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I just want to make stories for ponies to enjoy


It's Nightmare Night and Fluttershy's preparing to leave to spend the night with her friends. Her plans are however halted when something has frightened Angel Bunny so badly that he ran out of Fluttershy's cottage and off into the Everfree forest on his own. Putting on her cap of bravery Fluttershy follows his trail until his tracks lead to a dark path in the forest. Some paths are meant to be ventured down , and some are definitely not....

Cover art: http://phantomis000.deviantart.com/art/The-Path-557359249

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Any chance at all of another chapter? I'd like to know what Fluttershy ran into. I'm assuming that she was killed by it.

I take it that the 'Nightmare Night, what a fright, give me something sweet to bite' comes from this frankly terrifying fimfic:

Something Sweet to Bite

Comment posted by Mortomis Reaper deleted Aug 28th, 2015

6366628 Well I will admit I have read and listen to a reading of that fan fiction before and I did enjoy it alot but actually I did my research to make sure I didn't rip it off and they actually say it in the show :3, I wont spoil anything but I will say this, there maybe a sequel or two... >:)

6366656 - Forgot that the line was said in the show. I sure hope Fluttershy didn't die, but considering all the blood, its not likely that she did unless you find a way for her to live through her injuries.


Only the sequels may tell, so dear reader, did you enjoy?

6366705 - I did see a fair few grammatical errors, but its not a bad story. Something that bugged me was why, if Angel saw something horrifying at the window, did he run outside and into the forest where the thing could hunt him down?


That is the point, its so horrifying it scares the character from thinking and their only goal is to get away from it as fast as possible

6366725 - Sort of like an eldritch abomination. Just the sight of one will turn you into a mad, gibbering wreck.

I have not herd of that but it sounds interesting, and thank you for your watch, I will try and release more stories as fast as I can with less errors, this is my first fic after all

Just FYI your short desc has a typo: 'fallows' instead of 'follows'

6366768 - Everyone has to start somewhere. You'll get better the more you practice. First story I got far into writing was quite the trainwreck.

Oh wow thanks I accidentally looked over that

I had a comedy fic like that once but I deleted it

6366786 - My story was written many years ago, and was thankfully never published. It wasn't a fimfic, but original, though there ended up being several famous characters in it, one of them being Samus Aran.

Ohhh one of my favorites, tell me was it smash brothers inspired?

6366806 - No, it wasn't Smash Brothers inspired. If I remember correctly, the story took place on Earth in the modern day. Samus and her ship were pulled there by some means. I don't remember just how though.

Oh it actually sounds very interesting

6366874 - I thought it was at the time. Unfortunately the document I wrote the story on is long-since lost.

Ah well that sure is a shame, well hopefully you can make something like it again:moustache:

6366904 - I've gotten much better ideas since then. I'm currently working on a story here on Fimfiction.

636692 Im actually working on a few, and have many ideas waiting to be written

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