• Published 21st Aug 2015
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Tales from Vorequestria - Blissey1

Short stories of ponies happily eating each other.

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Awesome story. ^.^ This 'Vorepone' Discord Group sounds like a fun group, do you happen to have the link to the group, Would love to join. =3

Yes... LOL! :rainbowwild: Good story is good! Sad when getting to the end of chapter lol!

You should have the next chapter be about the two ponies that placed the bet on who would win.

Hey, is it okay if I make a fic that's placed in a similar setting to this one?

You think you can make a chapter involving The Cutie Mark Crusaders offering themselves as lunch to a very hungry baby dragon known as Spike?

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Any progress?

I've got a suggestion for a chapter. Someone gets punished for eating a pony without their permission.

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