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Despite herself, Twilight starts to think that Rainbow Dash might be right about Rarity having a crush on Big McIntosh. And, well, friends help friends out in situations like this, don't they?

Many thanks to Present Perfect for editorial advice and to the following artists whose work I cut up for the cover image: The Crusius for Twilight and Rainbow; Fehlung for Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy; RedInk853 for Big Mac; and Jeatz-Axl for Spike.

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Look for chapter two:

Tomorrow, and a new chapter every day after that till next Monday!


This is definitely an unexpected side of Dash. I'm honestly more curious to hear about her past experiences than to see the attempts at matchmaking, though both intrigue me quite a bit. I look forward to more.

Why is Dash so interested?


Tune in tomorrow!

I've always wanted to say that! :pinkiehappy:


This is going to end in so much fire.:eeyup:

So much fire... *Waves Spike/Rarity flag* Let's see how this all goes down!

"Good." Rainbow gave a sly grin. "Since you already got a coltfriend up north and all."

Twilight totally has a coltfriend! ...he lives in Canada the Crystal Empire.

This is intriguing. My only concern is that you currently seem to be short on lesbians. But I'll keep an eye out, and if you aren't able to procure any we'll discuss doubling up on them in the future. :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Hooked by some very authentic dialogue. Dunno where it's going from here, but I intend to find out.

Well now, this is interesting all right.

Wonder who Rainbow keeps thinking of...

Haha, perhaps it is Blueblood...

"I mean, c'mon! When aren't we?"


Anyway, this looks intriguing. Got to tune in for the next episode, then!

Big Mac said more than one sentence. That's always a red flag obviously.


Have you:

Been reading ahead? :trixieshiftright:


I'm glad:

Folks are finding it interesting so far. We'll see how you feel by Monday, though! :twilightsmile:


Huh. Didn't realize it was already Accidentally Vent Your Romantic Baggage Day. I can only imagine what kind of festivities Pinkie has planned...

In any case, the meaning of the cover art is becoming clearer and Applejack's countryisms are in top form. It looks like this might actually get resolved without destroying half of Ponyville. Or so I hope.

Dear Celestia, we're going to need a shipping diagram before this is all over aren't we? :trollestia:


I said it before:

And I'll say it again. Tune in tomorrow! Because I really love saying it! :pinkiehappy:


Rainbow please. If Rarity had Mac, she'd be trotting that all over town. Just like you would. But at the same time, It'd be just like her not to kiss and tell. :raritywink:

Oh-ho, well now, what happened to Rainbow I wonder...
*pondering intensifies*


Huh. Didn't realize it was already Accidentally Vent Your Romantic Baggage Day. I can only imagine what kind of festivities Pinkie has planned...

I am already wondering what a story with that as it's premise would be like.

Ah, the ministrations of the meddling observer. I can't wait to see how wrong everypony was and watch the cards go tumbling down.
And it's always fun to see one of Twilight's little breakdowns. I guess Cadance is more of a "hooves on" Princess when it comes to her portfolio. Either love is something to be left alone entirely so it can grow naturally, or you just zap 'em with a spell and trot off.

And alas! This story has not been added to any groups, and as such I cannot identify which ship of Macintosh's fleet counts this tale among its cargo! Well played, author.

Hmm... was that an AppleShy flag I saw briefly?

This is an interesting and fun take on Dash. It does seem boisterous enough to still be her, though.

Now that just raises questions about both Twilight and Dash's experiences or lack thereof. Twilight seems interested but has no idea how to get started or if she even should, and Dash apparently had a long history with the subject.

"You want me to jump Mac soon as he gets back from market, hog-tie him, and find out if'n he's hitting on Rarity?"

"No!" Rainbow glared for a moment, then shrugged. "I mean, yes, but maybe without the hog-tying."

Or maybe with should it prove necessary, Big Mac is likely to be apple family stubborn about saying anything.

Twilight couldn't help grinning back. "That sounds like Rainbow. I mean, it sounds more like her than that she moved here because of a love affair that went bad."

Yeah, it does, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be both.

A twinkle lit Applejack's eye. "Maybe she was asking him."
"Hey, now." Rainbow's eyebrows went up. "That's totally possible."

Rarity? I doubt it. Rarity wouldn't be the one to ask.

I'm not saying she wouldn't make the first move, she clearly would and has in-show. I just doubt that she would be so overt as to explicitly ask about it. She would flirt mercilessly, she would involve herself in situations that appear date-like... she would hardly be subtle about it! But I doubt she would cleanly ask someone out.

Maybe out of desperation?

Ooof course the fact that she wouldn't technically "ask" wouldn't preclude her from being the initiator and AJ still being right.

No offense, Rainbow, but your plans usually involve more crashing into things than this situation calls for.

Twi's giving Rainbow a lot of credit there. When one of Rainbow's plans only involves crashing, it means she was being careful.

Anyway, lots of fun so far! Can't wait to read more! :yay::ajsmug:

Hints and teases. Im enjoying it and waiting for the next chapter.

Heh, looks like Twilight is noticing the actual romance in the air here....

Hmm, wonder what happened to Pinkie. :pinkiesad2:

Geez, Twilight is such a buzzkill.
At this rate, they'll actually confirm the truth of everypony's feelings for each other before committing to a convoluted shipping plan that turns out all wrong.

Now I am really curious about Pinkie Pie. Was she spurned before or is still on the outside looking in now (or both)? It also makes you wonder who she was with and wants to be with.

Huh, so all of the girls (except for Twilight) have had a rough time with romance? Do tell, Pinkie.

And Fluttershy definitely has a crush on Applejack.

If Applejack is going to have a sister-in-law she is damn well gonna make sure her brother isn't going to make her an aunt apparently.


This was a:

Big concern of mine going into this. I wanted to keep Dash recognizably Dash while putting her in what might be thought of as an unusual role for her... :scootangel:



Is it:

"Flutterjack" or "Appleshy"? I think that's why they're such a rare pairing. :fluttercry: :ajsleepy:



Not exactly:

Rarity in the following song written by Dave Frishberg and performed here by Diana Krall, but still...


6721771 AJ's comment about Mac being in a cast has nothing to with Rarity. She's saying he's gonna get it for telling embarrassing stories about her.


What happened in the past:

Will have to remain in the past. We're galloping full-steam into the future! :eeyup:




A Twilight plan might actually get measurable results, but a Rainbow plan tends to be more fun to write about. At least, more verbs are involved. :rainbowdetermined2:



More hints and teases:

Are on their way! :pinkiehappy:


6722167 And that's why the best ships are ApplePie and Twinkie. Or maybe that's just because it's almost lunchtime. :raritywink:

A cute story, with whacky misunderstanding-shenanigans that are a hallmark of many a good romantic comedy.

One thing occurs to me: Everyone seems to be analyzing Big Mac and Rarity's compatibility and mutual interests and why they would be holding a conversation in the first place, and no one has brought up the fact that they are both members of the Ponytones. Has the band broken up or something?


Yes, I know. I'm saying that being in a full body cast because he told embarrassing stories would help that cause (even unintentionally!). And of course I threw the word "if" in there because nothing is as it seems anyway. I could have worded it a little better looking back on it, but too late now. :rainbowwild:

"So?" Rainbow leaped for the door, Applejack and Spike both ducking out of her way. "We'll bust into her front room and wait for them there!"

Cause that's what good friends do! They break into your house, ready to interrogate you about your private life!

All kidding aside, this story is pretty fun and everyone seems in character enough...Y'know, cept Rainbow but I'm sure her back story'll be explained.

Keep on keepin' on! :raritywink:

6722343 I laughed WAY too hard at this joke! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



I forgot all about the Ponytones! I'll go in and add them to the reasons Twilight gives in chapter one. :twilightsheepish:


Wow. Well played, Spike. Like a. ****ing ROCK.
Funny how the kid probably too young to really be in love in the first place takes likely rejection so much better than Rarity herself.

Thank you, Pinkie, for always speaking your mind, even when it's a terrible idea and your mind is an insane cluster of bright lights and sugar. Shine on, you crazy mare, you.

And leave it Rainbow Dash to be absolutely INTENT on being reckless and irresponsible about this matter. Even if they decide to do it the direct, sensible way, by Celestia, she WILL manage to overdo it!

Upgraded from tracking to faved.

Relatively good on you Spike for apparently coming around so quickly, but that immediate reaction nearly took this whole thing south.

"Simmer down." With a grin, Rainbow jumped into a hover. "Hey! I think that's the first time I've ever gotten to say that to you!"


So in the end the plan of the hour is a combination of both of what Twilight "Straightforward" Sparkle and Rainbow "Break into someone's house!" Dash wanted. Compromise!

I'm surprised Dash hasn't lost her voice yet. She's been ending her sentences with exclamation points an awful lot.

Interesting, well that says a few things about what's actually going on.

My money is on MacDash by the time this is over, unless Dash manages to screw it up first.


Yes, Rainbow. Please don't screw that up. :rainbowwild:

6724907 That's what I'm thinking too. Can't wait to see how this all turns out.


As long as:

Everypony has their rain gear, what could possibly go wrong? :scootangel:


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