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The White Alicorn - Brony2015

During Princess Luna's night court a mysterious white Alicron colt is suddenly born through strange magic and thrown into Equestria. Luna saves his life and must decide upon the colt fate and place within Equestria.

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Chapter 1

The Moon began its slow descent from the sky and in its place the sun slowly began to rise bathing all of Equestria in its warmth and light. Luna stood silently on the balcony watching the sun slowly rise, her mind was full of questions and uncertainties it had been three years since the Elements had freed her from the corruption of nightmare moon, Luna was healing but she still felt guilt everyday for allowing herself to be corrupted so easily. Turning back towards her bedroom she paused and watched the nameless colt as he slept peacefully on her bed, there were so many questions that needed answering but they would be beyond her reach until the nameless colt could control his dreams and allow her to uncover the secrets to his sudden creation and birth.

Pushing the thoughts from her mind Luna approached the sleeping colt and gentle nuzzled the spot between his ears, the nameless colt slowly woke from his sleep and as he blinked the sleep from his eyes, his face lit up at the sight of Luna.

“Good morning little one I hope your feeling a little better this morning”?

The nameless colt nodded softly before blushing slightly as his stomach grumbled loudly, Luna chuckled at the sound it was no sunrise to her that he was hungry, the magical surge that had nearly cost him his life had no doubt drained his little body of all its natural energy. Luna new that a second magical surge would happen eventually and to prevent any further incidents the Nameless colt needed to learn to control his magical power, but firstly he needed to eat after that she would talk with him.

“Come little one you must be starving and I am sure the cooks will have prepared a delicious breakfast”.

Luna gently levitated the colt onto her back and she quietly slipped out of her bedroom and into the corridor. Luna stopped suddenly as she stepped into the corridor and the nameless colt whimpered in fear. The corridor was filled with royal guards, they stood side by side like a sold wall of golden armor and as Luna slowly stepped from her room she felt a flare of anger as she noticed the guards eyes flicker to the trembling colt on her back.

Luna glared at the guards as she slowly walked passed them, and they flinched a little as the princess of the night slowly walked passed them, Luna was silent but while she walked she memorized each guard and promised herself that all of them would not sleep soundly for the rest of the week. As Luna approached the end of the corridor she rested her gaze on the guard captain and she narrowed her eyes as he stepped towards her.

“My apologies your highness but we were instructed by Prince Blu....

Luna's voice cold and icy cut across the captain and he stepped back his body began to tremble as the princes of the night loomed over him.

“Captain you will dismiss your troops, you are my sisters guards and she is your commander, any further orders from my nephew are to be ignored”.

Luna continued to walk towards the royal dinning room the sound of the guards panicked hooves filled her ears, as Luna continued towards the royal dinning room her attention was directed to the shivering colt upon her back.

“Hush little one I will keep you safe you have my word”.

Luna felt the colt shivers slowly ease away at the sound of her voice, and she felt his little body slowly relax and his breathing easy until it was slow and steady. Luna let her mind swirl with thoughts as she approached the door to the royal dinning room. It was one of the few places both herself and her sister could get a little quiet time with out the presence of the royal guards it was a place both she and her sister could relax and just be themselves.

Luna paused at the door and turned her head to face the nameless colt as he lay upon her back. Her words were kind but held a serious tone.

“We are about to enter the royal dinning room, normally only myself and my sister are allowed access and to my knowledge foals have never been allowed inside. You must not speak of what you see inside is that understood” ?.

The nameless colt nodded quickly but did not speak, Luna gently wrapped her magical aura around him and lifted him off her back and placed him on the floor, Luna towered above the nameless colt being many times his size, but no fear came from him only the sense of comfort and safety while in her presence. The door was briefly encased in Luna’s light blue aura as it opened and she motioned for the nameless colt to follow her into the dinning room.

The room was small and comfortable, a small table graced the center of the room surround by large comfortable pillows, the room was painted with colors of both the day and the night. Sitting at one side of the table was Princess Celestia her normal multicolored main and tail were now a light pink and were not moving as if caught in a breeze. The nameless colt suddenly jumped in sunrise as Luna’s mane and tail also stopped moving and lost there star filled appearance to become light blue in color.

Both Luna and Celestia chuckle softly at the colts surprise to Luna’s sudden change in appearance, Luna settles herself upon a large red cushion directly across from her elder sister and gently motions for the nameless colt to sit beside her.

“Introductions before explanations little one. This is my elder sister Princess Celestia but you can just call her Celestia, she has already met you but you were unconscious at the time”.

Luna watched silently as the nameless colt slowly approached her elder sister, Celestia remind silent much like her younger sister Celestia also made close attention to the colts wobbly legs he was to much like a newborn and much like her sister this to worried Celestia, with slowly and gentle movements Celestia wrapped her forelegs around the colts small body and gently hugged him. For a moment Celestia was silent as she gently stroked a hoof across the colts back before whispering softly her voice like that of a mother comforting her foal.

“I am happy to see you are feeling better little one and I promise that both me and my sister will do everything within our power to help you”.

Celestia slowly released the colt and watched quietly as he returned to Luna’s side, much like her sister Celestia had many question flowing through her mind she was well aware that the magical surge that had almost killed the young colt had been so powerful that it had been sensed by almost ever unicorn in Equestria, within minutes of the magical surge she had received a frantic letter from her fellow princess and former student Twilight Sparkle. Celestia had written back and assured Twilight that everything was fine and for the moment she had asked that Twilight reassure the citizens of Ponyville that both herself and Luna were fine and the strange magical surge was nothing to worry about.

Celestia new that Twilight would eventually give in to her curiosity and pay her a visit but for now the mysterious birth of the nameless colt was her main concern. Celestia looked towards her sister and softly motioned towards the small dinner bell, understanding her sister’s meaning Luna draped a wing over the nameless colt and hid him from view, moments later Celestia rang the dinner bell.

A small door tucked away at the back of the room was engulfed in a light yellow aura before slowly opening, three unicorn’s dressed in the outfits of a butler quickly walked into the room, levitating above them were three large tray filled with food. They quickly levitated the food on to the table and with a nod of thanks the two royal sisters silently waited until they had left the room.

As soon as the three unicorns left the room, Luna moved her wing and the nameless colts attention was quickly drawn towards to smell of food spread across the table his eyes looked over the many dishes layered out and his clear eagerness to eat caused both royal sister to giggle.

“Time to fill the empty stomach little one and I think a nice bowl of porridge will be a good start”.

Luna levitated a bowl of freshly made porridge towards the nameless colt, he sniffed it slowly and his eyes lit up as the scent of fresh cinnamon and apples filled his nostrils and without hesitation he shoved his nose and mouth into the bowl and began to eat. Both sister appeared to watch the nameless in silence, however both sisters were speaking privately to each other with in the peace of there own minds.

“Have his dreams revealed anything to you LuLu”?

“Nothing that explains his birth the only thing he seems to remember is falling....and then waking up in my hooves”.

The two royal sisters remain silent for a moment and quietly watch the nameless colt eat, the colt suddenly pulls away from the bowl of porridge and Luna smiles softly seeing that it is now empty. Luna selects a plate of fresh pancakes covered with syrup and places it in front of the colt he eyes widen with happiness at the sight of the pancakes and he begins to eat with gusto.

“He appears to have a healthy apatite Tia for a colt of his age at least”.

Celestia gave silent nod she was more concerned about the colts eyes, they were so very familiar to her because she saw them everyday when she looked at her younger sister.

“LuLu why does he have your eyes”.

Celestia had known her sister for many lifetimes and even after a thousand years of exile he mannerisms had not changed. Luna quickly turned her head and avoided her elder sisters gaze while answering the question, Celestia new all to well that Luna was uncomfortable with the question.

“Sister....Tia they may look similar but....

“They are not just similar little sister they are identical it is as if he was born from your very womb and shares your blood”.

Luna went silent and her attention turned to the nameless colt as he feed upon the plate of pancakes, she studied his eyes and as her sister had said there were her own eyes she had noticed this of course but the very meaning behind it filled her with a sense of discomfort, forcing the issue from her thoughts Luna quickly changed the subject.

“Tia there are more pressing matters you are well aware as I am the child will experience a second magical surge if he is not taught control”.

Celestia closed her eyes and sighed softly Luna had not changed as always she attempted to hid from the truth when it was in plain sight, but for now Celestia was willing to put the matter to one side and discuss it at a later time for now there were indeed more pressing matters to attend to.

“That is a matter I shall leave to you LuLu teach him to tame his powers and to master the basics....we shall discuss other matters once that is done”.

“Tia surely you will make a better teacher then I after all you have trained many.....

“LuLu do not let your past control you. Darkness may be your strength but it no longer controls you”.

Celestia said no more and ignored her younger sisters arguments as she turned towards the door her mane resuming its normal rainbow appearance before she slipped into the corridor she whispered softly her words heard only by Luna.

“Teach him well little sister and guard him well for he may be the one to heal your heart”.

Celestia said no more and silently slipped out of the room leaving Luna alone with the nameless colt. Luna was silent for a long time her thought a swirl of confusion and uncertainty, turning her attention to the nameless colt Luna found him sitting quietly by her side watching her with interest.

“Have you eaten all you wish to little one”.

The nameless colt nodded his head in answer to her question and Luna smiled softly at him before turning her attention to the table and its many dishes, Luna ate quickly not wanting to delay the colts training any further if she was to prevent another part of the castle from being destroyed. Her belly full and satisfied Luna gently motioned for the nameless colt to follow her towards to door. Letting her mane resume its star like appearance Luna slipped into the corridor and rested her gaze on the small colt that stood quietly beside her.

“We must talk little one and I believe my private garden will be a good place”.

Luna spoke no more and silently walked down the corridor as she did she listened to the soft and wobbly steps of the nameless colt as he walked beside her, Luna became lost in thought her mind else were and her hooves grew louder as she quickened her walk down the corridor, she though of the small nameless colt that had suddenly come into her life and of how he could change her life for the better, but she also thought of the darkness that was still a part of her and the harm it could bring to one so young, a voice small and weak suddenly broke Luna’s thoughts and she suddenly noticed the absence of the nameless colt from her side.

“Princess Luna....please wait for me”.

Luna turned her head and she cursed herself for not watching the little colt, he was clearly unable to keep up with her stronger more powerful legs and he had fallen behind, his small body trembling as he struggled to breath. Luna quickly hurried over to the trembling colt and he looked up at her his eyes full of tears.

“Please don't leave me alone.....

The little colts words faded as he burst into silent tears, Luna felt her heart grow heavy with guilt, yet again she had caused pain to a pony because of her actions, Luna hung her head in shame and for a moment she felt her guilt overcome her and at the very edge of her mind she felt a dark presence slip past her defenses. Luna feeling this presence pulled herself back from her dark thoughts and her defences pushed the presence back into the void of her mind. Luna focused on the crying colt before her she gently nuzzled his head and kissed him softly below his small stubby horn.

“Hush now little one the fault is mine not yours, rest upon my back for now and we shall talk once we reach the garden”.

Luna gently levitated the nameless colt onto her back were he slowly began to relax, Luna’s very presence acting as a soothing balm to his shivering body. As Luna softly walked down the corridor the nameless colt lay motionless up her back, he listened to the soft sound of Luna’s hooves and the even softer sound of her breathing and as the minutes passed he began to slowly close his eyes and with sleep came the dream. The dream was weak and revealed itself as brief flashes that appeared blurry and out of place. There was a large park covered with green grass many colts and filly's played there but the stood on two legs not four. The dream shifted and in its place was the smiling face of a mare she stood on two legs much like the colts and filly’s, for a brief moment the nameless colt was vaguely aware of his body within the dream and he new it was not the same body he now possessed. The dream faded once again this time to be replaced with the sound of fear and panic as people ran through the streets the builds around them burning and from the skies came a great plague it swept across the dream scape smothering everything in darkness, the only sound was a cruel laugh which echoed through the darkness.

The nameless colt was suddenly ripped from the dream his screams echoed across the royal garden to be heard only by Luna as she held him close to her side a warm wing wrapped snuggled around his shivering body. Hot tears wet his cheeks but the nameless colt could not recall the images from his dream only a sense of terror and grief filled his mind. Luna gently pressed the nameless colt closer to her warm side and gently massaged the colts trembling body with her wing.

“Shh its all right little one you are safe nothing is going to Hurt you”.

Luna continued to gentle sooth the upset colt her mind full of questions, she had caught brief glimpses of his dream and she was sure that what she had witnessed was not a dream but a memory one that was so terrible that the little colts mind had suppressed it. Time and patience were clearly needed and Luna new she would have to do her very best to guide the nameless colt, but for now there were more pressing matters to attend to. Luna gently released the nameless colt from the comforting grip of her wing and she silently stood her larger more powerful body once again towering over the cots small body.

“Dry your tears little one and look upon my garden”.

The nameless colt pulled his from underneath his small wing and his eyes went wide with wonder at the sight before him. Luna's garden stretched out before the cots eyes it was full of strange trees and plants that were the color of the night. There were trees that were large and ancient there thick trucks and branches were covered with a black bark that glittered with miniature stars and there leaves were a dark blue much like Luna s coat. The many flowers that filled the garden were also much like the night sky, large black roses covered with light blue thorns, the grass was a mix of light and dark blues and was soft and cool to the touch. As the nameless colt’s eyes took in the sight before him Luna smiled with happiness to see that there was another who appreciated her garden for its beauty.

“What is that”.

The colts voice all though small caught Luna’s attention and she followed his gaze to see he was studying one of her moon flowers, it was much like a sun flower but its petals were silver and had a slight glow to them and its center looked much like a small galaxy that was slowly swirling with the passage of time.

“There called moon flowers there one of my own creations....do you like them”.

Luna paused waiting for the little cot to answer and for a while he said nothing and just studied the moon flowers eventually his small quiet voice reached Luna’s ears and his answer filled her with happiness.

“There beautiful princes Luna....everything in your garden is beautiful”.

Luna lowered her head to the nameless colts level and placed a kiss of thanks upon his head before motioning for him to follow her. Luna walked through the garden her sense’s tingled with the effects of the gardens deep and ancient magic and all around her she felt the silent movements of the gardens many animals as they hide from view unsure of the the nameless colts strange presence. Finally Luna stopped at the base an ancient tree its many branches weighed to the ground giving the tree a hunched over appearance, as Luna stepped underneath the trees leafy branches she felt the faint presence of her sister followed by an echo of sadness. Luna felt tears in her eyes as her sisters sadness echoed around her but she forced such emotions away not wanting to be distracted while she started the colts control lessons. Luna settled herself beneath the tree and raised a wing moments later she felt the nameless colt snuggle up to her side and she slipped her wing over him leaving only his head exposed.

“Little one I must talk with you it is of great importance that you listen to everything I have to say”.

The nameless colt watched Luna silently and nodded his head softly, his eyes never left hers and as her words filled his ears the little colt’s eyes went wide with fear.

“You may not remember but when you first arrived so suddenly into the lands of Equestria you were unable to control the magic the dwells deep within you. As a result you were almost consumed by it and the result would have been the complete destruction of the castle and the city that surrounds it”.

Luna paused and gentle nuzzled the nameless colts cheek soothing away his fears, she pulled away from him and smiled softly at him and slowly the fear in his eyes lessened and his breathing slowed to a more gentle pace. Once satisfied that the little colt was no longer in danger of having a panic attack Luna continued her explanation.

“It was only through me that you survived little one, I was able to absorb a great deal of your raw magic and add it my own unfortunate the remaining portion of your magic still was still to much for you to handle and the result was the destruction of the castle throne room”.

Luna smiled softly as the little colts ears flatted against his head and guilt filled his face, once again Luna felt a flicker of worry for the young one for yet again it was clear he had a basic knowledge of what she spoke of a thing that was impossible for a creature born of magic only a few hours ago. Luna gently lifted the little colts head with a hoof until he was once again face to face with her.

“Do not worry about the throne room little one it can be rebuilt in time. For the moment we must tackle the issue of your magic and your ability to control it”.

Luna took a slow and steady breath and prepared herself for what she had to do, she had never taught anypony unlike her elder sister who had many students so Luna decided the best way to teach the nameless colt was to teach him as she had been taught. Luna quickly dipped her horn and let it connect with the smaller horn of the nameless colt, she let her magic and mind flow inwards and she took the nameless colt with her deep into the depths of her very soul.

Author's Note:

OK first things first. I am very sorry for the long wait for chapter 1 but the wait is over and here it is. It is not as long as the Prologue but that is due to the second half of chapter 1 becoming chapter 2. I will be working on the next chapter and hope to get it up quicker than this chapter. As always feedback appreciated.

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This could be an interesting story, but you would need to to avoid the typical pitfall of a human turn alicorn and adopted by one of the royal sisters; one of the most typical is that the writer are normally reluctant to developed the human personalty, as in not to put any actual flaws and to put them in any form of danger or to put then in difficult situations. The main trouble that I see in the writing is that sentences tend to be too long and would need to be broken down into smaller one.

I can already tell that Prince Blue***** is going to be a pain in the a** later on.:ajbemused:
Keep up the good work.:ajsmug:


Thanks for the Advice and support :)


Thanks for the comment. :)

This is interesting... but you really need to have both chapters reviewed and edited properly. They're suffering from tense-change and bad spelling/grammar. These are easy to fix, but it does detract from the story, fortunately not to the point where it makes it hard to read or destroys the story's lovely premise. Otherwise, a very good beginning. Keep it up.

I hope that this is being continued?

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