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The End!


A cute DoubleFavor fic about Party Favor being too shy to let Double Diamond know anything about his true feelings. Double Diamond is a top-notch skiier with a secret admirer who is closer to him than he thinks.

Trigger Warning: Cuddles, Minor Language, Suggestive Themes, Cuteness

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Just added part 4

Working on the next one, gonna be the big one, gonna be the last one.

Don't forget about the Epilouge.


I like this. And a part of me wants to know why. Eh love is love right?

Good "......." Or bad "........"?

Idk why I love this ship, it just makes me smile because i love it so much and things ;-;

This isn't an obscure pairing....

6335801 there was no folder for the ship so I put it there

YAAAAY 11 likes already?! I just posted it last night!

Is wasn't like Party to just join in on something as adventurous as skiing.

Should be It.

He looked back at Part and responded:

And should be Party

6345610 oops, sorry, my phone has very small buttons I'll go fix it now

This is the start of something great, I can tell!

Oooooooohhhh. I smell something. Yes, I can smell plot points I'm 75% draconequus.

Yaaaaaaayyy!!!! I love happy endings! Unless they're horror stories, with horror stories I always like horror endings. Anyway, :heart::heart::yay::heart::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::heart:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! :yay: :extreme yay:

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I'm extremely glad you enjoyed it

6764823 It's always got to be fluffy

7337089 They have character tags for both Double Diamond and Party Favor as well as Night Glider and Sugar Belle.

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