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Well, I've had better days. I was just trying to practice a spell that may or may not have been forbidden... don't give me that look. You want a hoof to the face? Anyway, I underestimated my raw natural talent and the spell worked... too well.

Because I don't screw things up. Clearly, it worked like it was supposed to! I think.

Now there's me... and her. Stupid, upbeat, cheerful thing that thinks she's me. Ugh, she's worse than Cadence! I need to get her half of my magic back and get rid of her before anypony finds out about this!

I mean, it can't be too hard hiding a second Sunset Shimmer...right?

Thanks to Sholan, Zomg, Tchernobog and Noble Thought

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Yes. This is a thing I needed in my life.

You have my interest. Please continue. :twilightsmile:

Dear god, it's like Sunset and Pinkie fucked, and out came Shimmer.

Per our Skype chat~

I've been wanting a story based on that picture. But to get one from Albinocorn? This makes me very happy.

I'm almost half disappointed that Sunset didn't suggest Vesper when the Replica bit came up. Though it's probably for the best; such an allusion would've been too blatant.

I am laughing my freaking ass off right now. The promise of moar Sunset from you is good enough, but this is simply hilarious. Reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I should know, I've ripped off that episode too :p). Being this is pre-show time, I cannot help but wonder how you'll take this; if it'll fill in canon blanks and lead up to it, or if it'll go down its own divergence.

And if nothing else, now that there's two Sunsets, you and I don't have to share. I call dibs on the moody one.

This is a great story so far, can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

Hah, her name was almost Replica. I see what you did there.

Nice. A duplicate that's the exact opposite of you left in an empty room to her own devices. Yeah, that can't backfire at all.

Hope the next chapter is soon.

"Ash!" "Replica!"

I loves Tales of the Abyss, too. :twilightsheepish:

Is it wrong of me to hope that you never stop writing Sunset stories?

... So... The Pinkie Pie of Sunset Shimmer, except she can't defy physics.

Or can she?

I like your characterization of pre-EG Sunset Shimmer; a long ways from reformations, but not yet at her worst. And it looks like this is going to be a traditional "bad-clone vs. good-clone story; tried yet true.

I'm not sure if Sunset Shimmer would have known alicorn Cadence, but the MLP timeline is loose at best, so whatever.

*Reads story description*
*Mildly interested*
*Reads Author name*
*Instant fave*

Now, let's read...

*Finished reading story*
*Not regretting instant fave*
*Unfaves and faves again*
*Waits for more*

Rage is not going to be able to keep this up.

I would like a chapter from Joy's perspective.

Huzzah! The Sunset has been doubled! :trollestia:

Shimmer is kind of a doormat isn't she?

Heh, bit of a Tales of the Abyss reference with the "Replica" bit... Funnily enough, I'm still pretty much at the beginning of that game, yet I know pretty much all the plot twists because I've always been utterly incapable of avoiding spoilers.

I’ll know now, dammit! Next time, if you want to keep something from me, get better security.


Of course, if Celestia really had wanted to keep something from me,

So this sentence struck me as odd. The emphasis is on the verb "had," meaning the focus is on the time she didn't want Sunset to enter the restricted section, not the level of intent. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Basically, the sentence doesn't seem right with the emphasis there. It feels off. But otherwise, great chapter! You always come out with some crazy idea. And they're usually all very well executed.

Oh, this is going to be hilarious! I'm so ready for the next chapter.

So... if both of them feel pain in the same place, at the same time, do they feel even more pain?

For the first time in forever, Cadence is the perky annoying child.

If they both went to an ice cream parlor at the end of the week would it be Sun Daze Sundae Sunday?

6346550 Sunset only has two dominant emotions?

Pretty curious how the spell works. It sounds like both Sunsets are supposed to be equal halves of the same pony, but so far the story makes it feel like Meanset is the original but missing her more pleasant qualities while Niceset is a magical construct given those traits.

I'm also very curious as to how Cadence with react to a friendly Sunset.

I need to review this story tomorrow ^__^

The premise of this story reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. For that alone I'll favorite this story and read it to completion.

Review! XD

I said I would review this story....umm....I don't even know how long it's been now ^^;. I promised I would get back to it, so let me just jump right into it :trollestia:

Right from the start, this story is fun because it seems like a spin-off (?) of sorts of SoT. At the same time, I'm pretty sure this story isn't a canonically tied with that story at all. This is just a fun little non-canon one-shot (or two at this point!) which is still fun. It's a new story with Sunset as a pony and, as much as I enjoy the 'strange new world' of Equestria Girls and LRTF, I still can't help but enjoy ponies and Equestria much more.

What got my attention the most from this first chapter, and how I knew this wasn't truly connected with SoT, was just how much personality Sunset has. I think you'd be forgiven for thinking this was Vesper Radiance at first and she was sneaking into the same forbidden section as that story, but Vesper never had this much character to her. Her thoughts were much more simpler and brutal, which makes sense given that she was never the most complex villain anyway. Actually, this Sunset reminds me MUCH more of the "frowning in sheer defiance" Sunset of LRTF. Since you've been writing so much of that story by the time you wrote this, it makes sense that you'd still have her particular personality in your head.

In that regard, this chapter is a fun little treat because it's almost like reading LRTF Sunset as a pony. Her complaints, how she throws herself in the bedsheets...Vesper would be much more clipped and to the point with Cadence, whereas this Sunset just complains adorably ^^.

All of this leads into this new character at the end...but I'll leave that for the next chapter <3.

Oh my gosh XDXD.

Like with the last chapter, It was fun seeing you play around with SoT a little. The same way that Sunset isn't Vesper Radiance, it's definitely fair to say that Shimmer isn't SoT's adorkable protagonist. As kind as she was, she wasn't THIS nice; Shimmer is much more like Pinkie Pie than anypony else. Funny enough, I can hardly tell much difference in Sunset with or without her :rainbowlaugh:.

I don't really know if there's a whole lot I can comment on. There's intentionally not many threads with this story and the chapter was really just hilarious bantering between the two :3. It's kind of like "Firebird Dahlia" in that regard, but this one is meant to be funny and that one is meant to be sad. It was fun to go through, and I wonder if Sunset will actually learn a friendship lesson from all this when Shimmer probably starts to be more like the kind pony that Celestia and Cadence want her to be. More likely than not, Sunset will just get another headache :rainbowlaugh:.

I don't know how much you'll update this story, but it'll be fun to read whenever you get the chance :twilightsmile:.

She blinked. “Are you coming on to me?”

And it was on this day, with this line, that I knew, this was going to be glorious.

But, there was a forbidden book in my bag that needed reading. I didn’t have time to make friends; I had to learn everything I could so Celestia would make me an alicorn!

And suddenly I feel like I'm hearing a reprise of GlaDOS "and look at me talking/when there's magic to do" :pinkiecrazy:

“What was that?” the guard asked.

“Nothing!” I shouted over Shimmer’s whimpering. “Just… talking to myself.”

And your artistry is in making this wordplay _totally_ natural and appropriate :yay:

Though I think you should consider writing this in earnest, as the backstory for how Sunset Shimmer became so appallingly evil for EQG1 :twilightsmile: that would be awesome :yay:

I have a feeling that coming back together will be a more zen thing then Sunset thinks. That heavy feeling when she was sell casting make think about how friendship is magic.

6345675 It is herself, a clone. Would it be classed as normal, incest, or masturbation? :twilightsmile:

She blinked. “Are you coming on to me?”

Okay, I was already enjoying this story, but that line elevated it. This is going to be awesome.

HiddenMaster out.

Queue running into the other Sunset and princess in 3... :trollestia:

I wonder if they split the brainpower between them too or not. Or rather this aspect of Sunset isn't used to actually making decisions considering how Sunset normally is. I almost expect happy cheerful Sunset will start to creep out Cadence soon enough. Aw, Shimmer is so cute, I'm going to miss her when they merge back together eventually. Happy to see another chapter of this, hope to read more whenever. Wonder how Sunset's current lesson is going- depending on how they split, she might not have as much magical power to work with as normal.

“Unexpected?” I asked, showing off all my teeth. “It’s not that unexpected. I just… got a good night’s sleep.”

“Must have been a really good sleep.”

Cadence: "I knew she just need to get laid!"

Good chapter!

Let's hope they banish the bad Sunset and keep the good one, if they ever find out.

Happy Sunset isn't very smart unhappy Sunset must have gotten all of it

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