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Once, the Equestrian civilization was to usher in a golden age for the galaxy. Then came the Chaotic Dark, which sundered the Equestrian homeworld and set events in motion which would bring about their downfall. Even now, a millennium later, they continue their struggle to restore themselves to what they once were. These are the adventures of the Celestia Solaris and her crew, as well as the personal journey of Spa'iik "Spike" Dragonfire, the only Draconian in the Equestrian Fleet.

A very special thanks to both Crystal Wishes and Ash19256 for reading my drafts and helping me to improve the quality of the story!



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Huzzah! :yay: It's finally been posted! That means I finally get to read what happens next! :pinkiehappy:

"An AU with a military background, a well put together, and engaging story, coupled with lore is good in my book."
-Rolling Pones, *****

Comment posted by Indigo Steel deleted Aug 22nd, 2015

6341971 Thank you for that glowing review!

Well, this certainly looks like it's going to be interesting.

Although I am curious why Rarity hasn't made an appearance yet. We saw Spike interacting with every other member of the core cast clique.

And I like that Sunset Shimmer is the Second in Command to Twilight. That's a nice touch.

6347815 Thanks for the compliments! True, Rarity and Pinkie Pie have yet to show up. The reason for that is that I didn't want to cram all of the main 6 intros into one episode, unless the episode multi-parter was one episode instead, which would defeat the whole purpose of splitting the episode into parts to provide more content faster. Rest assured, though, they will be introduced in the next chapter, as well as others!

Missed no Pinkie Pie. Can't believe I did that.

So far really good. Hope a new chapter comes out eventually.

Why hasn't a new chapter been posted?!?!?!?!

7312132 I really am sorry about that. My plate's been extremely loaded over the last year. That said, I've made some progress on part two of this episode, and the episode to follow when the multi-parter here is done. I have a ton of ideas for episodes and a definite direction for the story to go. Again, apologies for the hiatus.

Damn. Even after all this time, this story just sucks me in.

Well done.....but......why so long making chapters?

Also that end quote....you used the April fools dragonfire commercial huh? This fic is based on this huh? Also will we see Luna at all?

7605324 Thank you! To answer your questions in order...

1. I've had and still have a lot on my plate, so it's hard to make time or energy to write. Throw in writer's block, other writing projects, and a tendency to procrastinate, and there you go. I am very sorry about this and I will try to improve. :(

2. Correct! I wanted Spike to make the quote at the end of the first episode, and it turned out okay, I think!

3. CORRECT! This is my particular vision of the Dragonfire series that might have been. Even though the setup mostly reminds me of Destiny, I've been using just about every sci-fi mold and trope out there, like Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Andromeda.

4. Yes...yes you will. In the next episode, in fact!

7605936 it's ok take your time
Will we the Dazzlings at all? Or any possible shipping?

7605936 also I wonder who played spike in that dragonfire promo? Has he done any other voice acting?

7606838 I will most definitely use the Dazzlings (thanks for reminding me of them!) and any other aspect of ponydom I can think of, including the Bronalysis community and maybe Kilala97's "next-gen" ponies (If they'll allow it, which I'm sure they will). There will be shipping in the future, but pairings are still up in the air (hence my indecisiveness on using the next-gens). As for the voice of Spike in that intro, haven't the foggiest, but I can pretend it's Steve Blum.

7607337 While that would be an awesome intro, I'll probably end up making my own (even fanfiction has copyright issues it seems, ugh).

Will this be heavily Spike-centric? Because I would like that.

7613610 For the most part, at least, yes. He IS the star of the show, after all!

Good shit, indigo, keep it up!

Welcom back! And Thank you for the chapter Lore bildning is importent.

Okay, can I just say I love this story! It's well thought out and an interesting twist on the original series. I like the names you came up with for all the different species (Adamacanid, Vespertilio, etc.), that shows real dedication. I especially like stories where Spike is portrayed as the central character, good on you there. In short, I will be watching this story and await the next chapter eagerly, and yet with great patience, because I understand you can't rush perfection. Keep up the great work!

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