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I kind of want to see a bonus where Wet did choose to reupload his memory, only to find out that the specific memory of dying in the sim was still there from his biological mind. Just thought that'd be romantic.

Well... Stuff like that's why I left it ambiguous. It's all in how you choose to interpret the end.

I'm... not sure I understand. Are you confused by the story content, or the fetishes?

Um, if this really does have sex like the description says, it might be best to mark it as such! Thanks for that heads up though! Have a thumb up for that.

Gah. How did I miss that? Thank you for spotting it!

Even if Wet were restored, wouldn't there be a Ship of Thessius problem?

Very much so, yes. However, I feel it's somewhat diminished by this line:

The first symptoms of implant rejection. He’d need to replace the Shell soon.

Even these are not the originals.

I really wanna come back to this universe, actually, and expound on the precise lines between machine and pony, how they got here, and what's going on in the world at large. These characters might come back, they might not, they may only show up as a cameo, doing their jobs.


I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with

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