stress. I think that fatigue and stress effect muscle tone and that is probably the main cause of this. I could be wrong about this, though.

Incidentally, I was initially placed in special classes because of "shyness" and "below-average social skills". I don't know if I have Asperger's or not. However, I do have one close relative that has that diagnosis. Also, when I was in second or third grade if some asked me "What's up?" I would say "The sky" if I was outside and "The ceiling" if i was inside. I remembered this recently when I was watching the Arthur episode "When Carl Met George" and George asked Carl if he wanted to "hang out" and Carl asked "Hang out of what?" and George told Carl that he's pretty funny (or something to that effect) because he thought that Carl was joking.

Also, more people noticed that I was smarter than I looked when an eye doctor finally noticed (when I was a Freshman in high school) that I needed glasses. It turns out that I should have been wearing glasses in kindergarten or first grade but nobody noticed it until then. When I started wearing glasses my reading speed increased by approximately factor of ten. And my comprehension increased by factor of two within about a week (at the most).

And so, long story short, whatever else this story might be it it is not funny or a comedy. It would be a good idea to lose that tag.

Very heavy, man.

Um, can somepony please tell me what kind of rock Rainbow Dash is selling? When she said moon rock, I thought it was something else.

I'm just curious.

6610190 It's just an ordinary rock she found on the ground, but in her mind it's a lot more special


Oh. Okay, thanks for telling! :pinkiehappy:

This is my favorite story in Fimfiction! To me, it is more amazing than shipfics! :pinkiehappy:
I actually cried in some parts for Rainbow! :fluttercry: I love it! :heart:

Plot twist: In the "real" world, Derpy is the meanest kid at Canterlot High.

6778499 i'm not sure you want to do that

I'm not surprised that RD's a fan of Final Fantasy X.

Very well written. You captured the emotions, the dialect, and everything else that happens to a mentally challenged person perfectly! It's sad that a lot of kids are treated the way that Aria and her sisters did.

Once again. Very well done!


Oh gosh, I didn't mean to insult you, it was just the way you stated that:twilightoops: Please don't be mad. Sorry

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