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this is a good one, good writing, and keep it up.:pinkiesmile:

Oh man, I really didn't like her stomping that poor Raider. Srsly, mare, what the fuck? Y U HAVE NO MERCY? Also, big wtf on GDI defeating NOD - they can't do it, man, they just cant))

33502 I'm glad your liking it so far :twilightsmile:

33834 She has a bit of an anger issue >.>

Greetings my friend. I am interested third party and I noticed the posting of this story. May I suggest you look into this document?

and this link


I assure you that it will be worth your time. The purpose of it for various FoE authors can sit down and assist each other's fiction or simply to have your piece in an easily accesible location, so I assure you you will be in good hands if you join the chats.

ooooo this interested me

hahhahah thats got to hurt lol good story bro surprised no 1 has commented its good stuff some problems with missing letters but minor stuff.

awwwwww snap that one dude with the pink stuff and and deadness lol and nice mix of popular fics of FL.E

100852 Yeah... That's kinda my bad. :twilightsheepish: I've been doing a little proofreading, but, well... yeah. RL, my own fics, and my short-flank attention span have all made it to where I haven't been very helpful. :ajsleepy: I must say that I'm sorry, AT. I'd try to get to it more often, but... yeah. School sucks.

Really Gears 2 lol not bad. But with a painful amount of grammar and spelling errors. I enjoy the story tho but get help with those errors and you'll do better.

185149 I did say i'll be going through it later to correct mistakes

186131 O ok well i guess i missed the memo on that.

190462 how could you miss it?, it was at the top of the chapter, the first thing you would of read

190738 not really I usually go to the start of the story I rarely read author notes cuz most of the time i don't see them but ya anyways ignore that comment on errors.

192463 first thing i thought of when the monsters started jumping out were tanks *Needs to stop playing Left 4 dead*

I dont belive it! OMG NEW CHAPTA! YAY!:yay: Apple reaction on Runner.... well... hahahah

its looken good keep it up.

319560 I am glad you are enjoying it so far


I feel the same way bro, I'm not super good at writing (Considering I only started really loving writing around 5 months or so.) But I started my own fic which I'm very proud of considering it's my first real story. I might have to read this but I'm caught up with everything else right now. I wish I could write like FoE and PH and other stories but I can't. Anyway, I will have to read this when I get the chance. :twilightsmile:

325223 thank you, and thank you for your interest, i hope you enjoy it when you get around to it

328336 Lets just hope your not a bad pony in the wasteland

Interesting to see how she gonna coninue her adventure with little foal) And I hope you are not one of autors who forget what mare can feed foal with her own milk)

381997 you won't have to worry about that :raritywink:

I'm surprised how much of a tie-in this story is to Project Horizons. Have you considered contacting Somber and maybe asking if he'd make a mention of a few things from your story? Also great work, I enjoy this story, it's pretty engaging and interesting.

Admittedly if you did get it to tie-in, You would have to fix a few events which are not chronologically accurate. Blackjack's Stable were all killed before the Balefire Bomb that Littlepip used on the Goddess was activated, ages ago in fact, meaning they would all have been long dead before Motor Runner returned to Hoofingtoon to get his synapsis link augmentation. The bomb should have gone off around the time Blackjack was trying to save Chapel from Sanguine, meaning Sanguine wouldn't be at the Hoofington dome to give Motor Runner his augmentation.

Unless I'm missing some big time skips, you've gotten some major events from Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons all muddled up. Plus Sanguine wouldn't have time to give Motor Runner his augmentation, he would've been with Vermilion by that point and Appletart would be near the end of her pregnancy if these were time skips. I do enjoy this story, I've just spent too much time on the wiki and reading those two stories and re-reading them to notice some major plot holes.

If you'd like some assistance in rewriting the story to fit in certain events chronologically, then lemme know sometime and I'll see what I can figure out.

450764 When Motor Runner was attacked by Stable 99 ponies it was before the bomb detonation and in some areas its been days in traveling when going to new places like from the Train Station to Pondale, between there I did a chapter which only involved Motor Runner and the new cloned Sky Fire and i mentioned days towards the end of that one. I'm not trying to tie Broken Steel in with PH, just some minor aspects for Motor Runner, now that he's got the Link there won't be anything really to involve PH.

451031 Ok thanks for clearing that up a little, exactly when did Motor Runner go back to Hoofington? Was it during the time Blackjack was dealing with her Stable or sometime between then and Sanguine's monitoring under Vermilion.

451067 It could be before or after as there could still be 99 ponies out in the wastes, like a group that had been sent out to bring back fresh meat and all that. In terms of when it could be after since the Balefire bomb detonation wasn't that far from it but keep in mind this was before the chapters of PH where Sanquine had been out trying to lure BJ back to the Hoof.

This... this is good. I must read more soon. :twilightsmile:

459363 I hope you enjoy it as you continue :3

AWWWWW YA you updated.

Frankenstein syndrome or is that Frankenstallion? :)

Whens the next chapter and when will Appletart have her foal?

479971 I have no idea what your talking about

480876 What do you mean when's the next chapter, i only just updated.

482074 I mean is it this week or next week?

I think it will be next next next week. Yep I thought if i wiil read all FoE ss, I will have something to read anytime (I have 50+ tracking stories), but in reality update rate usualy so slow what I have nothing new to read right now.
Hey and tha new chapta great, good scenas with raiders, kill them all :pinkiehappy:

those who are disliking, please tell me why you don't like it

They dislike it because they are filthy, stupid, damned, fucken FoE haters, and they probably have not even read the story so relax)

494084 As you know I'm a fan of this story. But I have a confession... When I started reading, I almost stopped when you introduced the Kodiak. I think it was a good decision, but it threw me for a loop at the time. I told myself that I can't be too harsh and to give it a chance, I am glad I did. :pinkiesmile:.

This is my second reading of this chapter and I am noticing some improvement in your writing, definitely fewer spelling mistakes in this chapter :pinkiehappy:. I am looking forward to Chapter 12, wondering if you'll answer questions that have plagued me like why Zyon was aboard the Kodiak II or did the Sires and Wretches emerging from Project Sire have any negative impact on the Wasteland or were they content to inhabit and plague a small area of their own.

554850 The Kodiak i thought fit well with the random encounters from Fallout 3 with the alien ship exploding in midair (never encountered it but seen it on youtube) and would be perfect to involve in my fic and to give Appletart her unique weapon. I knew that human weapons of the calibre of the mechs and firearms of GDI would be too powerful for Equestria so i also planned for the ship to be destroyed.

As for Zyon, I went through the eariler chapters some time ago and edited them and added some, didn't i say why he was there after he was rescued?

556559 Dunno, I'll have to re-read the earlier chapters.

Stable 112? I thought there were only 101 stables? Even said in FoE that they only made 101 stables. Did I miss something?

584156 I guess I forgot that but a lot of others are using Stables beyond 101

I will gladly proof read for you. I'm really good at catching grammatical errors and incorrect word usage. So yea if you want me to help with proof reading Email me at ThinkLoveReact@gmail.com
EDIT: By the way i already started proof reading. I have not made any major changes at all. Only spelling errors were fixed so far.

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