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Ashtree and Tealove

I'm Ashtree (and I'm Tealove!) and we're here to let you FIMficers enjoy what we love doing (well, I'm just here to make snide remarks, but that too) so enjoy the stories (staring yours truely)!


It all started with a glance at her dream stallion-a clueless Big Mac. At first it was just glimpses. Blurs of what felt like memories that didn't belong to her. Then they became more frequent, longer, and when she began seeing the evil Queen Chrysalis, things started to take a twist for the worse. Now Tealove has been made a member of Equestria's secret society, Celestia's Clandestine, full of ordinary ponies like her who had turned out to be Children of the Sky, ponies destined to save Equestria with their powers that excelled that of an alicorn's. Then Tealove's life turns upside down in a mix of uncovering secrets from her past, stopping the rebel society, the Brokes, from overthrowing Celestia, breaking into the Embassy, finding true friends and possible love all while struggling to fulfill her high expectations as the Clandestine's newest Covert Agent.

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Comments ( 11 )

I like it:raritywink:
The character of Tealove look well exploited.
More chapter are needed for an more concrete but look goodfor now^^.
Looking for it.

What's with the blank chapters? Ch2 was released empty too, a few days ago. Just mistakenly hitting Publish instead of Save?

6332931 it's actually because I like to give the readers a chapter title to get excited about-sorry for the misunderstanding but enjoy the rest!

READERS: Sorry for the inconvenience, but I just found out that the first chapter wasn't published this whole time, so before you go on, READ the first chapter, HOE DOWN. Thank you and sorry for the mistake. Enjoy the rest of Tealove's adventure!

That is probably the most adorable mistake I have ever heard of. :rainbowlaugh:

This reeks of batpony discrimination! Don't you know how hard it is for a carnivorous, leather-winged, fanged horror of a pony to make it in Equestria?
I presume that's why most of them apparently live in caves, since we see, like NO batponies in normal Equestrian villages.
... Either that or they ARE all horrible people. :fluttercry:

"but I've come to pick up the order I put in two days ago for a relaxing luncheon in the fields after the ponies finish Summer Wrap-Up. Is it ready?"

Man, I can't even feel sorry for Tea on this one. Even when he had her work the job and still demanded a refund. He made the reservation two days ago and she completely forgot about it until he showed up to remind her, right before the event. That's no way to run a business.

That's where her mom had died-where she'd been murdered. Where Queen Chrysalis had given Tealove the most unforgettable birthday present of her life. The place where Tealove had been foalnapped, where her parents had burst in to save her, where her mom had sacrificed herself in exchange for her daughter's freedom. The castle of her nightmares.

That... That is a surprising brutal and fantastic backstory.
... Is Tealove Batman?

Wow. That was actually a pretty cool and scary description of a changeling draining love. Many authors try to make it seem harmless.

And I did NOT see the secret agent Mac thing coming. I figured he was just doing a random coincidental hero thing.

6452781 (:rainbowkiss:oh golly, now that you bring all that up...i don't remember the last time i laughed so hard!:rainbowlaugh: ) Thank you for the feedback, SF! It's great to hear what the reader think and I never thought any of that through, so it was great to hear. Enjoy the rest of (my!) our story. ~Ashtree (-tealove)

I'm not sure if you noticed, but this chapter is blank

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