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i like the story and i want to read more. i still have Armor Core 2, 3, and 4 i want to get 5 and 6 i still love the games.:pinkiehappy:.
if i ever need a prof reader i would be more than happy to do so.

Very nice story. Hope there is more chapters in the future. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

6332460 Oh trust me, we are JUST getting started. I'm writing the next chapter right now.
6331674 I might just take you up on that offer.

Nice, Even more suspense than the last chapter. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I love it the best way i've anyone go about this.

6338321 Of course there is going to be more suspense, this is essentially the start of a mission briefing.
6338605 Thanks man, Glad you like it.

Awesome chapter, especially Telos telling the Mane Six, Celestia, and Luna about her world, her past, and how they were all so accepting of her...especially when they agreed to pay her to send Chrysalis a clear message that said "Stay out or else..." Great way to send the message too with the grenade cannon.

6455239 Considering that's easily the most powerful and long ranged weapon on her AC, what better way to say "Leave the ponies alone or answer to me"?


No kidding... Her drones are probably scared half to death.. I wouldn't be surprised if Chrysalis herself is gonna be taking a long time before she tries anything else... Unless she wants to get smeared like the overgrown cockroach that she is.

6455264 I'm tempted to run with the Idea that as long as its smaller targets, the Micro missile launcher can lock on to, and fire at, up to nine targets. What do you think?

6455280 please do so...I'd love to read about the look on that ugly bug's face if a whole bunch of her drones got blasted into bug bits, and she herself got blown out of the air by an explosion and got captured and held at gunpoint by Telos so Chrysalis could be made to stand trial for what she put Shining Armor and Cadence through.. Have the royal couple show up soon too so they can meet Telos and testify at Chrysalis's trial...at least that's what I'd like to see.

Oh trust me, it's not just gonna be the missiles and grenades. It's gonna have ALL of the weapons in use, and more often than not, the melee weapons being used during overed boost.


Sounds good to me... I just really want to see Chrysalis get her bug flank kicked and be made to stand trial for everything she did at Shining and Cadence's wedding. I absolutely despise that ugly bug.

6455927 It might happen, I'm still thinking on the ending.

I'd what to say other than I like it and wish for u to continue.

6485392 This is seriously tame in comparison to what the corporations would generally do to send a message, especially in for answer and last raven.

I loved it, especially when Telos started using the Changelings for target practice... I thought Chrysalis was gonna have a heart attack from fear. I hope that ugly bug gets her flank kicked soon.

6510547 Eventually, but life problems are getting in the way for now.

I totally understand. Best of luck with getting through whatever's causing you grief.

6511773 Freaking roommates second guessing and questioning EVERY GODDAMN job I get.

Ugh...that has got to suck almost as bad as dealing with Changelings. I've had annoying roommates too, when I attended a vocational training program years ago.

6511802 welp, they're getting evicted soon enough. Till then, I'm with my landlords.

I'm so glad you won't have to deal with them anymore. Why are they getting tossed out?

6512475 An attempted lawsuit, plus rent evasion and lack of upkeep in the house.

Jeez...what a *sarcastic* lovely bunch of morons.

6512841 And now they expect me to give them back the laptop i BOUGHT from them so they can sell it and pay a security deposit.

Idiots! I hope you told them no...the laptop is legally yours now. Hope you can get through this soon.

6515288 My response, Quote:"And after all the bullshit you've put me through, and everything you did to me, you expect me to do you that big of a favor? HAHAHA NO."

Ha-ha...that's exactly what I would have said! Sticking to your guns and denying their stupidity just like Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Luna, Shining Armor, Cadence, Celestia, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash stand firm to defend Equestria every day from any threat. Your roommates are leeches just like Chrysalis and her Changeling scum.

Ah yes....the worst nightmare of any Changeling, including that ugly overgrown bug Chrysalis. I bet Shining Armor especially will have some rather...interesting things to say to her at her trial if she does get brought to justice... To say nothing about what Twilight, Cadence, and the others will have to say to her...it's not gonna be pretty for the bug.

6515489 She's gonna be in a wheelchair at the trial. With no legs.

Ooohh....I like the sound of that! I'm betting she's gonna get the stuffing pounded out of her, am I right? Just what she deserves for almost killing Cadence, turning Shining Armor into her Mind-controlled puppet, imprisoning Celestia in a cocoon and trying to turn her into a Changeling, turning Twilight's friends and family against her, and imprisoning Twilight in the mines..along with all the damage she and her Changelings caused in Canterlot. Given Chrysalis's evil nature...she probably won't be in the least bit sorry...I hope she does cuz I really hate her.

Dies..not does. Sorry...my phone's spell check was acting up

6515518 No beating, just a torturous, lengthy, painful death.
She's going to try to destroy the AC, FAIL miserably, and get her legs taken off. Haven't picked what will do it yet, but a plasma bolt just grazing her legs would do it :pinkiecrazy:

I like that even better! Stupid Chrysalis...thinking she could destroy a huge Armored Core that carries enough firepower to obliterate an entire city. Please let Shining, Twilight, Cadence, Celestia, and Luna get some kicks into her for all the misery that bitch caused....have Telos kill some of her drones too, while she's forced to watch. I think a near miss from the Karasawa would be perfect to blow off her legs...it'd cauterize the wounds so she didn't bleed out.

6515544 I kinda want her to suffer.
The plasma rifle seems like if it misses and the very edge of the corona touches an organic, the effected flesh would just melt away.
Come on, not a whole lot is gonna surpass that in terms of suffering.
And yeah, she's gonna repent. But by the time she does, it's gonna be far too late. To be exact, during the excruciatingly painful execution.

Perfect punishment for that monster...and I don't think even Celestia or Cadence, as kind as they are, would be in the mood to let Chrysalis live after what she put them through.

6515757 Funny thing. Guess who's going to want to show mercy?Spoilers, It's Telos.

Kinda makes sense...she wasn't there to see and experience the pain and torment Chrysalis put everypony through. I bet it'll take a lot to change her mind, like Twilight or Celestia using a spell to show her how much they suffered during Chrysalis's attack on Canterlot.

6515821 Actually, the reason is because Telos knows with devastating clarity how it feels to be alone and vulnerable. And at the point which Chrysalis begs for mercy, she's both of those.

Ah...I see...I can imagine the life of a Raven is pretty lonely. Are you gonna have Twilight or Celestia, or maybe Shining or Cadence argue to Telos why Chrysalis should be executed before Chrysalis dies?

6515841 It's gonna be Cadance and Fluttershy, actually. While Cadance hates her for what she did, and is biased because of it, Fluttershy has a completely different perspective on the whole thing.

I can definitely understand Cadence ..Chrysalis assaulted and imprisoned her, Mind-controlled Shining Armor and almost stole the love of her life, tried to turn her adoptive aunt Celestia into a Changeling, and she attacked and imprisoned Twilight. What do you plan to have Fluttershy say regarding Chrysalis? I assume it's because of how Chrysalis made her and the others doubt Twilight.

I knew it! Have the rest of her friends back her up too...I know they'd want to since they always stick together

6516100 Actually, I only plan on having fluttershy say it, because, in case you can't tell, in this story, she's the voice of the mane six when it comes to emotional/shocking things.

Yeah...she always has been the voice of reason amongst them. I bet Cadence is really gonna unload on Chrysalis though... Her testimony ought to be gold with how she'll argue that Chrysalis is too evil to be left alive.

6516815 Not really that she's evil, but that her methods are.

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