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Amature music composer and writer. MLP inspires me like it does so many others and I want to share with the community that has given me so much.

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Oooh, this is pretty good already. I'll be watching this closely...


Haha, glad to hear you enjoyed it. ;3

More depravity to come soon!

I found this terribly cute. Good job!


Glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure if things will remain as cute going forward but something tells me people will enjoy it anyway. :twilightsheepish: :fluttershyouch:

It's hard not to think of this when reading.


Haha I should watch more black adder. My family watched it while I was growing up but I was too young to appreciate it

If my story brings this to mind then maybe I should add the comody tag!

This is nice so far. Some spelling mistakes but not many:

The sigenario simply poured into her mind like sweet ambrosia.


Twilight moaned, louder then she would have normally allowed herself to in her old home.

that should be 'than'

they both came harder then either had ever thought possable


rocketed forth into her silicone fucktool with impossable force.

impossible, like the above one.

I'll definitely be following this, have a like

Unapologetic, shameless clop. Oh Celestia, I want to read more!


More's on the way sooner then you think ;3


Looking foward for more :3 .. this was very fun to read

what the hell is wrong with some people :rainbowhuh:


Glad you liked it! What follows will be either very fun or very horrific depending on your point of view.


Yay! My first negative comment! I am now officially a clop writer! :yay:

6329406 im not judging are trying to be rude, its just I don't like crap like this is all


im not judging

are trying to be rude,

its just I don't like crap like this is all

Sounds judgey and rude to me. :rainbowhuh:

6329454 sorry let me restate what I said '' I don't like stories like these and I was just thinking what's wrong with people when I saw the comments''

6329406 and I apologize for what I said, people will like what they want


Fair enough. Honesty is fine in my books so I'll give some back to you.

The few seconds you spent adding a tiny tidbit of negativity to a world that's already overflowing with it could have been spent investigating the site's settings and preferences for a way to filter out "crap like this".

6329491 you make a good point, and thank you for your honesty


No hard feelings, man. It's not like I wrote this expecting everyone to like it. :rainbowlaugh:

6329529 well I'm glad we sorted this out and good day sir

6329406 Welcome to my world, I can't wait to do foalcon.

Pretty good so far, I can't wait to see what happens between these two mares and where it could end up.

One suggestion for later though: cum inflation is best inflation.


Yay! Glad you're enjoying it!

I'm not really sure how this story is gonna progress, but the general formula is gonna be: the longer it goes on, the more fucked up it's gonna get.

And yes, your choice of inflation pleases me.

She ley strwen across the mattress in her room, on her back, wings spasming excitedly against the bedsheets.

I believe you mean "lay strewn"

Only error I spotted, but it's early enough I thought "Oh god, this is going to be a potentially hot piece populated plentifully by painful spelling errors." But then I read on and it's good... so far. Tracking.


Fixed~ Thanks you!
I hope you enjoy what comes next. >:3

Excellent, excellent. I loved this. Can't wait to see what comes next. : 3

It's always fun to read proper dirty talk from someone utterly lost in thier lust. I really like this, and I'll be watching for more.

Hmm...well, I do like TwixShy, so I'll see where this goes. From the sounds of it, this will eventually grow too dark for me to continue reading, but I'm interested to see how it goes until that point. :pinkiehappy:

Very curious to see how Twi and Shy work this out at all once Twi catches up to her. I assume it will be adorable before turning depraved. A good depraved, mind you. :yay:

I'd say the ones most likely to end this for me will be rape and Mind Control. But don't let my thoughts stop you at all from doing what you want. Rape is not my thing, kinda hard to rape the willing as well, and I assume Shy is fairly willing to do stuff with Twi by that point *I don't see Shy having any luck raping an Alicorn. ^^;;;*

And mind control always takes the fun out the reading for me in general. Hypnosis to make someone aroused when a certain phrase is said can be amusing, but mind control is just not fun to me. A listless zombie that gives no reaction due to only taking orders? I, myself, do not understand the appeal. But, again, that's just me. :pinkiehappy:

Good luck to you on this, and curious to see how this goes.

Chapter 2 is up!

Sorry to anyone who read it immediately after uploading, there were a handful of editing mistakes that I missed, but it should be a lot cleaner now. (err... it's still pretty dirty) :scootangel:

This is absolutely awesome! I love what you're doing and I hope to see more soon.

"P-please!" The little mare hollered. "Please rape me!

Per my last comment, you can't rape the willing. ^-^;; But I guess they just like saying that kinda stuff during the act.

As you put in the description, shameless clop. Still wish more was talked out at the end, but that's not what you were promising with this after all.:pinkiehappy:

I do like how Twilight turned back into herself at the end, once she woke up and realized just how brutal she was to Fluttershy. But blood from that area is kinda freaky, and she may have had no idea Shy was a virgin, so the blood makes things look even worse to her.

From shame and fear to giving in to lust, then back to shame and fear and then on to comfort at the end. They are in for a very emotional and confusing time I think. Though I am curious if they talk any of it out next chapter or not.

...Aaand now I'm picturing escalation of these rape fantasies to include Fluttershy going out late at night, never knowing when Twilight's going to pounce on her...only to get blitzed by Twilight in an alleyway, dragged into the darkness and ravaged.

Then Twilight leaves her there, sore and satisfied, forcing her to walk/fly home in her used state.

I can hear it... I can hear exactly how Fluttershy's voice actress would sound screaming those words. It's fucking hot.


Thanks for the comments, sorry I didn't get back you sooner.

I feel like even though I started writing this with no real intention for it to have a message or moral, I'm already starting to feel like maybe I'm writing one in subconsciously.

Shame is an awful emotion to have to grapple with, yet it exists alongside the fact that millions of people across the world often enjoy fantasizing about, or in some cases doing, things they know are wrong. Sometimes I feel like shame is the emergency break that engages when the cables in an elevator fail. We know it's there to keep us from plummeting to our doom, yet the morbidly curious will always wonder just what exactly awaits them at the bottom of the elevator shaft.


Thanks so much! ^^

I'm not too sure when chapter 3 will be up, but hopefully you'll be around when it drops!

Just goes to show how iconic and talented Andrea Libman is, I guess. x3

Oh man. Knowing that's what you imagine is coming next makes me think you're either going to be really happy or really disgusted with what's actually coming next. I guess we'll find out together.

Oh I don't think that's necessarily coming next, just...something akin to that as a possibility. You know, that level of depravity, and then some.

This is hot. The only problem is, the anime dialogue is impossible to avoid in a story like this.

T-T You need to make the chapters longer. It's so hot and intensive, I never want them to end. A 12 out of 10 because it's twenty percent sexier than anything I'd expect.


Ha, I know what you mean. maybe it's because a majority of the cartoon smut that dwellers of the internet are exposed to comes in the form of hentai and those hilariously translated doujinshi. Some actual dialogue will probably start to emerge once the initial fuck-frenzy wears off.


If I make them any longer, Twilight will probably rip poor Fluttershy right in half! That's not suppose to happen until chapter 7! (Just kidding. Or am I?)

6353349 *Drooling* Okay. I just can't get enough~ :twilightblush::yay:

Um... wow... this was really really good. Yep, glad I chose to follow this.

And believe it or not, this chapter has earned your story a spot in my special bookshelf. It took me THERE...


I'm glad you enjoyed it! The description of your special bookshelf made me grin devilishly. I'm not entirely sure where THERE is, but something tells me this story is heading THERE to set up shop.

6355010 You don't want to know where THERE is...

NO ONE needs to know where THERE is...

That place isn't a place for the mentally sane... :pinkiecrazy:

Im not sure if I should be horrified, disgustted, or really fucking aroused. Probably all three knowing myself.
(Still loved the chapter tho :yay:)

I'm definatly following this story! Just e mere concept of throwing the show-canon away and inventing your own personalities, making whoever you want w sex-driven rapist is one of my favorite concepts just because of how impossible it is show-wise!

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